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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Miss Universe 2011 News: Miss China Luo Zilin Claims To Reach Final 5 Effortless

Sao Paulo, Brazil - Miss China Universe 2011 claims that she will reach the final top 5 comes Miss Universe 2011 coronation night on September 12 in Credicard Hall without any effort of competing in preliminary competition. She says that she will just show up in the preliminary competition "to show to the judges how sexy and attractive she is that she no longer needs to compete just her seductive beauty can win the hearts of all the judges until the finals night." Furthermore, Luo said that she will be the first Chinese Miss Universe on September 12 and is already planning what to do next in New York and she already informed her family and friends back home that after the finals on September 12, she will go directly to New York as the new Miss Universe and make it her new home. She is well loved by the judges and the Miss Universe Organization that she doesn't need to compete anymore but just relax and have fun with the ladies. She is very confident that she will be the new Miss Universe and that she wants to stay in New York fit for the queen. Well watch out for her and girls just enjoy the pageant and see if she is the new Miss Universe!
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