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Monday, August 1, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 11

Prior Monk Edison: Come all, who are tired and bored the watcher is here to afford you happiness and rest for the day. Abandon all your sinful ways and return to church and pray for the watcher.

Fileo the Fishmonger: Wooahh, my pants were covered with dusts and mud after ascending and descending hills of mix dust and muds. I must behave properly because the Watcher is watching me right now and knows what I'm doing. He will punish me accordingly if I don't behave

Prior Monk Edison: Pray all those who are stricken by grief, sorrow and anxiety and do not worry for the watcher is with us.

Knight Mark Adrian: What shall I offer the prior, err... the Watcher I mean, I think I will give him flower during the offerings ceremony later

Heracles the farmer: I think I will be a good orator and public speaker myself. All I need to do is practice, practice and more practice. I am convinced that if Prior Monk Edison can win followers with his eloquence and enlightening words of wisdom, I will also become rich by making public speeches.

Prior Monk Edison: The reading now according to the Holy book says that we should behave properly else the Watcher will punish all of us because he knows what we think, what we do and where we live and everything about us. He might even send us into the pit of judgment as a punishment.

Under-spy Mata Hari: You are now dead my bandit boy. I will throw your body into the pit of judgment so that the starving beast will tear your flesh and devour you.

King Kent Owen the Great: Good job, spy Mata-Hari! You will soon be rewarded for your efforts to maintain peace and security in our kingdom. Why don't you play with me in the throne room to relax you for awhile. We will play monkey monkey with the cards with just some cents for bets.

Prior Monk: The Watcher knows the thoughts of sims! the Watcher knows that in this very crowd someone is plotting to poison me!

"Thanks to the Watcher's bless, I am now able to predict the future, now believe in me and I shall see your future! You there, Sir Lothario! I see your future, your descendant seems to be in a strange house, he is in a strange little bubbling pond with a red headed lady, and then he..... let's skip this part shall we?"

   Lady Langerak! I can also see your future, your descendant is in a clothing market with Sir Lothario's descendant, she is wearing an unusual strange dark and light outfit with light cloth crown. It looks like Sir Lothario's descendant is going to try his new clothes, and your descendant seems to be going into the small box with him, and then they..... let's skip this part shall we?

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