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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 5

Knight Mark Adrian: I was so enthralled and amazed at the sales in the market stalls doing window shopping that I did not notice I still have to train my soldiers at the training yard this afternoon. But it is already evening, I shall dismiss them today and just train them tomorrow.

 Town Crier Hernando: Yay! The noble children will start their friendly sparring session. We will see who will win.

Agnes the Peasant: Who do you think will win? the girl in fabulous gown or the one in long pants and pony tail?

Merchant Tremayne: I think the girl in ponytail and pants will win and I will bet 500 simoles.

Agnes the Peasant: I bet 1000 simoles for the girl in gown. Whoever will win will take the money of the other twice the amount of money it bet.

Merchant Tremayne: Oh my god, I cannot believe that they use wooden swords to spar. funny game it is.

Noble Persephone: Remember my sword, Lineta

Noble Lineta: Yes I surrender and concede defeat in your fake sword Lineta

Town crier Hernando: Yay, the girl Persephone in fabulous gown won the sparring match

Underspy Baruk: It is a pain in the ass. I just wasted my money and time in this useless match of the children. I must be childish in my behavior and actions. Anyway, I better release a wrongfully accused citizen in the stocks.

Lady Lorraine of Tick Top: I will just wait here in the clearing for my men to return from the forest when they retrieved that 150 lbs. prewar golden statue worth 550 trillion simoles hidden in a small cave in the far depths of the forest of Alimodian, Iloilo, Philippines

Ingrun the Commoner: Don't tell me it was because you were too drunk

Master Chirurgeon (Physician) Heloise: Well i was and now I'm having his baby!

Master Chirurgeon Heloise: I did not know you had rabies
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