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Monday, December 21, 2009

Your 20th Century Saints Search

Saint Maria Goretti
Saint Dominic Savio
Father Maximilian Kolbe

Find out how much you know about the men and women canonized in the last 100 years

The Church has canonized some 400 holy men and women – and even a few teenagers – during the 20th century. How much do you know about our newest saints? Begin with no. 1 and then follow the directions.

1.      Let’s start at the beginning of the list. 1. John Baptist de La Salle (1651-1719) was declared a saint in 1900. For what is he best known?
a.      Devotion to the Sacred Heart. (Go to 28)
b.      Founding the Brothers of the Christian Schools. (Head for 38)

2.      2.Sorry. Return to 39.

3.      Yes.3. Pope Pius X is known as “The Pope of the Eucharist” for recommending frequent reception of Holy Communion and early reception of the sacrament by children. His papacy began in 1903, running until his death in 1914. He was canonized in 1954. Now head for 18.

4.      4.Canonized in 1982, only 41 years after his death, this saint was a Franciscan priest with a strong devotion to Mary. What is his name?
a.      Maximilian Kolbe. (Go to 12)
b.      John Neumann. (Move to 42)

5.      5.No. John Fisher (1469 – 1535, canonized in 1935) was an English bishop ordered killed by Henry VIII for refusing to recognize the validity of the king’s marriage to Anne Boleyn and for upholding the supremacy of the pope. Return to 13.

6.      6. Another French priest named John was known for hearing Confessions 16 to 18 hours a day. What is his last name?

a.      de Porres. (Move to 36)
b.      Vianney. (Go to 41)

7.      7.One of the most popular saints in the 20th century died in the latter half of the 19th. Who is this person?
a.      Therese of Lisieux. (Go to 17)
b.      Bernadette Soubirous. (Move to 27)

8.      8. No. Return to 35.

9.      9. St. John Fisher, mentioned in question 13, was canonized with another English person who opposed Henry VIII. Who is the other saint?
a.      Thomas More. (Go to 16)
b.      Joan of Arc. (Head for 34)

10.  10. Since 1930, groups of martyrs from five continents have been canonized. Antarctica and what other continent are not represented?
a.      Australia. (Go to 15)
b.      Asia. (Head for 33)

11.  11. That’s right! For the first 17 years after his ordination, Pius X was in parish work. After he became pope, he was asked what his sisters should be called. At that time, it was common to confer titles of nobility on the pope’s family. His reply? “Call them the sisters of the pope.” Head now for 32.

12.  12. Yes. The Saint of Auschwitz was born in 1894 and canonized by fellow Pole, Pope John Paul II, in 1982. Now head for 43.

13.  13. Teenagers were among the martyrs killed in Uganda. Another teen was canonized by Pope Pius XII in 1954. What is his name?
a.      John Fisher. (Move to 5)
b.      Dominic Savio. (Go to 22)

14.  14. Yes. St. Therese was only 24 when she died. And only 28 years later Pope Pius XI canonized her. Now head for 25.

15.  15. Correct!They are the Jesuit North American martyrs (canonized in 1930); Charles Lwanga and 21 companions, the martyrs of Uganda (1964); 40 English and Welsh martyrs (1970); 103 Korean martyrs (1984); Lorenzo Ruiz and 15 companions, martyrs of Japan (1987); 117 martyrs of Vietnam (1988); and Roque Gonzalez, Alfonso Rodriguez, and Juan de Castillo, Jesuit martyrs of Paraguay (1988). Now move to 13.

16.  16. Of course! St. Thomas More (1478 -1535) was killed two weeks after St. John Fisher. They share a feast day: June 22. Now head for your last question, 4.

17.  17. Both answers are correct. Now move to 39.

18.  18. Let’s try one more on St. Pius X. As the last wrong answer mentioned, St. Gregory the Great referred to himself as ”the servant of the servants of God.”What did Pius X call himself?
a.      “A country priest.” (Go to 11)
b.      “Proof God has a sense of humor.” (Move to 40)

19.  19. No. Return to 25.

20.  20. Pope Gregory I (reigned 590-604) was declared a saint long before our century. He chose the papal title “servant of the servants of God” – one used by pontiffs ever since. Return to 31.

21.  21. No. Return to 32.

22.  22. Yes. Dominic Savio, a student of St. John Bosco, died before his 15th birthday. Dominic (1842 – 1857) is the patron of choir boys. Now go to 37.

23.  23. You’re right! St. Catherine Laboure (1806 – 1876, canonized in 1947) told her confessor what she had seen but wouldn’t allow him to tell anyone her name. He was responsible for having the Miraculous Medal first struck and distributed. For 45 years, St. Catherine took care of household chores at a hospice for the aged on the outskirts of Paris. Eight months before her death, she told her superiors she was the one who had seen Our Lady. She did that so a statue the Blessed Mother had requested could be made. Now head for 31.

24.  24. Martin was a Dominican Brother who lived in Lima, Peru. His mother, Anna Velasquez, was a free black woman; his father, Juan de Porres, a Spanish grandee. Now head for 7.

25.  25. It was St. Bernadette who died at age 35 (1844-1879, canonized in 1933). How old was she when the Blessed Mother appeared to her at Lourdes in France?
a.      16. (Go to 19)
b.      14. (Head for 30)

26.  26. No. Blessed Kateri (1656 – 1680) has yet to be canonized. Return to 37.

27.  27. Both answers are correct. Now move to 39.

28.  28. No. St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647-1690, canonized in 1920) is known for spreading devotion to the Sacred Heart. Return to 1.

29.  29. Maria was born in 1890 and hadn’t yet turned 12 when, in 1902, she died after being assaulted. Her death came just five weeks after she had received her First Holy Communion. Now head for 9.

30.  30. Yes. After she became an adult and joined the Sisters of Notre Dame of Nevers, Bernadette wanted to remain hidden and forgotten. She compared herself to a broom. “Our Lady used me,” she said. “They put me back in my corner. I am happy there and remain there.” Now move to 10.

31.   31. Only one pope has been canonized during this century. Which one?
a.      Pius X. (Move to 3)
b.      Gregory the Great. (Go to 20)

32.  32. Did the name “de Porres” strike a chord with you since you read question 6? St. Martin de Porres (1579-1639) was canonized in 1962 by Pope John XXIII. To what order did St. Martin belong?
a.      Franciscan. (Go to 21)
b.      Dominican. (Move to 24)

33.  Oh, no.33. There have been three groups from Asia. Return to 10.

34.  34. No. Joan of Arc, a French woman, lived from 1412-1431 and was canonized in 1920. Return to 9.

35.   35.The Blessed Virgin Mary revealed the now-familiar Miraculous Medal to this French saint a few months after the woman entered the convent at the age of 24. What is her name?
a.      Bernadette Soubirous. (Move to 8)
b.      Catherine Laboure. (Go to 23)

36.  36. That name sounds familiar, doesn’t it? But no. Return to 6.

37.  37. There is another 20th century saint who was even younger than St. Dominic Savio when she died. Who is she?
a.      Kateri Tekakwitha. (Head for 26)
b.      Maria Goretti. (Move to 29)
38.  Right!38. He founded the Christian Brothers and revolutionized teaching by introducing the simultaneous classroom method to replace one-on-one instruction. (Thanks to St. John, it’s been possible since then for countless students who haven’t done their homework to take a back seat and hope the teacher won’t call on them.)

39.  39. The 100th anniversary of the death of St. Therese just celebrated 12 years ago. She died in 1897 at what age?
a.      35. (Move to 2)
b.      24. (Go to 14)

40.  40. No. Return to 18.
41.  41. Yes. St. John Vianney (1786-1859, canonized in 1925) was known as the Cure – parish priest – of Ars, France. St. John had little schooling as a child; when he was 18, the pastor from a neighboring parish helped him prepare for the seminary in Lyons, but he was booted from the major seminary because he just couldn’t learn Latin. The pastor was sure young John was a holy man and taught him theology from a French manual. Ordained at 29, he went on to become the patron saint of parish priests. Now head for 35.

42.  42. No. John Neumann was born in Bohemia in 1811 and ordained in New York in 1836. Later named bishop of Philadelphia, he died in 1860 and was canonized in 1977. Return to 4.

43.  43. Let’s end with a few words from that recent saint, Maximilian Kolbe: “Sanctity is not a luxury but a simple duty. It is one of Christ’s first principles, too.”

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