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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year End Review: 2009 In My Life

The year 2009 or the year of the ox has been a vibrant yet dramatic turning point in the quarter of a century of my life. It has lots of surprises and tribulations that build up the character in me. The events that transpired in the year can shape up the events that will unfold in the future. Here’s the rundown of events that happened in 2009 that has a significant impact in my life.

JanuaryI woke up early in the first day of the year to work. I never went out of house usually in the first day yet I need to work. The month is a busy month working to earn. There is nothing much special or unusual in this month except that I spent most of the time at work.

FebruaryThe month of love. I am always dreaming of that special someone who is still faceless yet I can imagine his touch, actions and the way he speak. I somehow enjoy my time with my co-workers, chatting inside the workplace and spend meal time outdoors.

MarchStill time for work. I enjoy spending the great outdoors with our team building, the first time since the other year. I enjoy the nature, the rugged mountains, the spectacular sceneries most especially the vast ocean facing the last frontier and also the waterfalls. Though team building consists of only five of us, I still have fun enduring the long trip.

April - Summer begins and time for reflections. It is extremely hot during this month, and I feel uncomfortable with occasional fever and diarrhea yet I recover. Sad news came this month. Due to global recession, there is a massive layoff in the company. The company executives handpicked workers based on their poor performance and weak work ethics to be put on red list and instantly be fired disguised as forced resignation cleverly to avoid implications by the Philippine labor law because it is illegal to fire a worker unjustly. About half of my co-agents in our team was removed from the office leaving us with more work and lonelier days.

MayI undergone retraining and reassessment to see if I am still worthy of working in the company. Few days later, I decided to resign due to the fact of uncertainty and tiresome, stressful job. Would you imagine yourself sleeping for only 4 hours, working 9 hours straight, go home travelling for a distance of _ miles for about 50 minutes. I will sleep for 3 hours again before returning back to work. That is my schedule for nine months and I think it is just the right time to leave. This month is also the birth of this blog. I created the blog inspired by a youth oriented show on television with a few pieces about the blog and all about myself, how I feel and what I look into the future.

JuneI spend my time at home helping with the household chores and relaxing in front of TV, read book or write some blogs. Then came the tragic news of the sudden death of my ill and bedridden uncle who just came out of the hospital due to his worsening tuberculosis. He died suddenly last June 19 while recuperating from his illness and was buried more than a week later on a Sunday, July 5.

July I am happy because I receive a gift from a friend consists of a DVD – RW for my pc, tv antenna and the newly-released Sims 3 games. I tried and played the game but unfortunately I was frustrated because it was so slow due to the current computer specifications that was installed so I plan to upgrade the pc in the coming months.

Augustnot much activities due to deep slumber and inactivity at home

September - I am busy preparing for the town’s annual festivities. The house is cleaned and decorated and mouth watering native delicacies were prepared but only a few visitors pay a visit. We have lots of food remaining that we share the leftovers with guests to bring home to their families as is the customs and traditions in this town.

OctoberI spend my time in and out of the house to relive boredom. I sent write the pc to be repaired and upgraded so I updated my blogs in an internet café near the plaza or in the market place. This month saw tremendous page hits on my blogs, being recognized and appreciated by readers all over the world.

November The month of the saints and the dead. We honor the holy servants of the church as well as pay respect to our departed loved ones. I registered my blogs to different blog directories generating more page views. This month I bought several peripheral devices needed for the pc to be upgraded. When the pc was done, I played the Sims 3 for the first time since July. If I enjoyed the last two Sims much more with the 3rd edition with more revisions, lots of additions and also more new features.

DecemberThe happiest month of the year since Christmas is all about love, food and merrymaking but I haven’t enjoyed it because I want to be in a far place outside the country to experience snow, the warmth of the people in cold places and the blast of celebrations in a different country. Hopefully, in 2010 or the year of the tiger will make it into fruition and turn my dreams into reality. I am sick and tired of unforgiving and cold hearted people that I want to experience the real joy brought by the kindness of people in a different place. This blog is not intended to depress and make the readers feel lonely but to open their eyes and minds to reality. But I am a positive minded person that these things are happening for greater and better reasons.

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