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Friday, December 11, 2009

My Sims 3 Game Images and The Story Behind

It's harvesting time, time to reap all the produce brought by so many years of hard work, toiling, weeding, tending, watering and fertilizing these healthy and hearty vegetation. Shovel and extend your arms to reach for these nutricious produce you can cook on your kitchen or eat it fresh direct from your vegetable garden!
This lady is pushing herself to the limits, crash and burn, wet herself in sweat just to obtain a good physique, become fit and a healthy lifestyle. Way to go for this girl!
This character based on real life is a self confessed drug addict driver and also a notorious witch. He is cruel to his family and unforgiving to people. Because of his nasty lifestyle, he began to live a difficult situation, he become skinny and find so many enemies besides he is so ugly that others thought he might be a hideous monster. Will he survive a lifetime now that he is trapped in his house or die in misery?
This guy is about to celebrate his adulthood and coming to terms with his character and personality. Will he pursue a strict and rigid discipline in a job or a comfortable and luxurious, lavish lifestyle?
These two lovely couples are about to sleep in my previous game that was erased and put back again in the storage until I move them in another lot. They look gorgeous and handsome and they love each other. Wonder who they are?
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