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Friday, September 23, 2011

Rainbow Colors Making A Headline These Days

       Rainbow color fly high these days making headlines and news around the world. News of tragedy, happiness and hopes gives us a wake up call and raises our awareness on our gay brothers and lesbian sisters, their issues, stories and concerns matters most and gives impact to how we should live and treat each other.
      With the recent DADT policy ban repeal, lots of closeted gays and especially from the military come out to their family, friends and comrades to confess their sexual preferences. One touching viral video of an airman calls his dad in the early morning to tell him he's gay hits millions of viewers. Below is the video of the gay Air Force Man confessing to his dad.

A 14-year old teen high school It Gets Better film maker died of an apparent suicide due to bullying from fellow students from the school he is studying. Bullying aside from his other personal problems was mention in his video. Hope this tragedy wakes us up and raises awareness on bullying and step up to make laws protecting the victims from bullying and even worse, subject the bully to gas chamber as a punishment. Click the link below for the story.

       On the other hand, a 13 year-old gay teenager shots his 16 year old aspiring hairstylist gay lover in an incident that took place inside a shopping mall in San Fernando, Pampanga some 44.36 miles north of Manila, capital of the Philippines. A supposedly third party is thought to be the reason of the shooting. Shortly thereafter, the 13 year-old suspect committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. They were pronounced dead Wednesday, September 21. The families of victims, thinking their family members' purpose in life, later donated some of their organs to the lucky recipient so that parts of them are still living and around them all the time. This awakens mall, places and the hired agency to tighten security around public places such as mall to protect the people around its vicinity.

The body of the slain gay lovers shortly after the incident

The 13 year old High School dropout (left) shoots his 16 year old aspiring hairstylist gay lover (right) in a SM mall in Pampanga due to a suspicion of a third party of the 16 year old involved. Two were pronounced dead Wednesday, September 21.

The suspected third party

Here is one of the countless number of gays coming out of the closet after gay marriage is legalized in New York City and the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy ban repeal.

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