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Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 3

The Marriage of my Bard and Blacksmith

Officiating Prophet: I am now pronouncing you as husband and partners for life!

Bard Ro: I love you honey, I want to spend the rest of my life with you

Blacksmith Tyrese: Yes honey, from the first time I saw you I know it's you that is destined to be my partner for life. I will be your shoulder to cry and lean on and fortress to depend on. We can live our lives together in bliss and bounty. We can adopt babies if you want.

The Play, "Sky Is The Limit" is being performed at tavern.

Bard Ro: I am tired for the day's work, what shall you do to entertain me my soldier?

Actor Dramsel: Well sir, I will entertain you with my drama and comedic play. I think you will like it.

Peasant Helmina: I love their play with a musical score from the musical box.

Master Chirurgeon Heloise: Your majesty Kent Owen, I already perfected the formula of the greatest discovery in medical history in the new millenium which is the cure for AIDS and HIV as well as the medicines and treatment for most of the cancer diseases.

Emperor Kent Owen the Illustrious: Perfect, master physician Heloise! That would be a great development in lengthening the lives and improving the health conditions of our people

Mage Telemachus: What kind of crazy or weird party are you attending to?

Larceny the Commoner: Well sir, we will be attending the Gentle Bear Festival Month in Gastrobury wherein everyone will be dressed in gentle bear costume in the most important events of the months but can wear casual dress and even leather combat boots or steel toe boots most of the month. This is a month of revelry, merry-making, dancing, games, eating, partying and having a lot of fun in one of the most exciting islands in the world.

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