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Monday, August 8, 2011

Philippines' Dragon Boat Team Wins Gold Without Government Support

Tampa, Florida - The Philippine Dragon Boat Federation win five golds at the just concluded 10th IDBF World Dragon Boat Championships held last August 3-7, 2011 at Tampa Bay, Florida, United States. The Philippine team named "The Dragon Warriors" dominated the competition winning the golds in the following events: 1000 meter men's event, 500 meter men's event, 500 meter mixed event, 200 meter men's event, 200 meter mixed event. In an astonishing world-breaking fashion that made their feat a headline back home, the accomplishment achieved by the team was made possible without the financial and moral support of the government but sponsored by private companies. They almost skipped the world championships this year in Tampa Bay where if not for the generosity of some private companies which came up with the substantial amount of money enough for them to participate in the event. The sad thing about the team is that they have modest meals sometimes with just green shells and rice and their family selling some scraps just to save and/or earn money for their trip, they also practice in the murky, toxic waters of Manila Bay but the most disheartening of all is that some of their team mates left them to join the rival group for lack of support or subsidy from the government. According to the Philippine Sports Commission, the national governing body for the national team of different sports, the reason why they do not support the team because it is not a recognized national team because they do not follow and abide by the sports commission and the International Olympic Committee rules and regulations but I was saddened by the reason of the dragon boat team that they do not abide by the rules is the sad reality that they are a victim of too much politics and corruption. They rather ask for sponsorships and help from private sectors because it is a sincere help and no strings attached in the donations. They are even forced to resign by the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC)because they are overage and for other reasons stated by the PSC. These obstacles that they only take as motivations inspired every Filipino who learn about their story. They earn my respect and admiration because, braving against all odds, in the end they triumph over adversity. Again, Congratulations to the Philippine Dragon Boat Team!
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