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Saturday, May 14, 2016

My The Sims 4 Images Part 16

The colored family is once again busy in skilling up.. The father is busy leveling up his skill in charisma, writing, programming, mischief, gaming among others. The eldest son is trying to master his virtuosity of the piano while mother and daughter tandem would like to be chess grand masters someday while earning some skills in logic. The background is the mountains.

They are busy skilling up yet they are socializing or chatting with each other on the middle of the night while the street is empty and so quiet.

While the family is busy in skilling up look at the background. It look so stunning with the fountain and skyscrapers.

The look of second floor of the house of the colored family in the morning with a backdrop of the mountains.

After awhile, the family decided to have a vacation in Granite Falls. They are having a great time so far.

The aerial view of the villas where the family stayed in Granite Falls and the great outdoors with the ravishing stream passing through the giant woods set against the majestic mountains.

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