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Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween: Horror and Haunting Experience

It is one of goth's favorite time to live in gloomy world of death, ghosts and haunting. Halloween (also spelled Hallowe'en) is an annual holiday celebrated on October 31. It has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holy day of All Saints. It is largely a secular celebration but some have expressed strong feelings about perceived religious overtones. The day is often associated with the colors black and orange, and is strongly associated with symbols like the jack-o'-lantern. Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, wearing costumes and attending costume parties, ghost tours, bonfires, visiting haunted attractions, pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films.Halloween has origins in the ancient festival known as Samhain (pronounced sow-in or sau-an), which is derived from Old Irish and means roughly "summer's end". This was a Gaelic festival celebrated mainly in Ireland and Scotland. However, similar festivals were held by other Celts – for example the festival of Calan Gaeaf (pronounced kalan-geyf) which was held by the ancient Britons.
Snap-Apple Night by Daniel Maclise showing a Halloween party in Blarney, Ireland, in 1832. The young children on the right bob for apples. A couple in the center play a variant, which involves retrieving an apple hanging from a string. The couples at left play divination games. The festival of Samhain celebrates the end of the "lighter half" of the year and beginning of the "darker half", and is sometimes regarded as the "Celtic New Year".

The celebration has some elements of a festival of the dead. The ancient Celts believed that the border between this world and the Otherworld became thin on Samhain, allowing spirits (both harmless and harmful) to pass through. The family's ancestors were honoured and invited home whilst harmful spirits were warded off. It is believed that the need to ward off harmful spirits led to the wearing of costumes and masks. Their purpose was to disguise oneself as a harmful spirit and thus avoid harm. In Scotland the spirits were impersonated by young men dressed in white with masked, veiled or blackened faces.[8][9] Samhain was also a time to take stock of food supplies and slaughter livestock for winter stores. Bonfires played a large part in the festivities. All other fires were doused and each home lit their hearth from the bonfire. The bones of slaughtered livestock were cast into its flames.[10] Sometimes two bonfires would be built side-by-side, and people and their livestock would walk between them as a cleansing ritual.Another common practise was divination, which often involved the use of food and drink.

The term Halloween, originally spelled Hallowe’en, is shortened from All Hallows' Even – e'en is a shortening of even, which is a shortening of evening. This is ultimately derived from the Old English Eallra Hālgena ǣfen. Halloween is linked as well to the day of the souls every 2nd of November where associations to ghost and mythical creatures derived from. Halloween is being celebrated by people to scare and amuse children about mythical creatures and dead people rising from the tomb and zombies usually taken from the rich folk literature. People dressed in different horrifying costumes usually realistic props that can frighten and raise your hair. People also believe that during these days, souls of the dead in the underworld return to Earth to visit their loved ones and reside in their former homes. The significance of the All Soul's Day is for us to remember our departed loved ones in our hearts and minds they shall be immortal, pray for their soul to have eternal peace and communion with God and also during the All Saint's Day to remember the significant holistic works they've done and ask for their intercession for us.

Beware of Scammers and Fake Solicitations

The power of Internet and how fast it grows spurs online activity and even catapulting business and transactions to its ultimate high. With the growth and booming business online so are the scammers and cyber criminals who found a niche in the vulnerable world wide web proliferating their huge but illegal business online where it is a free enterprise which means no one solely owns it nor regulate it and no policy or protocols that govern and control the information flow and behavior of netizens. But just a piece of advice, never immediately easily give in and fall prey to the promos, offers, notifications and announcements and other information drive slipped through email addresses & domain by perpetrators no matter how sugar coated are the offers they can still be a scam or illegal schemes done to ensnare the vulnerable unsuspecting net user. Examples of scams includes lottery winning notifications, large amount left by the dead for bank transfer, job offers who demands fees to procure legal working documents, search engine (e.g. Yahoo & Google) lottery draw winning numbers, attractive foreign individuals luring you to be in relationship with them and ask you to defray their travel expenses and a lot more. If you encounter any of these, just report to the authorities and government agencies of your respective countries and they can have website online where you can submit your report or maybe you can get help by the www.cyberangels.org to investigate and trace the roots of the crime so as not to proliferate online. Be wary and be vigilant for these kind of emails and alert to safeguard yourself from being a victim of cyber looting and burglary.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


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FIFA World Cup 2010 Will Have A Huge Success in SA

South Africa is nearing its course to give a very successful and colorful celebration of teamwork and sportmanship when the FIFA World Cup 2010 commence on June - July 2010, according to SA Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan. According to him South Africa would host a "great festival of football".

"Yes we can. Next year, as we invite the world to join us in a great festival of football, we will demonstrate that we can take on a giant project, work to a plan, complete major construction projects, reconfigure city transport systems, and energise a uniquely South African diversity of hospitality arrangements," he said.

Gordhan said South Africa had silenced skeptics. "Of course there were skeptics - there were those who said we couldn't do it, who talked about the lights going out, who spread dark rumours of plan B - but those voices are now silent.

"Our preparation for the 2010 World Cup began with a vision, and a statement of intent," he said.

All government agencies and departments are collaborating and coordinating to give a memorable and momentous FIFA World Cup in South Africa comes 2010.

Website Review: Downelink

this is an online social networking site for the LGBT community and even straights, too! Like any other networking sites, people can look, browse and find friends here. With the use of the site's search filter you can narrow down your searches based on your preferences. There are a lots of types of people here for the rainbow family, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders or even straights but you can digg up and investigate their stories or unravel their dark backgrounds, hehehe... there is also a community where members can discuss any topics that they want to talk about and even a chat room where one can see a prospect hmm or shall i say a potential date on a cosy restaurant or even in the dark shadowy room. Its a friendly site and LGBT answer to Facebook. I gave the site 3 and a half star. *** ^

Website Review: Neopets


This classic online pet games (it originates from its predecessor, Japan's Tamaguchi) is a hit for kids ages 6-11 and even young at heart or people of all ages sick of role playing games can divert their attention to these virtual pets who were desperately seeking attention from loving and caring owners. They can be feed, taught, put to sleep, and even bring to discover and travel places and even fight with other pets for top prizes in battle dome. However, to earn neopoints or neocash to purchase items for and and by your pets, you need to play games and discover places because there are hidden treasure behind. Worth your time and effort if you are to train to own a real pet in the future. I give three stars. ***

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Nothing Much To Write Time To Snooze

well it is Sunday once again and nothing much to write so I need to dose off first to refresh and revitalize my energy in blogging to make sure I'll give the juiciest and hottest things to blog about.. see ya by tomorrow...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

What is the other free online converter for videos into different format?

aside from vixy who convert youtube videos, I want to know what other online converter that are free to use to convert videos from other video streaming site into different format..

online converter is not so good i think
I recommend this leawo free flv converter, with which you can convert flv files to all kinds of video formats including AVI, wmv, mpeg, MP4, mp3, etc,

Try EasyMovieConverter.com . Once you tried it, you won't want to bother with vixy.net again.

1. Grab the link/website address to the Youtube video to convert.
2. Go to http://www.EasyMovieConverter.com and enter the url on the text box on the main page.
3. Choose the type to convert it to.
4. Hit the download button. When it is converted, a button to proceed to the download page appears.
5. Download it, and enjoy.

here is what another user said after trying EasyMovieConverter.com after dealing with vixy.net for awhile:

Have you tried media converter? I'm not entirely sure what the site is, but maybe mediaconverter.com... you'd have to confirm that. I use it fairly often- I have it bookmarked which is why don't know the address- and it's been fairly reliable. You don't have to create an account, which I really like, and you don't have to download any software, which is also great. The only bad thing about it is that it has a fairly restricted maximum size you can convert without paying, so depending on what you're converting to, it might not always work. It's always worked for me for online video to mp3.

Hope that helps you :D

I always use this Video Converter. It supports the mutual conversion between all video/audio formats, and HD videos.
Output Formats: MP4, H.264, AVI, MP3, WMV, WMA, FLV, MKV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, 3GP, 3GPP, VOB, DivX, Mov, RM, RMVB, M4A, AAC, WAV, OGG, RA.
It also can set video effect, set Deinterlacing, trim your video length, crop the play region, merge into one file, customize output settings.
For more informaion and free download from:
It is easy to operate. Just few clicks are OK.
Here is the specific guide for you to follow:
Hope it useful for you.

I know several free software :you can try.




There are total free I found from www.softdir.net ,
it also has many free software but I think the three one maybe useful for you.

I'm using a video converter to change video format
It supports mutual conversion among MP4, H.264, AVI, MP3, WMV, WMA, FLV, MKV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, 3GP, 3GPP, VOB, DivX, Mov, RM, RMVB, M4A, AAC, WAV, etc

You can have a free trial:


I think AVCWare Video Converter will satisfy you. It is comprehensive video converter software which can convert between all video formats including AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264/AVC, MKV, RM, MOV, XviD, 3GP, FLV, etc

You can try VideoMax Free Video Converter at free-star.org or CNET.

I do not know where you can find the online converter, i can recommend you try Total Video Converter, it is easy to use
Download here:

Hope this helps.


it is a good free online video converter i am using now.

and i like its audio and video sync technology very much, which is so strong that i will always use it.

hope it helps!

Here are some choices for you:

How does single parents raise their children?

I wonder if single parents can still pamper themselves, enjoy the things they want to do, do their favorite hobbies/ activities, travel around the world and other things even if they have kids to raise.

One single parent with one child, that’s a family. In society, just about everything is blamed on single parents and broken homes, and it’s really sad because it’s just not true. The most important thing is not the number of parents in the home, but the parenting. We always ask people, ‘Don’t you know single parents who have raised great kids?’ So instead of thinking, “We are a broken home,” say, “We are a single-parent home”— it’s just a different kind of family. I think a lot of being a successful single parent lies in your perception. By that, I mean single parents often think it’s more difficult for them. It’s so easy to think the grass is greener on the other side, and yet when you have a two-parent family, your spouse might not be that supportive: There’s usually one parent that prefers to be more strict and one that’s more lenient, and then they fight about who is right. A big part of changing your perceptions about single parenthood is if you see your situation differently. Try to see your family’s situation as an opportunity rather than a negative. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there aren’t any difficulties in being a single mom or dad, but there are advantages to keep in mind as well.

I think you can still enjoy yourself as a single parent, but no parent can travel around the world, with my first daughter i was a single mum for the first 5 years, and my mum would look after her about twice a month and i would go out with the girls let my hair down, but theres still that responsibility that i know i can't get completly drunk as i'll have to wake up at 6am the next morning. With a hubby its alot easier he'll take the girls away to the park on a saturday morning and i can have the morning to myself to get away from things, do a bit of shopping and things.

Personally, I wouldn't wish is upon my worst enemy. Even with a husband at home it can be hard, especially those long lonely nights up with breast or bottle feeding and a sick or grumpy child. The financial side if you were a single parent I imagine would be a huge challenge.
I have a couple of friends doing it alone, and they don't really get much time for themselves - they do find time, but it is not easy - having support from other family members would be crucial or a huge help in that situation.
It depends on the person, I guess some single parents handle it all really well, and others just fall apart.
If it is a situation where you need to get away from a bad relationship with the father, then I would leave and bring the child up on your own.

But if you just want a child for the sake of having a child - then I would not recommend it at all.

One of my friends is a single mum. She lives at home with her parents and while it's not at all easy, she works at her job and school and does what she can for her daughter. The father does help out a lot though. From what I hear, he's a great father, but he and my friend just didn't work out.

Babysitters, daycare, family... they help out. And they can still do things, but they are limited. Any couple with child(ren) are limited. I don't even know a married couple with small children that travel the world or anything like that.

Children are a blessing, but a major responsibility. You've got to sacrifice the life you could have had, in order to truly enjoy the life you are blessed to live with your child.

single parents do everything in the same way conventional parents do yes they still get to pamper themselves sometimes its nice to include the kids in it too tonight me and my 13 year old daughter are having a pamper night baths nails pizza a movie lots of unhealthy food and a night of loving ourselves we also go to the hairdressers together and my 8 year old and we enjoy each others company we travel we recently went to paris you cant be selfish travelling alone but then i find even 2 parent families don't travel alone i love being a single parent

I am 23 have a 2 1/2 year old & have another on the way, I am single. I work 8 am to 5 pm 5-6 days a week. My hair, finger & toe nails are always done. I go to the gym 2-3 time a week. Go on vacations. I pamper my daughter as well. My daughter is happy. I am happy. yes single parents can pamper themselves. they just need to learn how to do it with a baby on your arm

No one with kids travels around the world, unless they have great kids and extreme patience and tolerance. And of course a single parent can still pamper themselves and enjoy the things they want to and do their favorite activities. Its called daycare. Or a babysitter.

I don't know about travel because of financial reasons but the rest yeah. Eventually. But the hardest job is raising the kids as the role of both mom and dad.

Weird Goods and Services Sold At eBay

For a my few months stay and work as a customer service representative for eBay USA never would I imagine that I could encounter such goods and services being sold by Americans online that they were so gross, weird and horrible and I could think it is out of desperation? Gosh... are they really starving and begging for a penny that otherwise we think, powerful and rich? I encountered some of the following items as I work as community watchdog for violators and those law abiding eBayers:

Paris Hilton tears
- at the time Paris was controversial for DUI. Driving under the Influence and was brought for trial. The most controversial thing is when she cried at the court room. I cant imagine someone is catching tear drops of this woman with a bottle in the court room.. plain hilarity over the unfated life's twist and turn of this heiress.

soul - i encounter a few people selling their soul when they die. Common sense, how can you earn money when you die and how can you feel your earning when you're already a ghost?

stinky socks
- someone sold a stinky socks that even a rat could not even bear to stay close to. His purpose is that the sock is a repellant for all insects and disturbing rodents and unwelcome guests or visitors towards your house.. How desperate and how insane?

What happen to online video conversion?

I tried to convert the youtube videos using the vixy.net for my ipod but after i converted and played it on my ipod, there is a video but no sounds... what happened?

I had the same problem with you before, Then I switched to another online video converters www.zamzar.com , it works pretty well now. For more online video converters, this list would help you a lot
Hope it helps. Email me if you need further help.

Here is a step by step guide about how to download online video such as YouTube videos and convert YouTube videos to other video and audio formats for iPod Video, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone, Zune, PSP, etc
Also, you can find some other software:

Hello, you can try ImTOO YouTube Video Converter. It serves as a powerful tool for downloading and converting YouTube videos and even YouTube HD videos. You can learn more about it from


Tell me your heroic acts while wearing boots?

I want to know your heroic acts or cute stories with your combat boots or work boots on

Treading on a huntsman, bit of a big bugger.... i don't like spiders.....

My most memorable moment was watching my son being born and handing him to his Mother.

What you know bout stompin the yard?

go ask the guys in the stone gardens

Friday, October 23, 2009

What is the best solution for paranoia?

It seems that there are several paranoid people here in the Philippines due to desperate situation and conditions of people and lots of poor has been taken advantage and exploited by the wealthy and they act as if they are paranoid as well to protect their wealth and taken advantage of these poor and usually illiterate people.

For paranoia it is actually a difficult thing to deal with in my opinion. My fiance has paranoia and schizophrenia but that is a different story.

I have found the best way to help someone with paranoia is to keep reassuring that person your not going to do them harm. Though they are not going to warm up to you right away, show them in your own way that your not going to hurt them, take advantage of them, or put them in harms way.

Reassurance is the best way to help someone who acts paranoid.

that doesnt sound paranoid.. it sounds realistic...
There are things that a government must do to free its people , along with the right attitude and responsiblities to make people feel safe, free, and moving forward, etc....
Here is a resource for the feelings

Free elections will solve everything.

Does blogger allows publishing of ads from third party ad publisher other than AdSense?

YES -- all you have to do is to insert the code in a different spot from your Adsense ads. Or you can use an ad server and serve Adsense + other ads

As long as the ads you choose to run alongside Adsense do not mimic the look and feel of Adsense. Commission Junction http://www.cj.com and Linkshare http://www.linkshare.com both have lot of advertisers that you can run with Adsense

Read Adsense Program Policies https://www.google.com/adsense/support/b…

Competitive Ads and Services
In order to prevent user confusion, publishers may not display Google ads or search boxes on websites that also contain other ads or services formatted to use the same layout and colours as the Google ads or search boxes on that site. Although you may sell ads directly on your site, it is your responsibility to ensure that these ads cannot be confused with Google ads.


Only Google's AdSense program is integrated into your Blogger account. Blogger will also need access to your Adsense account so that they can add the appropriate code to your blooger account and templates and template tools.

You do get to keep 100% of any income made from your Adsense account with your Blogger blog.

of course yes, you need to add code to the blogger,

very easy , you will get the option to add code from where you will get the option to add adsense.

( tried all of them , only adsense makes money or to some extent adbrite, rest all proved to be cheap scams so far.

Yes, blogger allow publishing third party ads others than adsense. I use Kontera, Bidvertiser and adbrite at my blogger blog too

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quotes of the Day

"It is tiring to be a Filipino sometimes." - name withheld

"Filipino by blood but NOT by heart." - name withheld

Answers To Common Problems and Situations

By my next entry, I will include some practical tips and seemingly clever questions and their answers by some people. It can be an advice, solution or suggestions and recommendations by individuals all over the world so nothing is conclusive.

How To Open Your Third Eye

This is one way of opening your third eye. I got this from one of the online forums which I'm a member before. If your curiosity grows and won't make you at peace with your senses and brave enough to be haunted by the ghosts then be ready to expose your sixth sense and see dead people.

Anywhere you go there is a mushi (also known as "ghost" ). go in front of a mirror. Turn off all the lights except a candle in your place so that you can still see yourself. Then close your eyes and put your hands on the mirror and be sure that your entire hands feel the mirror. Then listen carefully to the sound at your back. After 5-7 minutes, someone will whisper your name. After hearing your name, whisper back so-u-nen-ba-ti, 5 times. After that you can slowly open your eyes but make sure before you whisper so-u-nen-ba-ti, you already hear someone whispering some ghostly sound. After you open your eyes the ghost should be at your left shoulder, looking at you intently and is white skinned. If what you see is a black skinned mushi watching over your right shoulder.. be ready.. It won't harm you but be ready to be haunted. You can't sleep :) because you will be frequented by the mushi.. 100% effective. If you see a black mushi, it means your sixth sense or third eye is now open and you will always see the mushi.

Website Review : Craigslist


this is one of the coolest and friendly ad posting site that caters to people looking and searching just for anything. Though it is a simple site for posting ads, you can upload pictures and the ads messages or characters are unlimited. There are restrictions like contact numbers are prohibited but email address is allowed. I gave it three stars. ***

Website Review : eBAY


this auction site is a haven for small business-minded individuals who were fond of garage sales and who likes selling surplus good and those individuals who have something to sell. They have the options to either bid or directly sell their items in retail or whole sales. Most of the products were surplus though some are brand new. Products and even services up for bids ranges from clothes and toys to travel destinations to fortune telling services. This site is friendly both for sellers and buyers. With its user-friendly interface and Live Chat support agents ready to assist people, bidding and selling has become enjoying and entertaining transactions to earn money. I gave four stars.. ****

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Luzon, Philippines Trauma Over Storms and Flooding

The morning of September 27 wakes the people of Luzon provinces & cities in northern Philippines to a terrifying overflow of floodwater & mud due to a heavy storm that ravages the entirety of the islands. The locally named tropical storm "Ondoy" brings a torrential amount of rain andstrong windlashes all places it passes through left several dead bodies and close to a million families affected. What's painful is that a week after a storm left the country and the people has not fully recovered, another strong storm is impending to landfall and may directly hit populated places. Fortunately, the storm changes direction northward to Japan asit gathers strength however, due to its enormous power it pulls back to the country the storm that had left the country causing a worse deluge. Two weeks after the storm left, flood waters has not fully drained and stranded in several provinces and much more, dam overflowing caused some areas to have gauged a high water level and people are no longer safe to live in these areas. Another strong enraging storm is constantly moving in northwest direction towards the Philippines which will cause a mass hysteria due to the trauma brought by the previous storms. This is the first time for Luzon to experience such pandemonium that it caused widespread catastrophe that will take years to recover. The only consolation for this is the unwavering support and an unending downpour of help from the government, private sector, companies & corporations, media outfits, international organizations and even global community extended to the affected families and also their houses and infrastructure that still stands are strong enough to last and endure the test of nature and still inhabitable. Its not that difficult for them to recover fast from the natural phenomenon because of the shining example of unity and solidarity.

This disaster serves us a reminder thatwe should take seriously the reforestation of our mountains that shields us from the tumultous, massive flooding and also alter the adverse effect of global warming. Global warming is to be blamed for the unusual increasing volume of precipitation or rainfall during the rainy season and the worse droughts and intense heat during summer. The country is still ill-prepared for natural phenomenon with laxes in preparations and contingency plans, lack of several facilities & equipment and lack of support and help for Visayas and Mindanao alone when calamities hit these areas. Do we need to sacrifice lives in these places to awaken their senses? When will we have the will to act and do the necessary when it is happening? Lucky Luzon they have all the support and help needed but poor and hapless Mindanao, due to lack of exposure in the news, will be taken for granted and take years for help to come. In these trying times, we should join hands in facing the anger of nature because it is our fault, we never learned, otherwise, it could not be that worse. This is to call the attention ofall that amidst the tragedy, it left us with a big lesson and reminder and its up to us to learn and do the task or play deaf and just ignore.

Website Review: Cloland


Cloland is the favorite place for LGBT community who wants to release any inhibitions of orgasm they keep inside and preserve for long time. This site has links and recommended adult oriented sites for your much preferred style. Inappropriate for youngs but definitely a hot shot for those warm cums. Rated for profanity, obscenity and nudity. I give three and a half star... ***^

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Website Review: Faceparty


This dating site which originated from UK is both a social networking and dating site. It is good in terms of members and the chat room are nice and entertaining with its animated graphics but recently loses its coolness when the site deleted the accounts of several inactive members. It has nice user interface, user-friendly but the uploading of pictures takes time. Browsing member is nice as well considering their refine search. Not bad though. I gave the site three stars... ***

Word of the Day

Cockiness is the ability to have fun and expand your horizon which the third world minded people and countries cannot bear!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bull's Eye : BPO Operations Manager sexual favors cannot be resisted

An operations manager of one of the BPO companies in Iloilo City is blackmailing its agents. He is a homosexual that makes a compromising agreement that in order for his agents to stay in the company must comply with his sexual favors; if not risk of facing a forced resignation from his job and the company. What a sleaziness in the thrid world corporate culture. He is the pride of the company and of the client but his behavior and manner is like a toilet janitor. His first name is the name of the young lead character in the movie "Home Alone 1 & 2" and his last name is the last name of a Filipino singer actor married to a comedian actress host of SIS, a Filipino noontime magazine.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Miss Earth Pre Arrival Stunners Part 3

Miss Earth Pre Arrival Stunners Part 2

Miss Earth Pre Arrival Stunners Part 1

My Favorite American Idol Alums

Are you the next American Idol? is a catchphrase from one of today's most successful reality-based singing competition that had huge following from the northwest of Europe down south to Australia ad from every edges and corners of the globe. It's a huge hit among people regardless of age group, gender and status due to its heightened drama on every twist and turn on or before the competition. They cheer on every blow and celebrate on every victory. Nothing is more vindicating than the uphill climb story of its competitor that makes American Idol all the more watching and inviting people from all walks of life across the globe. Week after week dramatic upsets and surprising results stunned the audience leaving them breathless or heartbroken. The culmination of the competition for every season is a penultimate event anticipated by die hard American Idol fans. The winner is unpredictable and almost always a shocker to everyone - a life changing and history making event by breaking some records and making a reputation. They may either bring fame or controversy to the show. Recently, Paula Abdul, one of the American Idol resident judges formally announces her resignation from the show due to irreconcilable altercation or differences with the management or with fellow judges.

Tragedy also struck the Idols in the case of Jennifer Hudson's family murder and the death of David Cook's elder brother due to brain cancer were gloomy period for the Idols. But Idol is not only all tears and sobs. One reason why people are hooked up to the Idols is that the show is injected with humor, intrigue and other spices during the audition. People do anything just to get the attention of the judges and qualify as an Idol, as their biggest reward. They even make superficial claims to the point of annoyance and disgust to anybody else like having an intimate relationship with one of the judges.

Aside from the murky and most often ludicrous part, the Idol also gives opportunity to some not-so-fortunate individuals who auditioned to shine and make it big on the limelight like William Hung and Reynaldo Lapus, both of which are of Asian-American heritage, due to their slapstick and off key singing make it big and who, for quite sometime, captured the hearts and minds of the viewers due to their positive outlook and sunny personality.

If Idols can give opportunities, they can give fame to their alums. Jennifer Hudson earned a nod as a Best Actress in supporting role at the Oscars in 2007. Chart- topping hit albums and singles of Idol alums Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Katherine McPhee, David Cook, David Archuleta, Elliott Yamin and others prove that Idol is a twister phenomenon that lure people to its magic and powerful show.

American Idol is not all about fame, glamour and honor but also it champions their causes. Every season has its own Idol gives back wherein it is a benefit show for the underprivileged and the lowly people of Africa and of people suffering from different afflictions.

For the big picture, American Idol is a symbol for America and its people - how can a singing competition draw so many people and transform lives in a link of an eye, reflects how people brave the odds, face the challenges that results to tremendous positive outcome , how they unite, struggle together and enrich and empower their lives together is what makes them a strong nation with strong people.

Here's my list of Idol alums whom I find noteworthy and gives American Idol a good name:

David Cook - this charming rock star who came from a humble family propelled to stardom only by serendipity. Originally he only accompany and support his younger brother who is the one auditioning for the Idols yet David Cook was the one noticed by the judges and so the rest is history. Struck by the loss of his elder brother due to brain cancer, he is been tested by times and proven unstoppable hits after hits after winning the Idol's season 7 competition

David Archuleta - this handsome young man from Utah was touted to be the American Idol in season 7 because he is a consistent favorite among the audience because of his soulful rendition of several masterpieces. A runner-up to David Cook, he never fail to give astounding performance using his unique style and flair to a song that attract viewers. He risks a personal style approach to a song perfected by its original singer yet came out with a very original score. Due to his charming personality and sunny disposition, an added accessory to his youthful looks and powerful voice, he attracted admirers and followers that attributed to his phenomenal success until these days!

Adam Lambert - this iconic and symbol for today's pop culture is a hit among viewers most especially among the gays when he officially announced he is gay. His emo style looks transpire most with the younger audience. His musical influence and inclinations proves that he can handle the microphone on any side of the curtain. During the competition sporting a comb over hairstyle and ballad voice as a crooner really fits his bill. He maybe gay but his voice is masculine. He is a runner up to Kris Allen of Idol's season 8.

Kris Allen - the winner of American Idol season 8 from Arkansas. He is a church choir member and a humble servant that triumph over his fellow Idols with his angelic voice.

Jordin Sparks - since winning season 6 of American Idol, her prowess as a soul singer is unstoppable. She became the pop music next darling for her instant hits as "Tatoo" ,"No Air" and "One Step At A Time" .She has a powerful voice that uplifts the lowly in spirits. Her wits and charms will keep her at the peak of her stardom and her music timeless.

Blake Lewis - a runner up to Jordin Sparks in season 6, this garish looking pop rock Idol alum is a promising artist and will be an instant hit given the chance, timing and right song that he will hit the notes, strum the guitar and swoon us by his populkar melodies.

Melinda Doolittle – though she eventually ended up third to Jordin Sparks, this young woman from Brenstville, Tennessee attracted followers and fans when she compete in season 6 of the American Idol. She has this very cool voice for jazz and vibrant enough to grace special events with her endearing demeanor.

Taylor Hicks – a dramatic come from behind victory shocked the audience when he got the nod of the judges in the season 5 of the Idols. This crooner from Montgomery, Alabama won the hearts of the judges and wins over the much appealing Katherine McPhee of California and never failed to impress with his ballads and soulful renditions of classic hit songs. He proves to everybody that age is not a barrier if you are not out of sync and still hit the notes. Anyway he is the oldest American Idol Alums when he competed in the 2006 at the age of 29.

Katherine McPhee – Who can forget this gorgeous beauty of the talented season 5 of American Idol? Even if she ended up as a runner up to Taylor Hicks, she wowed her audience, admirers and followers with her irresistible charm, sunny personality and heartwarming rendition of the hits “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, “Someone To Watch Over Me”, “The Voice Within”, “I Believe I Can Fly” among others. After the Idols, she went on to dominate the billboards and radio station with her hits “Over It” topping the charts for several weeks. It is a sweet vindication for this very promising young diva.

Chris Daughtry – he is the most successful alums among the season 5 finalists. He had proven that trying your luck is worth it and just being qualified as a finalist will open up windows of opportunity for aspiring but very promising talents, victors are not necessarily winners but those who strive hard and struggle to reach for their dreams, fulfilling it and be successful. This he proves when he ended up fourth and after the season has ended, he went on to dominate the airwaves with his chart topping hits such as “Home”, “Over You”, “It’s Not Over” and several awards and recognitions followed thereafter. He became an instant hit in the international music scene with his label and pop rock music.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Corrupt Philippine Agencies

          One reason why there is not much progress in the Philippines is because of corruption. From the highest position of the land down to the local community leaders, bureaucratic corruption is sucking every efforts to change. Spanish colonial period's vices and abuses until Marcos dictatorship gave influence to modern day's robbery and burglary. From a simple bribery to multinational transactions, corruption is very obvious. Unless discipline and strong character is implied among Filipinos, this country would remain in the mud of poverty and threatened to be the next Africa if these problems persists in the next decade. Filipino are known to be both ostentatious and pretentious. They would love to pretend as wealthy and show off as if they can buy anything on Earth. This weak personality reflects today's government leaders. They pretend to be rich and influential in a third world country whose people are starving to death and homeless when in fact, they only use politics as a milking cow for people's money and thus, it becomes their business. What a shame! That is in contrast in the developed world's humbling experience. Leaders, while in position, never enriched themselves and they live an ordinary simple lifestyle when they retire.
         I will list here the Philippine government agencies who are worst in corruption until today. Even if you slap them in their faces, they will just give you a cold shoulder and keep pestering more on people's taxes, savings and contributions. That's how awful and sick they are. Well I will post them up here so everybody will know. Almost every Philippine government agencies are corrupt but these are the worst:

Bureau of Customs - every goods or equipment delivered thru the sea ports of call or airports are scrutinized and inspected by the agency to secure safe and legal transactions. However, because of the nature of the jobs, all forms of bribery is taking place including overpriced fees, take home confiscated goods & equipments, monetary lump sum (usually six digits). That's why all of its officials are not just wealthy but pot-bellied Goliaths. Har! har! har!

Bureau of Internal Revenue - collecting taxes or in other words, collecting people's money has never been this easy. Many aspiring Filipinos wish to work in this agency because this is the fastest and easiest way of enriching themselves. People working in this agency collects money and keeping a part of these taxes in their pockets! What a hapless country!

GSIS - (short for Government Services Insurance System) Troubles here and there. This Philippine government agency never run out of problems including but not limited to technical difficulties blaming IBM for its defective computers or its head, Winston Garcia never run out of explanations to its members, who were government employees both active and retirees, just to stash away millions of people's money. Garcia has deep friendship and closed ally of the President of the country so he is absolved from all the graft charges he is facing. By the way Winston Garcia is the brother of Gwendolyn Garcia, the governor of Cebu province.

DPWH - (short for Deparment of Public Works and Highways) this is another controversial agency for several decades already. Infrastructure and road project were either suspended or canceled because according to its officials it is lack of funding but it was found out by spies and government insiders that these officials are pocketing the amount that was budgeted by the government or the Congress appropriations. They are only working the projects during the election season to enhance their reputation among the voting public yet the project is still over priced so they can keep the rest of the money all to themselves. Now we are talking about railroading projects! Uhh, this is not a surprise but we are used to it!

TESDA - (short for Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) - This government department and training agency has been controversial in recent times. There is an overpriced purchase of the equipment and facilities by its head, Augusto Syjuco who is a businessman himself. The equipments, however are defective and of poor quality, inefficient and ineffective. There is a connivance between supplier and Syjuco according to an insider who accuses Syjuco of overpricing. Just like bribery, this is not uncommon in this country.

Housing- overpriced housing materials and finished homes have been controversial then and now .

DepEd - just like any other government agencies, overpricing of their proposed projects and purchase of school supplies. Just recently, it has been controversial due to overpriced noodles for their feeding project.

DOE (short for Department of Energy) - oil deregulation law was implemented by this agency to allow oil companies control over oil pricing and rates. Insider has it that the agency has connivance with the oil companies receiving incentives, rewards and bounty of benefits.

DOST (short for Department of Science and Technology) - they approve and patented inventions and discoveries to their own benefits or if they receive incentives and rewards from inventions. They reject inventions if they can't benefit or receive incentives or if they are envious of their fellow Filipinos' innovations and achievements.

Source: online broadsheet and articles