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Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 8

Improvements and renovation I made with my reception hall

My reception hall is not only brilliant but also lots of space and well ventilated

Jacoban Priest Bernard James: Time is coming that the watcher will visit us. Repent all your sins, turn away from your vices and surrender yourself to the watcher.

Peasant Dagmar: Priest Bernard James is a really good preacher and gives a beautiful homily and now I am convinced to repent all my sins and surrender myself to the watcher

Anxhela Martini the Commoner: True, I will pray fervently now and turn away from my vices.

Jacoban Priest Bernard James: Where are you people gone? You are so fast in running away and fulfilling my words. Are you forsaking all your evil habits and now preaching good news to your fellow? Go forth and spread love and kindness throughout the kingdom.

Marseille the Servant: Incredible, spit in the middle of the throne room. People come and go here while cooking is being done to make them smell the food. Anyway I need to make a roasted venison for my majesty queen.

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