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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why Does Foreign Tourists Prefer Thailand Over Philippines?



            There are more than 3 million foreign tourists visited Philippines last 2008 while Thailand had more than 14 million tourists flocking to the land of the free. Thailand even attract celebrities and big personalities to visit and even stay in Thailand like Hollywood stars, world leaders, athletes and other celebrities and they even make it their permanent home. So it came as a puzzle to me that the Philippines has as much beautiful places as Thailand if we say natural awesome landscapes and beaches. I found three reasons why tourists still choose Thailand over Philippines.

1. Aggressive Promotional Campaigns. Thailand spends millions or maybe even billions in promoting tourism in their bejeweled paradise. Thailand has enough tourism ads in major news and media networks around including the likes of CNN, BBC, NBC, etc. They also offer excellent travel packages, discounts and other promotional offers it can afford to bring influx of tourists to their country which makes tourism a major industry that sustains their robust economy.

2. Government. Thailand has one of the most effective laws that people adhere to and follow it faithfully. The laws are well implemented and respected by most people. Thais are well disciplined people and maintains cleanliness and neatness around the country. They avoid committing crimes as much possible because harsh penalty awaits those who stain themselves with crimes. Bureaucratic corruption has been lessen tremendously and business friendly laws attract huge foreign investments.

3. Attitude or Personality of the Citizens. Thais are friendly, loving, honest and very kind to anyone contrary to some of the Filipinos. Although Filipinos are naturally honest, kind and friendly people but some who are jack of all trades who knew any petty crimes to high profile crimes who at some point went loose elsewhere doing their nasty jobs to gain their selfish desires. Crimes ranges from pickpocketing and snatchers to big time drug syndicates and burglaries proliferate tarnishing the image and reputation of the country. Plus people are backbiters, gossipers who habitually watch one another maliciously everyday of their life and they are plastic or fake too because they seems friendly and nice when in front of a person but they stab the person treacherously when it turns its back. In other words, they are traitor. I think ignorance and stupidity contributes to this worse attitude. Well on the other hand, Thais who rarely or never exhibits ill manner are well loved and respected by foreign tourists and they love to stay after visiting the country.


4. Hotels, Places to Stay, Accommodations and Perks. If you go to Thailand, hundreds of travel agency will give you a thousand options where to stay and how to enjoy your stay in Thailand. In every interesting cities and places in Thailand like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Krabi, Phi Phi Islands each will offer you a thousand and one ways to stay and have fun which ranges from over expensive to super cheap or affordable and also there are thousand options there to have fun, relax and enjoy your moment. Aside from the coolest perks they offer, you are also given the coolest deals and discounts so they could entice more tourists and visitors and encourage their friends to come to Thailand. Philippines missed BIG TIME on this one.

            The only barrier of Thailand of tapping its full potential is language. If they really want to enjoy the benefits of tourists arrival, they should invest more in learning the English language and only then well they can gain more and more tourists every year. On the other hand, Philippines has a lot of things to learn about Thailand and be inspired by Thais. Ignorance, pride and stupidity are the Filipinos slaves which chained and locked them in their misery. If they want change, they should eradicate ignorance and illiteracy and try so hard to swallow the pride and humbly submit themselves to changes and openness. Else, maybe they want to mass execute all the ignorant, stupid and pride guilty people in the country so as not to spoil the rest of the decent ones.
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