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Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 8

Improvements and renovation I made with my reception hall

My reception hall is not only brilliant but also lots of space and well ventilated

Jacoban Priest Bernard James: Time is coming that the watcher will visit us. Repent all your sins, turn away from your vices and surrender yourself to the watcher.

Peasant Dagmar: Priest Bernard James is a really good preacher and gives a beautiful homily and now I am convinced to repent all my sins and surrender myself to the watcher

Anxhela Martini the Commoner: True, I will pray fervently now and turn away from my vices.

Jacoban Priest Bernard James: Where are you people gone? You are so fast in running away and fulfilling my words. Are you forsaking all your evil habits and now preaching good news to your fellow? Go forth and spread love and kindness throughout the kingdom.

Marseille the Servant: Incredible, spit in the middle of the throne room. People come and go here while cooking is being done to make them smell the food. Anyway I need to make a roasted venison for my majesty queen.

Friday, July 29, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 7

Snoogle the Beast: I finally came out to tell the stories to my avid listeners

Knight Mark Adrian: We are excited for your next story because we can go to sleep after if we hear your stories.

Consort Linota: Yes I love hearing your romantic stories of chivalry and gallantry. The sword will be pierce a hard stone which can produce roses.

Thierry the Executioner: Now you're talking Snoogle. Your schedule take a bath is tomorrow and I am the one assigned to shower you. Today I will be buying toiletries at the store for your big beastly bath day tomorrow.

Samuel the Serf: hey Trina, will you offer flowers to the beast later?

Trina the Sly: Yes, I will give Snoogle chamomile, begonia, heliotrope and peony

Crier Hernando: You know what I enjoyed having a binge at the tavern while listening to Bard Ivon reading poem or acting her play

Chandler Guy: I love to drink ale, Bloody moss Mary, wine, cider, feast ale while listening or dancing to the playing of fiddle or lute by Bard Ivon. what about you Hernando, what are favorite drinks?

Crier Hernando: I love Hypocras, mulled wine, sparkling wine and honey mead.

Samuel the Serf: Why it take so long for Snoogle to come out? I am already hungry here.

Knight Mark Adrian: I am thinking of going to the water theme park in Iloilo, Philippines later.

Trina the Sly: Just wait, Samuel. Any moment from now he will be out and we can kiss Snoogle the beast if we want to.

Chandler Guy: I wonder what is Snoogle doing down there. Maybe he is combing his hair, putting make up and applying lipstick. hahahahaha....

Knight Mark Adrian: So bad. Snoogle the Beast is having an intimate affair again with John the Explorer.

Advisor Harry: I will do my best to win the game monkey, monkey, lucky nine and forty one from Merchant Dominic

Merchant Dominic of Tredony: Maybe but I am learning already those games who knows I can win some. Previously, the only game I know is solitary.

My Sims Medieval Images Part 6

Knight Mark Adrian: What are we waiting here? I am already bored waiting for Snoogle the Beast to show and tell us his nightly storytelling.

Fernando the Peasant: Maybe he is still eating his dinner now and will brush his teeth in a little while. We just need to wait for a few more minutes.

Darren the Fishmonger: Beastly, yohoo, where are you? we are waiting here for an hour just to hear your stories...

Knight Mark Adrian: Master, why do I need to pose for a pic?

Knight Mark Adrian: Master, hope you hurry up taking pictures of me because I also have my own obligations to attend to.

Mina the Commoner: Surgeon Heloise, why are you injecting me with formaldehyde

Master Chirurgeon Heloise: Oh, this is just an experiment to know if you will go back to your childhood. I want to know if I can transform you into a 7 year old kid and make a breakthrough for immortality.

Knight Mark Adrian: Oh my god, Snoogle the Beast is having an intimacy with a man. Snoogle the Beast is gay,CONFIRMED!

Fernando the Peasant: Anyway, even if he is gay I enjoyed listening to his storytelling most especially funny stories and fairytales.

Darren the Fishmonger: What is Snoogle doing to me? Is this beast hypnotizing me? I am giving up to him and I am losing my masculinity. I think I am falling in love with him. I am too weak to resist his advances, charms and seduction, I think I'm gonna kiss him.

Knight Mark Adrian and Fernando the Peasant: Ewww... you are so gross. How can a straight man like you Darren bear to kiss a monster in the pit and if he transforms into a human being he must be a man and you like that? You are so gay!

Darren the Fishmonger: Yes I am in love with Snoogle now. I don't care about what you say... Whatever!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Couple First Dated 06-07-08 Will Wed On 09-10-11

        When New Jersey massage therapist Ericka Randall first met Patrick Evans, she was in a bad mood. She was turning 30, and all her friends had forgotten her birthday. She connected with Evans, now 42, on a music social networking site. He had no photo posted and she didn’t know much about the health care worker from Pennsylvania, but she found herself venting to him about her disappointment. To her surprise, the kind stranger she met online volunteered to make up for her disappointment and plan her a 30th birthday. "He had flowers and a 'happy 30th birthday' sign and surprised me by reserving a section of the restaurant." His thoughtful gesture won her over and on 06-07-08 – the day of the birthday party – the couple officially began dating.
        The serendipitous alignment didn’t end there. As they were getting to know one another, the music aficionados had odd coincidences like naming their favorite songs at the exact same moment (both simultaneously blurted out the Eric Benet song, “The Last Time”). A year later, Evans surprised Randall with a New Year’s Eve proposal in 2009. After their 06-07-08 meeting, Randall's “yes!” was followed by wedding plans that continued their numerical streak.
       “We decided on a destination wedding in Ocho Rios, Jamaica,” said Randall, 33. And the date that “lined up perfectly” was none other than 09-10-11.
       The couple feels no pressure to keep the numeric magic alive, though Randall says she can’t resist one surprise on 09-10-11. “I’m planning to send him a gift at 12:13 that day, before we get married at 3 p.m.,” she laughs. “It has to be worked in there!”

Source: Yahoo! Shine

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 5

Knight Mark Adrian: I was so enthralled and amazed at the sales in the market stalls doing window shopping that I did not notice I still have to train my soldiers at the training yard this afternoon. But it is already evening, I shall dismiss them today and just train them tomorrow.

 Town Crier Hernando: Yay! The noble children will start their friendly sparring session. We will see who will win.

Agnes the Peasant: Who do you think will win? the girl in fabulous gown or the one in long pants and pony tail?

Merchant Tremayne: I think the girl in ponytail and pants will win and I will bet 500 simoles.

Agnes the Peasant: I bet 1000 simoles for the girl in gown. Whoever will win will take the money of the other twice the amount of money it bet.

Merchant Tremayne: Oh my god, I cannot believe that they use wooden swords to spar. funny game it is.

Noble Persephone: Remember my sword, Lineta

Noble Lineta: Yes I surrender and concede defeat in your fake sword Lineta

Town crier Hernando: Yay, the girl Persephone in fabulous gown won the sparring match

Underspy Baruk: It is a pain in the ass. I just wasted my money and time in this useless match of the children. I must be childish in my behavior and actions. Anyway, I better release a wrongfully accused citizen in the stocks.

Lady Lorraine of Tick Top: I will just wait here in the clearing for my men to return from the forest when they retrieved that 150 lbs. prewar golden statue worth 550 trillion simoles hidden in a small cave in the far depths of the forest of Alimodian, Iloilo, Philippines

Ingrun the Commoner: Don't tell me it was because you were too drunk

Master Chirurgeon (Physician) Heloise: Well i was and now I'm having his baby!

Master Chirurgeon Heloise: I did not know you had rabies

Our Deepest Sympathy To The People Of Norway!

We people from the Philippines convey our sincerest condolences and sympathy to the family of the bereaved and the people of Norway for a heartless tragedy that took place in your peaceful, free and wonderful country committed by a disoriented, disturbed extremist. Hope this will never happen again and unity and love will triumph over evil. This tragedy is an opportunity to learn and to be vigilant and to be alert at all times and crimes, small or big shall not be tolerated. We condemn the senseless act and losing precious lives. May the souls of the departed rest in peace and may peace and resiliency will rule in Norway!

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 4

The Marriage of my Bard and Blacksmith

Officiating High Prophet: Go forth and be happy!

Bard Roan: This is the start of the happiest days of our lives, my dear!

Blacksmith Tyrese: We can do anything to make us both happy without harming or doing any evil. This is an unusual love that we have something that is not the conventional way.

The comedy play, "Sky Is The Limit" is being performed at the Merry Sweet tavern

Bard Roan: Today is the day when I walk in the sky and live like a king there

Actress Gansilya: Take some foolish potion or rugby to smell so you can have an illusion of the sky around you and a kingly throne before you.

Bard Roan: I will search far and wide to look for food and gadgets to entertain me while I am in the sky. Actually there is a sky car that is invented recently which I will use to travel to the sky and live with my partner Tyrese. No need for potions, solvents and drugs even if my hair color is red.

Actress Gansilya: Go, enjoy and be happy. I am your aunt if I beat you later you will be back to your senses and know you are tipsy and groggy once again.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 3

The Marriage of my Bard and Blacksmith

Officiating Prophet: I am now pronouncing you as husband and partners for life!

Bard Ro: I love you honey, I want to spend the rest of my life with you

Blacksmith Tyrese: Yes honey, from the first time I saw you I know it's you that is destined to be my partner for life. I will be your shoulder to cry and lean on and fortress to depend on. We can live our lives together in bliss and bounty. We can adopt babies if you want.

The Play, "Sky Is The Limit" is being performed at tavern.

Bard Ro: I am tired for the day's work, what shall you do to entertain me my soldier?

Actor Dramsel: Well sir, I will entertain you with my drama and comedic play. I think you will like it.

Peasant Helmina: I love their play with a musical score from the musical box.

Master Chirurgeon Heloise: Your majesty Kent Owen, I already perfected the formula of the greatest discovery in medical history in the new millenium which is the cure for AIDS and HIV as well as the medicines and treatment for most of the cancer diseases.

Emperor Kent Owen the Illustrious: Perfect, master physician Heloise! That would be a great development in lengthening the lives and improving the health conditions of our people

Mage Telemachus: What kind of crazy or weird party are you attending to?

Larceny the Commoner: Well sir, we will be attending the Gentle Bear Festival Month in Gastrobury wherein everyone will be dressed in gentle bear costume in the most important events of the months but can wear casual dress and even leather combat boots or steel toe boots most of the month. This is a month of revelry, merry-making, dancing, games, eating, partying and having a lot of fun in one of the most exciting islands in the world.

My Sims Medieval Images Part 2

Peasant Altius: I think I gonna play the fiddle to relieve myself of the stress at the end of the day

Physician Marcus: I think I like the music by peasant Altius playing his fiddle sweet soothing to the ears. I like to dance to relax my mind and body after a stressful days job.

Mage Tremachus: I will ask King Owen The Illustrious to pass an edict to have at least a month a year designated as dancing and merry-making month festival wherein there is a month-long festival of dancing, merry making, eating and having fun and games

Queen Cyrah Jane The Great: Have you finished doing my order of distributing the groceries among our poor villagers at the middle of the night. I do not want them to know that I am the one who gave them the blessings they deserve to have. I want to an anonymous giver.

Servant Melina: Yes, your majesty. In fact, I use the magic of invisibility given to me by wizard Bentroll to use wisely so that the beneficiaries will not notice me and will not be disturbed when I come to give them the grace of generosity from your kingdom.

Queen Cyrah Jane The Great: Next Month, they will know that I am the one who gave them because each of the poor villagers in the kingdom will receive $1 million each so that there will be no poor and they will do anything they want provided no evil will be done or harm to others.

Servant Melina: That would be great your majesty! Does that mean that I myself will receive $1 million next month?

Queen Cyrah Jane The Great: Yes, Melina you will receive one but I worry that if you receive $1 million next month you will no longer work for me and work for the palace.

Servant Melina: Don't worry your majesty, even if I have a million dollar next month I will still work for you and in the palace only that I can afford to buy anything and buy a big house for my family and travel and have a business still its a pleasure of working with you and fun to work in the palace

Drigo the Fishmonger: Lovely, this king ball game is very awesome. I think I need to practice first for a few hours a day before I can play against these players. I will start tomorrow!

Wizard Frio: What are the aliens doing here on Earth? Are they going to conquer and invade the humans?

Lyllegard Townsfolk: Oh no, Wizard Frio they are not aliens but they are just our soldiers dressed heavily in knightly armor because they will be engaging in a crusade or a war next week to regain other places for our kingdom and people to live and make living in a new territory. They are just trying to practice with the armor and outfit while sparring and dancing so they can be used to it.

Townspeople: We wish you all the luck in that battle for our kingdom, Kingdom of Cyprus!

Friday, July 22, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 1

My physician's clinic and my wizard's tower at night time!

Please be firm and be strong in your faith. The devil is out there to shake you and to break you and to test you but stay strong in your faith and you can triumph over evil!

We are just waiting for the food to come.

The dinner is ready and the king is waiting for the servers to come out with the mouth watering specialty of the night and the banquet is also for the visiting dignitaries from allied foreign countries and annexed territories

The Citizens of the Kingdom of Cyprus take time off from their work and daily jobs to play the kingball. Not bad and the games so exciting, I just amazed that they are already in their 40s and 50s yet they play such quick demanding game

The Sims Medieval Is Here To Conquer You!

The Sims Medieval Game Cover

Another spin-off from the The Sims game generation is the much anticipated game of history and medieval chivalry, valor and gallantry - The Sims Medieval. Launch at the end of March 2011, this game has been played by hundreds of millions of people around the world including here in Iloilo, Philippines making it one of the most successful Sims games ever played. It features characters named as heroes such as Monarch, Knight, Spy, Jacoban and Peteran Priest, Merchant, Wizard, Physician, Blacksmith and Bard. Their life whether successful or miserable depends on the WATCHER which is YOU the gamer! Exciting game awaits those who follows The Sims. Anyway, I will feature my own The Sims Medieval game play screen shots and the stories behind on my next article!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why Does Philippines' Provincial Universities and Colleges In The Provinces Are Discriminated And Unrecognized in Manila?

             If you are from the provinces and is applying for a job in Metro Manila and surrounding cities, a Filipino employer, recruiter or interviewer will ask you about your education background and if you answer that you have studied and graduated in the province, chances are they will fail you or will not accept you in the company and their main reason - because they only accept and hire employees who studied and graduated from Metro Manila cities' universities and colleges because those are the superior schools and are the only best school because the rest are inferior or low performing school according to them. I was so disappointed by how immature and ill qualified those sick people are and the stigma reflects all over. Only Metro Manila universities and colleges are the best, competent and recognized and appreciated and the rest of the schools in the provinces are non-existent, discriminated and undermined. It is so sick and immature to believe and perceive that quality education can be afforded only in Manila and surrounding cities and is out of reach from the countryside. Even outside the country, if you say you have studied in the provinces chances are they will overlook or ignore you. Hope they mature and change this sick and shameful perception to provincial universities and colleges and be open to accept people with untapped potentials regardless of the school they attended from. It's time for universities and colleges in the provinces like Ilocos, Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Batangas, Laguna, Bicol region, Palawan, Mindoro, Iloilo, Negros Occidental and Oriental, Cebu, Misamis, Davao, Cotabato, Lanao and Zamboanga to be appreciated, recognized and accepted.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Boracay Islands Named One of the Best Islands In The World; Bangkok The Best City In The World

       The influential and respected US travel magazine Travel + Leisure named Boracay Island in Malay town in the province of Aklan in the Philippines as one of the best islands in the world ranked number four just three notches behind Santorini, Greece as the best island in the world. On the other hand, Bangkok, Thailand was named as the best city in the world which they won for the second consecutive year. Announced as part of its World's Best 2011 Awards issue to be published on July 22, the prestigious title was awarded based on the thousands of votes of Travel + Leisure readers who voted for cities, islands, hotels and cruises around the world. Read the full rankings at http://www.travelandleisure.com/worldsbest/

The Top 10 Best Cities

1 Bangkok                                  90.49
2 Florence                                  89.92
3 Rome                                      88.45
4 New York City                        88.40
5 Istanbul                                   88.18
6 Cape Town                              88.06
7 Siem Reap, Cambodia              87.90
8 Sydney                                    87.84
9 Barcelona                                87.83
10 Paris                                      87.78

The Top 10 Best Islands

1 Santorini, Greece                              90.61
2 Bali                                                  90.45
3 Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia       89.90
4 Boracay, Philippines                         89.83 Debut
5 Great Barrier Reef Islands, Australia 89.68
6 Sicily, Italy                                       89.51
7 Big Island, Hawaii                            89.11
8 Kauai                                              88.99
9 Maui                                               88.59
10 Galápagos                                      88.22

The Top 10 Best Hotels

1 Singita Grumeti Reserves (Sasakwa Lodge, Sabora Tented Camp, Faru Faru Lodge), Serengeti National Park, Tanzania   98.44
2 Singita Sabi Sand (Ebony Lodge, Boulders Lodge, Castleton Camp), Sabi Sand Wildtuin, South Africa                    97.95
3 Royal Malewane, Kruger Area, South Africa           97.88
4 ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya Game Parks                       97.71 Debut
5 Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur, India                              97.70
6 Triple Creek Ranch, Darby, Montana                      97.10
7 Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi, Chiang Mai, Thailand 97.00
8 Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur, India                                       96.92
9 Kirawira Luxury Tented Camp, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania                                                                       96.71
10 Serengeti Migration Camp, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania                                                                       96.50

The Top 10 Best Large Ship Cruise-Lines

1 Crystal Cruises                               92.45
2 Regent Seven Seas                         90.14
3 Oceania Cruises                             86.42
4 Disney Cruise Line                         85.70
5 Cunard Line                                   84.27
6 Azamara Club Cruises                    82.51
7 Celebrity Cruises                            81.92
8 Holland America Line                    81.29
9 Royal Caribbean International        80.28
10 Princess Cruises                          79.81

The Top 10 Best Family Hotels in U.S. & Canada

1 Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, Orlando                 95.72
2 Sanderling Resort & Spa, Duck, North Carolina 94.44
3 Beaver Creek Lodge, Beaver Creek                           93.85
4 Eliot Hotel, Boston                                                    93.75
5 Four Seasons Resort, Jackson Hole, Wyoming            93.64
6 Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch, Beaver Creek, Colorado 93.48
7 Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa, Jackson Hole       93.33
8 Disney's Wilderness Lodge, Orlando                          93.21
9 Sagamore Resort, Adirondacks, New York                93.10
10 Grand Wailea, Maui                                                93.09

The Top Ten Best Spas

1 Sofitel Queenstown Hotel and Spa, New Zealand 98.93 Debut
2 Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans                                 98.00 Debut
3 Couples Tower Isle, Jamaica                              97.67
4 Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Rome 96.92 Debut
5 Omni Bedford Springs Resort, Pennsylvania       96.50 Debut
6 Couples Sans Souci, St. Mary, Jamaica              95.86
7 Discovery Shores, Boracay, Phillippines            95.63 Debut
8 Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok                             95.35
9 Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris                  95.33
10 St. Regis Hotel, Singapore                              95.23 Debut

Why Does Foreign Tourists Prefer Thailand Over Philippines?



            There are more than 3 million foreign tourists visited Philippines last 2008 while Thailand had more than 14 million tourists flocking to the land of the free. Thailand even attract celebrities and big personalities to visit and even stay in Thailand like Hollywood stars, world leaders, athletes and other celebrities and they even make it their permanent home. So it came as a puzzle to me that the Philippines has as much beautiful places as Thailand if we say natural awesome landscapes and beaches. I found three reasons why tourists still choose Thailand over Philippines.

1. Aggressive Promotional Campaigns. Thailand spends millions or maybe even billions in promoting tourism in their bejeweled paradise. Thailand has enough tourism ads in major news and media networks around including the likes of CNN, BBC, NBC, etc. They also offer excellent travel packages, discounts and other promotional offers it can afford to bring influx of tourists to their country which makes tourism a major industry that sustains their robust economy.

2. Government. Thailand has one of the most effective laws that people adhere to and follow it faithfully. The laws are well implemented and respected by most people. Thais are well disciplined people and maintains cleanliness and neatness around the country. They avoid committing crimes as much possible because harsh penalty awaits those who stain themselves with crimes. Bureaucratic corruption has been lessen tremendously and business friendly laws attract huge foreign investments.

3. Attitude or Personality of the Citizens. Thais are friendly, loving, honest and very kind to anyone contrary to some of the Filipinos. Although Filipinos are naturally honest, kind and friendly people but some who are jack of all trades who knew any petty crimes to high profile crimes who at some point went loose elsewhere doing their nasty jobs to gain their selfish desires. Crimes ranges from pickpocketing and snatchers to big time drug syndicates and burglaries proliferate tarnishing the image and reputation of the country. Plus people are backbiters, gossipers who habitually watch one another maliciously everyday of their life and they are plastic or fake too because they seems friendly and nice when in front of a person but they stab the person treacherously when it turns its back. In other words, they are traitor. I think ignorance and stupidity contributes to this worse attitude. Well on the other hand, Thais who rarely or never exhibits ill manner are well loved and respected by foreign tourists and they love to stay after visiting the country.


4. Hotels, Places to Stay, Accommodations and Perks. If you go to Thailand, hundreds of travel agency will give you a thousand options where to stay and how to enjoy your stay in Thailand. In every interesting cities and places in Thailand like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Krabi, Phi Phi Islands each will offer you a thousand and one ways to stay and have fun which ranges from over expensive to super cheap or affordable and also there are thousand options there to have fun, relax and enjoy your moment. Aside from the coolest perks they offer, you are also given the coolest deals and discounts so they could entice more tourists and visitors and encourage their friends to come to Thailand. Philippines missed BIG TIME on this one.

            The only barrier of Thailand of tapping its full potential is language. If they really want to enjoy the benefits of tourists arrival, they should invest more in learning the English language and only then well they can gain more and more tourists every year. On the other hand, Philippines has a lot of things to learn about Thailand and be inspired by Thais. Ignorance, pride and stupidity are the Filipinos slaves which chained and locked them in their misery. If they want change, they should eradicate ignorance and illiteracy and try so hard to swallow the pride and humbly submit themselves to changes and openness. Else, maybe they want to mass execute all the ignorant, stupid and pride guilty people in the country so as not to spoil the rest of the decent ones.