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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Words Soup for the Soul

“I really feel so cold, I’m all alone thinking of things that would make me hot… suddenly I thought of you. Would you do it for me?… Prepare me a cup of coffee! "

“I’ve been passing time, watching trains go by – All of my life… I’ll just sing waiting for your text message. That hopefully in your next text… IT MIGHT BE YOU!”

“Menu for the day… A plate of love, a spoon of hope, A glass of prayer… it’s time to eat your dinner”

“Being alone maybe the hardest thing but it gives you time to think and realize how much you really want to spend your life with someone you’re destined to be with.”

“God is like a COCA COLA, He is the real thing. Like LIPOVITAN, he gets you going, Like METROBANK when you’re with him, you’re in good hands. Best of all like DUNKIN DONUTS, sounds good and loves you even better!
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