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Friday, July 29, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 6

Knight Mark Adrian: What are we waiting here? I am already bored waiting for Snoogle the Beast to show and tell us his nightly storytelling.

Fernando the Peasant: Maybe he is still eating his dinner now and will brush his teeth in a little while. We just need to wait for a few more minutes.

Darren the Fishmonger: Beastly, yohoo, where are you? we are waiting here for an hour just to hear your stories...

Knight Mark Adrian: Master, why do I need to pose for a pic?

Knight Mark Adrian: Master, hope you hurry up taking pictures of me because I also have my own obligations to attend to.

Mina the Commoner: Surgeon Heloise, why are you injecting me with formaldehyde

Master Chirurgeon Heloise: Oh, this is just an experiment to know if you will go back to your childhood. I want to know if I can transform you into a 7 year old kid and make a breakthrough for immortality.

Knight Mark Adrian: Oh my god, Snoogle the Beast is having an intimacy with a man. Snoogle the Beast is gay,CONFIRMED!

Fernando the Peasant: Anyway, even if he is gay I enjoyed listening to his storytelling most especially funny stories and fairytales.

Darren the Fishmonger: What is Snoogle doing to me? Is this beast hypnotizing me? I am giving up to him and I am losing my masculinity. I think I am falling in love with him. I am too weak to resist his advances, charms and seduction, I think I'm gonna kiss him.

Knight Mark Adrian and Fernando the Peasant: Ewww... you are so gross. How can a straight man like you Darren bear to kiss a monster in the pit and if he transforms into a human being he must be a man and you like that? You are so gay!

Darren the Fishmonger: Yes I am in love with Snoogle now. I don't care about what you say... Whatever!

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