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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Miss Universe 2010 My Favorite Best in National Costumes

            Miss Universe heat is on and everyone has their own favorites and rooting for their delegates. Though this year has been a bleak year for this once proud and prestigious pageant, it has been dwindling in popularity and prestige because commercialism and politics has been a major factor in the contest when the billionaire Donald Trump enter the picture. Yet extensive promotion and marketing of the pageant make it survive and resuscitated back to life somehow. I am also saddened by its fading prominence but I can't help but just have fun to its excitement by making my own predictions and wild guesses of who can make it because in the previous years I guessed some of the delegates correctly who made it as semifinalists or have received the coveted special awards so here I am making my own list of favorites. I'll also post my final favorites of top 20 favorites for the Miss Universe crown after the preliminary competition.
       One of the coveted special awards of the pageant is the best in national costume wherein candidates wear a unique dress which best represent its country of origin. Here's my favorite picks for the Best in National Costume award.
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