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Monday, July 25, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 4

The Marriage of my Bard and Blacksmith

Officiating High Prophet: Go forth and be happy!

Bard Roan: This is the start of the happiest days of our lives, my dear!

Blacksmith Tyrese: We can do anything to make us both happy without harming or doing any evil. This is an unusual love that we have something that is not the conventional way.

The comedy play, "Sky Is The Limit" is being performed at the Merry Sweet tavern

Bard Roan: Today is the day when I walk in the sky and live like a king there

Actress Gansilya: Take some foolish potion or rugby to smell so you can have an illusion of the sky around you and a kingly throne before you.

Bard Roan: I will search far and wide to look for food and gadgets to entertain me while I am in the sky. Actually there is a sky car that is invented recently which I will use to travel to the sky and live with my partner Tyrese. No need for potions, solvents and drugs even if my hair color is red.

Actress Gansilya: Go, enjoy and be happy. I am your aunt if I beat you later you will be back to your senses and know you are tipsy and groggy once again.

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