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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Miss Universe 2011: Miss China's Scandal Stirs Controversy Steaming Distasteful Over The Pageant

Miss China Universe 2011, Luo Zilin, Chinese National Director Yue Sai Kan with the preliminary judges

Luo Zilin

           Miss Universe is as prestigious as it is controversial. It's sagging popularity has seen its lowest ratings in recent time due to disinterest of people watching the competition so some international media and television networks are forced to withdraw the coverage of the annual event mostly from Europe and Asia maybe due to the poor performance of these continents in the competition and Europe is still waiting to crown their first Miss Universe in more than two decades. Maybe in an attempt increase popularity among the viewers, the Miss Universe Organization made some changes and some new twists to the competition like last year to make a daring sexy pictorials of ladies bare naked wearing only some skins using some wheat pastries and tattoos and inclusion of some countries chosen by the MUO are somewhat pleasant surprises and wise choice of the organization while subjecting ladies in an area almost a boundary between sexy and lewd is too much to bear and too racy for the general viewing public. While these some actions are still within the range of acceptable almost falling into disgrace and inappropriate, this year's controversy with China unfortunately and obviously is unacceptable and unethical.      While the Miss Universe Organization is known to have a high level of tolerance, they have to be more strict and must follow some guidelines, policies and rules and regulations for everyone to follow if it wants credibility, reputation and integrity from other participating countries.
This year, without trusting their delegate Luo Zilin, Miss China Universe 2011 to make it as a semifinalist, China's nasty National Director for Miss Universe, Yue Sai Kan made a desperate move to arrange a meeting with her delegate Luo Zilin with the Miss Universe 2011 preliminary judge Alvaro Genaro and the other unidentified woman. This unethical behavior of a delegate and her national director should have been reprimanded and punished accordingly. Strictly speaking, their action is ground for disqualification and if they ever plan to do another anomaly in the future will be subjected to indefinite suspension. See, 1st offense is disqualification and 2nd offense will be suspension or revocation of franchise license to participate in the pageant. However, since Miss Universe Organization doesn't have a plan to disqualify China in participating at this year's event, I would still assess China's performance comes preliminary competition. If she is able to pass the preliminary competition very strong and convince me to make her as a top 16 semifinalist then I might include her in my list for fair play but if she wins the pageant, I will sour the idea of her crowning and maybe not only me but also several countries will pull out of competition next year due to nasty behavior tolerated only by the Miss Universe Organization. This is becoming way too political and way too commercialism for the pageant stained already by a lot of distasteful, tacky controversy verging into unethical and inappropriate actions. Miss Universe Organization should try to put aside politics and business from this competition and exercise fair play, justice, and ethics if it wants to survive and regain the respect and attention of the lost lovers and fanatics of beauty pageants. Good luck to Miss China though Luo Zilin may she gives her best comes preliminary competition and finals.
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