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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 13

Spy Mata Hari: I am spell bounded by you and you kept on watching me and my back now. What can I say?

Groom: I am also dumbfounded because I am still in awe looking at my beautiful wife. What will we do next?

Jacoban Priest Bernard James: Finally, the ceremony finished and I will start my own sermon.

Peasants: Finally, they are now a couple now we shall go to the feast so we can eat a lot like a glutton.

Aramis the Bandit: Here is your glove, Knight Mark Adrian! It is very smelly and I like the foul smell. I almost pass out when I smell it. I want to take it, can I?

Knight Mark Adrian: Before you can take my possession, you must defeat me first in a duel. If you defeat me, it's all yours and I can take you for a snack in the canteen. If I win, I will take the gloves back and you will take me for an afternoon snack in the canteen.

Knight Mark Adrian: Here is for you, Aramis. Oops I almost hit your private parts there. Have you covered it with a thick shield?

Aramis the Bandit: That is the most vulnerable spot of me, don't hit it else I will feel ticklish. You are good and I will have a hard time defeating you.

Wow, there are lots of song requests from me by the officials of the Kingdom of Scotland. I will do these in a little while after my practice of the Divine Lute. I will please the kingdom so I can be promoted.

Here is full body picture of my wizard, Spaniola.
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