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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cannes Film Festival 2016 Winners and Watchful Eyes' Favorite Films

Official poster of the 69th Cannes Film Festival featuring a still from Jean-Luc Godard's 1963 film Contempt, with Michel Piccoli ascending the Casa Malaparte

Blood Father (2015) Official Poster

Hell or High Water (2015) Official Poster

Mademoiselle (The Handmaiden, 2016) Official Poster

Timecode (2016) Official Poster

Here now is the full list of the winners of the 69th Festival de Cannes held last May 22, 2016 at the Palais des Festivals et Des Congrès.


Official Selection

In Competition

    Palme d'Or – I, Daniel Blake by Ken Loach
    Grand Prix – Juste La Fin Du Monde (It's Only the End of the World) by Xavier Dolan

    Best Director (tie)
        Cristian Mungiu for  Bacalaureat (Graduation)
        Olivier Assayas for Personal Shopper
    Best Screenplay – Asghar Farhadi for Forushande (The Salesman)
    Best Actress – Jaclyn Jose for Ma' Rosa
    Best Actor – Shahab Hosseini for Forushande (The Salesman)
    Jury Prize – American Honey by Andrea Arnold

Un Certain Regard

    Un Certain Regard Award – The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki by Juho Kuosmanen

    Un Certain Regard Jury Prize – Fuchi Ni Tatsu (Harmonium) by Kōji Fukada

    Un Certain Regard Award for Best Director – Matt Ross for Captain Fantastic

    Un Certain Regard Award for Best Screenplay – Delphine Coulin and Muriel Coulin for Voir Du Pays (The Stopover)

    Un Certain Regard Special Prize - La Tortue Rouge (The Red Turtle) by Michael Dudok de Wit


    First Prize – Anna by Or Sinai
    Second Prize – In the Hills by Hamid Ahmadi

    Third Prize (tie)
        A Nyalintás Nesze (The Noise of Licking) by Nadja Andrasev
        La Culpa, Probablemente (The Guilt, Probably) by Michael Labarca

Golden Camera

    Caméra d'Or – Divines by Houda Benyamina

Short Films

    Short Film Palme d'Or – Timecode by Juanjo Giménez
    Special Mention – A Moca Que Dancou Com O Diabo (The Girl Who Danced with the Devil) by João Paulo Miranda Maria

Parallel Sections

International Critics' Week

    Nespresso Grand Prize – Mimosas by Oliver Laxe

    France 4 Visionary Award – Album by Mehmet Can Mertoğlu

    SACD Award – Diamond Island by Davy Chou

    Leica Cine Discovery Prize for Short Film – Prenjak by Wregas Bhanuteja

    Canal+ Award – Birth of a Leader by Antoine de Bary

    Gan Foundation Support for Distribution Award – One Week and a Day by Asaph Polonsky

Directors' Fortnight

    Art Cinema Award – Wolf and Sheep by Shahrbanoo Sadat
    SACD Award – The Together Project by Sólveig Anspach
    SACD Special Mention - Divines by Houda Benyamina
    Europa Cinemas Label Award – Mercenary by Sacha Wolff
    Illy Prize for Short Film – Chasse Royal by Lise Akoka and Romane Gueret

    Illy Special Mention – The Beast by Miroslav Sikavica

Independent Awards


    In Competition – Toni Erdmann by Maren Ade
    Un Certain Regard – Câini (Dogs) by Bogdan Mirică
    Parallel Sections – Raw by Julia Ducournau (International Critics' Week)

Ecumenical Jury

    Prize of the Ecumenical Jury – It's Only the End of the World by Xavier Dolan

         I, Daniel Blake by Ken Loach
        American Honey by Andrea Arnold

L'Œil d'or Jury

    L'Œil d'or – Cinema Novo by Eryk Rocha
    Special Mention – The Cinema Travelers by Shirley Abraham and Amit Madheshiya

Queer Palm Jury

    Queer Palm Award – The Lives of Thérèse by Sébastien Lifshitz
    Short Film Queer Palm – Gabber Lover by Anna Cazenave Cambet

Palm Dog Jury

    Palm Dog Award – Nellie for Paterson (posthumous award)
    Grand Jury Prize – Jacques for In Bed with Victoria
    Palm Dog Manitarian Award – Ken Loach for showcasing a three-legged dog named Shea in I, Daniel Blake

Prix François Chalais

    François Chalais Prize – The Student by Kirill Serebrennikov

Vulcan Award of the Technical Artist

    Vulcan Award – Ryu Seong-hie for Mademoiselle (The Handmaiden) (art direction)

Cannes Soundtrack Award

    Cliff Martinez for The Neon Demon

Special Award

    Honorary Palme d'Or – Jean-Pierre Léaud

Now for the Watchful Eyes of a Silhouette favorite films. I know all of the films presented whether in competition or non-competition screenings are some of the year's finest films. This is in no way to critic, judge or rank these films. This is just the playlist of films which this blog and this author loves to watch in theaters and also highly recommended to watch for everyone ranked according to the preference or watch list . So here now is Watchful Eyes' Favorites:


Top 3 Favorites:

1. The Handmaiden (Mademoiselle), Korea - Chan-Wook Park
2. Ma' Rosa, Philippines - Brillante Mendoza
3. Loving, USA - Jeff Nichols

Other Favorites:

4. Elle, France - Paul Verhoeven
5. La Fille Inconnue (The Unknown Girl), Belgium / France - Jean-Pierre Dardenne , Luc Dardenne
6. Juste La Fin Du Monde (It's Only The End Of The World), Canada / France - Xavier Dolan

Highly Recommended Films:

7. Bacalaureat (Graduation), Romania - Cristian Mungiu
8. Forushande (The Salesman), Iran - Asghar Farhadi
9. Sieranevada, Romania - Cristi Puiu

Chic, Feel Good, Funny, Horror and Thriller Flicks of the Festival de Cannes - Page Officielle 2016 worth a popcorn for a weekend entertainment:

10. I, Daniel Blake, UK - Ken Loach
11. Ma Loute (Slack Bay), France / Germany - Bruno Dumont
12. Personal Shopper, France - Olivier Assayas
13. The Neon Demon, USA/France/Denmark - Nicolas Winding Refn
14. Toni Erdmann, Germany - Maren Ade


Top Favorite:

1. Omor Shakhsiya (Personal Affairs), Israel - Maha Haj

Other Favorites:

2. Hell or High Water, USA - David Mackenzie
3. Fuchi Ni Tatsu (Harmonium), Japan - Koji Fukada
4. Uchenik (The Student), Russia - Kirill Serebrennikov
5. La Larga Noche De Francisco Sanctis (The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis), Argentina - Francisco Marquez, Andrea Testa
6. Apprentice, Singapore - Boo Junfeng
7. Me'Ever Laharim Vehagvaot (Beyond The Mountains and Hills), Israel - Eran Kolirin
8. Umi Yorimo Mada Fukaku (After The Storm), Japan - Hirokazu Kore-eda
9. La Danseuse (The Dancer), France - Stephanie Di Giusto
10. The Transfiguration, USA - Michael O'Shea


Top Favorites:

1. Imago, Philippines - Raymund Ribay Gutierrez
2. Dreamlands, UK - Sara Dunlop
3. Timecode, Spain - Juanjo Gimenez
4. La Laine Sur Le Dos (Law of the Lamb), Tunisia - Lotfi Achour
5. A Moca Que Dancou Com O Diabo (The Girl Who Danced with the Devil), Brazil - Joao Paulo Miranda Maria


Highly Recommended Worth Watching:

6. 4:15 P.M. Sfarsitul Lumii (4: 15 P.M. The End of the World), Romania - Catalin Rotaru, Gabi Virginia Sarga

7. Apres Suzanne, France - Felix Moati


1. Anna, Israel - Or Sinai
2. Submarine, Lebanon / USA  - Mounia Akl
3. In The Hills, Iran/UK - Hamid Ahmadi
4. Dobro (Fine), Bosnia and Herzegovina / Mexico - Marta Hernaiz Pidal
5. Gudh (Nest), India - Saurav Rai
6. La Culpa, Probablemente (The Guilt, Probably), Venezuela - Michael LaBarca
7. La Santa Che Dorme (The Sleeping Saint), Italy - Laura Samani
8. Poubelle (Trash), Belgium - Alexandre Gilmet
9. Bei Wind Und Wetter (Whatever The Weather), Switzerland - Remo Scherrer
10. Gabber Lover, France - Anna Cazenave Cambet


1. Blood Father, France - Jean-Francois Richet
2. The Nice Guys, USA - Shane Black
3. Goksung (The Wailing), Korea / USA - Hong Jin Na
4. Money Monster, USA - Jodie Foster
5. Busan Haeng (Train to Busan), Korea - Sang-Ho Yeon
6. Le BGG - Le Bon Gros Geant (The BFG, Big Friendly Giant), USA - Steven Spielberg
7. Gimme Danger, USA - Jim Jarmusch


1. Chouf, France - Karim Dridi
2. Peshmerga, France - Bernard-Henri Levy
3. Wrong Elements, France / Germany / Belgium  - Jonathan Littell
4. L'Ultima Spiaggia (The Last Resort), Greece / Italy / France - Davide del Degan, Thanos Anastopoulos
5. Exil (Exile), France - Rithy Panh
6. Hissein Habre, Une Tragedie Tchadienne (Hissein Habre, A Chadian Tragedy), Chad / France - Mahamat-Saleh Haroun

Might Consider:

7. La Mort de Louis XIV (The Death of Louis XIV), France - Albert Serra




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