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Sunday, May 29, 2016

My The Sims 4 Images Part 27

MJ is about to do his second space mission exploring the unknown beyond our galaxy.

Since it's just his second exploration and second failed mission, MJ felt dazed once again.

Meanwhile, Bardagol Dayukdok is probing some witness to give him more clues to the real suspect of the crime.

Back at work, MJ has a difficult time thinking about his experiment and would give him idea to his next invention. What should he experiment?

MJ feel uncomfortable after drinking a serum he concocted and experimented in his lab and doesn't know its effects. He feels uncomfortable while making his invention. Will he make a perfect brilliant invention with that uncomfortable feeling?

His bouts of mischief strikes again by freezing his co-worker with the Simray.

MJ is talking to a co-worker while laughing at the petrified co-worker he froze using his Simray.

Look at him he looks so dumb and numb right now.

Meanwhile, Clark Jacob Pasolini is doing his second exploration into the outer space. Would it be a successful tour and space mission?

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