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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Miss Universe 2010 An Event To Behold

Congratulations to the new Miss Universe 2010, Jimena Navarette of Mexico. I am very happy for you because you deserve the title and you are a beautiful woman worthy of emulation.I just want to remind the Mexicans why they waited for so long to have their 2nd title is that they are rowdy, messy, ill mannered and rude even ranting and jeering against other competitive delegates most especially the United States delegate because remember Miss Universe is solely owned by the Americans so they should behave as pleasant as possible if they want to be treated as such and if they want MUO will be more kind to them. I am also grateful to the MUO under the leadership of Mr. Donald Trump and Ms. Paula Shugart for such a tremendous job and more productive successful years to come and also the same to the host Bret Michaels & Natalie Morales and to all the judges whose difficult task subjects them to heavy criticism thank you.
But most of all, I am very happy and elated by the outstanding performance of Philippines’ pride Maria Venus Bayonito Raj in the Miss Universe 2010 where she ended as 4th runner up. Here’s a woman who, as a young girl, fond of watching beauty pageants, dressed and act like a beauty queen and wondering how to join the most loved beauty pageant. Aside from that trivial information, she made headlines for her inspirational story of how she fights for what is right and what belongs to her. She was dethroned as Binibining Pilipinas-Universe and the right to represent the country in Miss Universe due to her birth place inconsistencies but later reinstated because she proved that she is a Filipino. Despite the fact that you only ended as 4th runner up or top 5 in the prestigious pageant, we are still proud, love and support you and our prayers were answered because you put an end to a 10 year drought of the Philippines in the established and well respected competition. Her awkward answer to the question by a judge, actor William Baldwin generated lots of mixed reactions over the web and among beauty pageant watchers. The controversial question was like: “What is your biggest mistake in life and what did you do to correct it and she responded, “… In my 22 years of existence, I never made a major major mistake I mean a problem because I am confident and the love given to me by my loved ones is enough. Thank you very much.” This is just her safe response answer to the question because she is aware of the befitting answer which she can derive from her story of how she defends bravely against all odds but she made herself uttered a simple and safe answer to protect and respect the Bb. Pilipinas Charities, Inc., the local franchise of Miss Universe which reinstated her title. Where she exposed and boldly expressed her sentiments over her story on her road to Miss Universe, she could face lots of criticisms, threats even dethronement or stripping of her title and other repercussions she must face after her Miss Universe stint from the Philippine franchise holder. The local franchise, Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc is owned and chaired by Mrs. Stella Marquez Araneta, a Colombian who was herself a former beauty queen as 1960 Miss Universe semifinalist and first Miss International 1960. We still love you Maria Venus Raj because we know you’ve done a great job and you’ve done all you best without harming yourself and your loved protected from the threats if you’ve done the otherwise. What was the biggest reason for our exaltation for you is that you save the face of the Philippines from a bad limelight due to some tragedy happened in the last few days, the accidents and the bloody hostage taking of a police in a bus full of tourists and some Filipinos which took the lives of 6 Hong Kong natives and you offer the competition to your best friend and mentor who convinced you to join Miss Philippines and Miss Universe when you should’ve pursued your career as a flight stewardess. Maria Venus Raj’s mom is the happiest person in the Philippines for achieving such a magnanimous performance. She applied for a passport and tried to secure a visa so she can travel to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA to support her beautiful daughter but unfortunately, it was too late for her to come because it takes awhile for her visa be processed. Thanks for the generous, supportive and loving Filipinos who paid her expenses and willing to help her travel to USA for the first time because they were just poor and cannot afford such a luxury. I will also give credits to the strong showing of the rest of the 63 candidates who didn’t make the cut but gave us a breathtaking and glamorous show by their presence. Here’s a toast to all of you!
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