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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My The Sims 4 Images Part 18

Cute Panda sleeping on a log outside the villa in Granite Falls. I wonder who is this dressing up in Panda Costume?

The father singing camping songs to his daughter who is roasting marshmallow. So warm and intimate bonding moments of father and daughter.

Of course what would be the perfect night of love making for the couple is on the tent while they are camping outside their villas in Granite Falls while their children are strolling around on a bright night of a full moon.

Father and son is sleeping soundly in their room after a day's exhausting activities

Another exciting find in the woods - is it a cricket or grasshopper?

He is so sad because just after a few days away from home he is already feeling the loneliness and being homesick.

The siblings are discussing something while watching cartoons on tv.

On this campy warm night, it's best to play the music. The father is strumming the guitars while the young daughter is trying to be a virtuoso with the violin.

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