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Friday, December 25, 2009

Filipino Classic Movie

Although the Huramentado title referred to Eddy del Mar (later Eddie), Leopoldo Salcedo got top billing and lead role in the movie. Then, in the 40s and '50s, he was one of the country's top actors along with Rogelio de la Rosa and Pempe Padilla.
Eddie del Mar would later achieve fame for his Jose Rizal role, which also gave him a Best Actor award.
Introduced in Huramentado is Evelyn Villar, later becoming one of the leading ladies of LVN.
Note that then one word movie titles were in vogue. With the Huramentado layout was the announcement of coming releases: Pugante, Kulaborator, Infanta and Bisig ng Mangagawa. Other Pol Salcedo starrers: Sakay, Capas, Looban, Tampalasan, Magkapatid, Kamagong - one word titles all.

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