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Monday, August 1, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 10

Patrick the Aarbyville bandit: Let's start this duel the diminutive under spy Mata Hari. If you are good enough, then we will see. If you win, you will have all of my properties including my wife and children at the same time you can shave my head, shave as well my arm pit hair and wax my body hairs from my chest down to my legs including my private parts and also you can pluck all of my nose hair as a punishment. If I win, I will take you as my wife. You will go with me in my piracy campaign around the shores and ocean of Cyprus. You will then serve me as your husband and master because you will be my slave!

Underspy Mata Hari: No more talk stupid cunt. Let's get ready to rumble!

Underspy Mata-Hari: Oops.. Time out first. I need to eat my snacks and drink my energy drink for my recess. Snack time now! Let us enjoy first our snacks before we continue our duel. You can buy your snacks there at the nearest convenience store.

Patrick the Aarbyville bandit: Sure, sure. What will I eat, sandwich, pizza or frankfurter? and my drink? ah soda!

Grim reaper: Under-spy Mata Hari, you killed the man and he is mine now. I want to be his wife in the underworld. His soul will be with me shortly and I will take him as my husband.

Under-spy Mata-Hari: Sure, take him as yours. Don't need him here. This man is a pest troubling and disturbing the natives of this kingdom.

Patrick the Aarbyville bandit: What happened to my sword? It swung as if it is dancing. I can't believe my sword fell in love with the sword of Mata Hari and now it cant fight her sword anymore because my sword is so weak in love with her sword. Hey sword, we need to fight her because I want her so bad and I need to loot Cyprus ships around the shores here to fulfill my own dream of building my own kingdom.

Precise scimitar sword: Sorry master, your evil must come to an end and also I am so weak to fell in love with great long sword of spy Mata Hari. I will marrying him.

Under-spy Mata Hari: hahahaha.. His sword is a female and weak enough to fell in love with my sword. It's my chance now to defeat this cunt and dork.

Great Long sword: Wow I am very handsome. I wonder how it feels like falling in love with someone. I don't know the feeling since I am cruel and bloodthirsty.

Under Spy Mata Hari: You're done my boy! Now you need to give me all your properties including wife and child.

Patrick the Aarbyville bandit: Sure, don't worry about it, I will surrender them all to you in soon. Just give me enough time to surrender these things to you and I shall leave this kingdom and travel to far away place where I will no longer loot ships of their properties and wealth but start my own business with my meager money as a capital

Kent Owen the Illustrious: Well done, underspy Mata Hari! You will be rewarded for your courage. Because of you, our ships traveling and trading with other kingdoms will now have a safe voyage to and from our kingdom of Cyprus. You will also enjoy a lot of benefits including travel to the Caribbean Isles like Bahamas, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Jamaica and Puerto Rico and at the same time Europe and Ibiza in Spain.

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