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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 15

Wizard Spaniola: If one more person asks me to play Freebird I'm going to shove this bow up their nose!

King Kent Owen the Illustrious: What the?!How did you?!

Wizard Spaniola:The spell backfired okay?!

Guard Marcel: That poor dirty girl in her torn night shift, I should cover her but first I'll watch.

Magician Spaniola: OMG! that guard is sooo checking me out

Wizard Spaniola: I cannot believe I'm being forced to fiddle for my supper yet again!

King Kent Owen the Illustrious: Is this bard feeling OK? Should I throw him to the Beast's Pit of Judgment?

Magician Spaniola: They weren't kidding when they said they'll fry me if I fiddle my hit song Friday.

Guard Marcel: Rebecca Black, is that you?

Physician Heloise: Let us get the party started!

Wizard Spaniola: I think I have a pretty pose here for picture with a young goddess of harvest as my background, will you approve of this my watcher?

Wizard Spaniola: This a distant look of me showing more of the newly-renovated reception hall. Do I look good in here? Hopefully you have a good picture taken of me my watcher.

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