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Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Sims 3 Game Images and The Story Behind

Transformation and coming of age is seen from this young lovely lady metamorphosis turning from being a timid teener into a young responsible adult ready to take on the world on her shoulder. go on and support your own family.
Sweat yourself while pushing yourself in the treadmill to expose some abs and stretch and bulge your arms with your muscles while pumping the irons.Doing some rounds and building your discipline make up a strong man in you.
Put some nice bait and have a good catch. Never undermine a small fish for it may give you a valuable catch or a hearty meal. You can sell it at the supermarket, send to mount it or have a good meal using your fresh catch
The evils are dead from starving.. Two evils in one stone.. They are being summoned to join the grim reaper to the gates of hell..
The lovers are having a woohoo something that they do when they are in love with each other but it is discrete and hidden. A profession of mutual love and respect. Something they can cherish forever in happiness.
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