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Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 2

Peasant Altius: I think I gonna play the fiddle to relieve myself of the stress at the end of the day

Physician Marcus: I think I like the music by peasant Altius playing his fiddle sweet soothing to the ears. I like to dance to relax my mind and body after a stressful days job.

Mage Tremachus: I will ask King Owen The Illustrious to pass an edict to have at least a month a year designated as dancing and merry-making month festival wherein there is a month-long festival of dancing, merry making, eating and having fun and games

Queen Cyrah Jane The Great: Have you finished doing my order of distributing the groceries among our poor villagers at the middle of the night. I do not want them to know that I am the one who gave them the blessings they deserve to have. I want to an anonymous giver.

Servant Melina: Yes, your majesty. In fact, I use the magic of invisibility given to me by wizard Bentroll to use wisely so that the beneficiaries will not notice me and will not be disturbed when I come to give them the grace of generosity from your kingdom.

Queen Cyrah Jane The Great: Next Month, they will know that I am the one who gave them because each of the poor villagers in the kingdom will receive $1 million each so that there will be no poor and they will do anything they want provided no evil will be done or harm to others.

Servant Melina: That would be great your majesty! Does that mean that I myself will receive $1 million next month?

Queen Cyrah Jane The Great: Yes, Melina you will receive one but I worry that if you receive $1 million next month you will no longer work for me and work for the palace.

Servant Melina: Don't worry your majesty, even if I have a million dollar next month I will still work for you and in the palace only that I can afford to buy anything and buy a big house for my family and travel and have a business still its a pleasure of working with you and fun to work in the palace

Drigo the Fishmonger: Lovely, this king ball game is very awesome. I think I need to practice first for a few hours a day before I can play against these players. I will start tomorrow!

Wizard Frio: What are the aliens doing here on Earth? Are they going to conquer and invade the humans?

Lyllegard Townsfolk: Oh no, Wizard Frio they are not aliens but they are just our soldiers dressed heavily in knightly armor because they will be engaging in a crusade or a war next week to regain other places for our kingdom and people to live and make living in a new territory. They are just trying to practice with the armor and outfit while sparring and dancing so they can be used to it.

Townspeople: We wish you all the luck in that battle for our kingdom, Kingdom of Cyprus!

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