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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quatrains or Predictions

            Quatrains is the famous four line stanza prophecy used by the celebrated seer, Nostradamus in foretelling the events happening years, decades or centuries into the future. He uses astrology or the behavior of the heavenly bodies in crafting the poem because astrologers believe that objects in the sky greatly influence or has a gravitational pull over the Earth – thus events unfolded.
      I made my personal version of quatrains just to intensify the clarity of my insight and enhance my fluency and enrich my vocabulary. I would like to warn the readers that these quatrains are not accurate and not conclusive. I divided my quatrains into millenniums, centuries, decades & year. These are the first few of the quatrains.

Millenium I Century 1

Decade 1 Year 1 - Four nation at sea will be converted
                          They shall inherit blessings & abundance
                          Whole nation in abundance

Year 2 - A desert nation shall be driven to
              tempation of an evil war.
            Three strategies shall prove to fail.
              All will end in peace and humility.

Year 3 - Leaders of West shall come to honor & praise a humble nation of the Orient.
They shall bring wealth & prosperity to people.
The last leader to praise was a false one.  
He shall be criticized for an obvious pretention.
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