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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My The Sims 4 Images Part 19

The father and daughter enjoys playing the music when Olga level up her Creativity Skill in playing the violin. Enjoy the night camping and playing music.

The Aalders eldest son is roasting a shark! Wow what a delicious treat later.

How could you do such bending of arms? It's so freak act. I wonder what is that for?

Another amazing find - creepy crawlies at night. The Dust Spirits!

Another spectacular view of the second floor of the house of the Aalders Family with skyscrapers and stunning nature as its background.

Take a look at the conversation clouds of the son talking to his father because it perfect fits him while looking into his son. Sitting on a pool at night, cool swimming and a night of pleasant conversation makes a pleasant evening at the same time gives a perfect bonding moment.

After awhile of conversation, the rest of the family join in the conversation in the pool.

His childish personality kicks in after he became very playful at this time which is perfect for playing.

Indeed, he played with the doll house to compliment his current mood. It's super cute doll house and very pretty room.

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