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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Miss Universe 2011 Funny Spoof and Sarcasm - EB Universe 2011!

This is just a funny spoof or satire of the recently-concluded Miss Universe 2011 held last September 12, 2011 at Credicard Hall, Sao Paolo, Brazil with a sarcasm on the winning of the very first Miss Angola to win the title and how the people react on her victory. Miss Pangola Sarah of Angola Saranggola, (from pango which is flat nose saranggola which is kite), Miss Lukraine Basilia Crispina Stefanko (Basilia Crispina came from the characters Basilio and Crispin were the lost sons of the insane Sisa in Dr. Jose Rizal's novel Noli Me Tangere), Miss Sobra - Brazil, Brazil Valdez ( sobra which means excessive and Brazil Valdez derives from the name of a singer Basil Valdez), Miss Pa-China Li-Jung Kai (Pa-china derives from Patay na which means already dead and Li Jung Kai from Bangkay which means corpse) referring to Miss China Luo Zilin lifeless performance in the swimsuit competition of Miss Universe 2011. Watch how the people walk out after learning the winning of Miss Pangola and Miss Pangola beg for the audience to please stay for just a week just to watch her feel the crowning moment and the hosts apologizes quickly leaving the show. Funny and hilarious spoof. Watch the following videos below...