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Friday, May 20, 2016

My The Sims 4 Images Part 20

Weekend Nights at the pool of the colored family. The mom is hanging out by the pool. The father is playing the violin while the eldest son is playing the guitar.

You are charred burned in cooking a dish and yet you still make a Nazi salute?

The hermit could not even look at J Huntington who is naked and so she just told her to wear his clothes.

Why MJ is so sad returning from the lake?

Cute picture of the daughter taken by its father.

Beautiful view outside the department store

The interior of the department store owned by the Aalders family.

Audrey is explaining to her daughter about their store's info and inventory while a customer is ready to buy an item.

There are so many customers in the store today and one of them is Harold Nugent who is ready to buy an item after a long persuasion from Audrey.

Audrey has hired Maggie Ngo as a sales assistant to help their family in their department store.

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