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Sunday, May 15, 2016

My The Sims 4 Images Part 17

The family is trying to feel settled and at home in this place. The wonderful and awesome nature with cool climate, amazing wildlife, exciting activities are certainly the main reasons for their attraction in Granite Falls.

The father is buying some supplies provision for their stay in the woods of Granite Falls.

Amazing squirrel found in the wood while the father is already exhausted and tired wandering around the whole day.

Tired and hungry for strolling in the woods, the family had their meal in the camping ground.

Another awesome find in the wood - the woodpecker!

Cute crawlies rummaging in the grasses

The father, mother and eldest son dressed in grizzly and polar bear as well as panda costume while the youngest daughter choose to be in her casual outfit while fishing in the stream during a full moon. Looks like Goldilocks and the Three Bears for me having reconciled and live peacefully together. Lol.

How wonderful and serene this night was. I so love it!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears err the colored family chatting while fishing in the stream on a bright full moon night.

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