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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Symbols Significance in My Life

         It’s festive season once again. It’s time to rekindle strong family bond and ignite the fire of loving and sharing. It’s the time when good friends and enemies reconcile and reunite jealousy/envy and hatred were put aside and peace and accord reigns. These significant values during the most joyful time of the year is nurtured and nourished brought by the food we prepare, gifts we give, graces we share and party that gather and unite as all. These things and activities, though it’s a natural occurrence during special occasions such as these have a big impact and influence over our lives. It may bring positive outcome that rejuvenate ourselves and have a feeling of goodness for others. I have my own list of symbols which relives me experiences, enrich me with wisdom and virtues in life and provide me with a good feeling that resonates a positive consequence throughout a lifetime.
DovesWe have doves in our backyard we take care of for years. Doves are symbol of peace, purity in spirit and hopes for the future. I have meditated to find peace and to find it, it must begin with myself – peace of mind and living which if nurtured will influence the world over and peace itself will be presented in front of me. Purity of thoughts, acts or in speaking is synonymous with peace. Purity by all means will spur peace and peace will bring forth purity. Hope is positive virtue which I practice most of the time and is proven effective coupled with faith in God. Hoping for the better in steadfast faith yields us into fulfilling what we are aspiring for. However hope without action is foreseeing future in uncertainty and without direction. Reinforce hope with action to produce results. The doves are tame and waiting to be fed without any sound and faction. Just like doves, I live and wait in peace and silence without complaining much.
Nativity SceneThe holy family is the main reason of the celebrations. This joyful season of the year commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ on a humble place somewhere in Bethlehem with his mother and father by his side. Thus, the main reason for celebration for this occasion is our family – rekindling ties and forging strong our relationship with our loved ones. I’ve spent the last two Christmas away from home – away from my family. In 2007 I spent my Christmas with my relatives and in 2008 I spent Christmas at work so I feel lonely because it’s my first two experience of Christmas away from home and away from my family but I just realized something. Family does not necessarily means you and your immediate family like your father and mother, brothers and sisters, grandparents, relatives and other extended families but a family consists of any individual, it maybe your in-laws, friends, lovers, co-workers or even complete strangers, for whom you have shared the passion of love and sharing, whom you feel comfortable and at peace with, and whom you have entrusted yourself. It reminds us that wherever you are, whether you are orphaned or away from your loved ones, you can find a family in persons where you presently along with – share them your love and kindness, in any form and by any means and you will no longer long for someone or lacking something because you made a family that you can call your own.
White Christmas Living in a hot tropical country where it never seen, felt or experience snow, I am always dreaming of having a white Christmas. How it feels and lives in a place where there is a time of chill and shiver. I sometimes imagine myself doing snow balls, playing with it and throwing at other people, riding the cable car or snowmobile, creating a snowman, alpine or cross-country skiing, tobogganing, and bobsledding. Winter season also ensure the intimacy and privacy of a couple and reunion forging ties for the family. It draws to a point for me that I’d rather spent a life in a cold place warmed by the kindness of human hearts than live in a warm place chilled by the cold stone and unforgiving human hearts.
Sheep Sheep has been a witness to the birth over savior Jesus Christ. Like the sheep, he humbles himself and led us to greener pasture. We are his sheep taken care of and protected by him. I watch the Greatest American Dog season finale last night and I can’t help but fell for them and my eyes are swelled with tears. In every episode, the dog always amuses me with their feats and indomitable spirits to overcome every challenge setting high expectations in their showings.  Like the sheep, meek and humble, so are the dogs to their owners who obeyed them for respect, loyalty and affection just like their owners do to them. The show provides a stronger relationship between the dog and the owner, enhance their capability, release their maximum potentials and unraveling their identity. But the real score here is to show us that even dogs or any animals can act and think like humans if treated in humane ways. It only proves to us that animals can be human enough to exemplify such kindness and humility where human turns into animals or savage beast. I love animals that I treat them like humans and would love to spend a lifetime living with these cute creatures.

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