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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Worshipping Dionisia Pacquiao As A Goddess and Most Important Personality

Leading media networks in the Philippines is not only sensationalizing the overhyped news about Manny Pacquiao everyday but they also deliver gaudy reporting about the mother of the very popular boxer and a national hero of the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao’s mother who is the fiftysomething, gawky and grotesque Dionisia Pacquiao. They exploited much of her life from her family background to her current stature as a wealthy mother of a boxer – almost every detail of her including events happening and affecting her that they are short of reporting her urine and fecal. The main goal of their irresponsible journalism is, of course, obvious – to partake a share of Manny Pacquiao’s wealth or to let them a part or involved in their network and businesses. The media networks also want to portray Dionisia Pacquiao as a goddess and important personality that world leaders and heads of state including Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth II, Nicolas Sarkozy,Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Angela Merkel Hu Jintao, PM Kevin Rudd, Stephen Harper, Silvio Berlusconi etc. should worship and pay homage to her to establish her reputation and stature. No wonder why comedians and other noted international celebrities made the country their subject of mockery, ridicule and underestimation because what they’re doing are really ridiculous and humiliating and they should not blame others for their own doings. If they just have a little respect for privacy of others and be responsible enough for their information and news gathering – they should’ve gained that for themselves and earned a good reputation. Now I’m thinking, do they deserve another international recognition for doing such irresponsible and malicious acts.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Sims 3 Images and Their Stories Behind

The dating couple's night view of the picturesque town!

The gay guy is leap into arms by his soldier boyfriend and they are very happy in eath other's arms.

The two guys are reading in the library acquiring skills needed for sustenance.

They cuddle and sweet talk while the soldier is still in his uniform and with his boots on.

The romantic gays passionate kiss at their garden. It is their public display of affection.

My Sims 3 Images and Their Stories Behind

Torrid kissing they express their passion of love

Hot kiss by the gay guys

This evil person a driver is starving to death

Observation deck view of the town early morning.

Hot romance of the hot couple

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Sims 3 Images and the Stories Behind

Just enjoy the party while it is there.

Her sister is about to plant a vegetable needed for their kitchen and food.

This lady is about to go to the bathroom for this unbearable weight of the iron bars

Sleeping with his boots on so hot but can be comfortable if he feels thingy about it.

Man, those boots are so hot I know what to do with it and the guy on those boots on!

My Sims 3 Images and the Stories Behind

This soldier is resting after a day's sweat of drill and operations.

The scenic view of the small town at night. Imagine how picturesque is the beauty of this thriving seaport town.

The gay couples are sweet, sexy, good looking and happy that they are really made for each other. Compatible soul mates!

The gay couple is having a fun time cuddling in front of the television.

This gay guy is about to leap into arms won his boyfriend's arms. He is so in love with his boyfriend that he will do anything crazy just to show his affection.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Points of View

     The next administration which presumably be Aquino's administration should call for a Charter Change that would give unlimited opportunities and great developments to the countryside particularly Visayas and Mindanao because major foreign investments, business opportunities and billion dollars of infrastructure, architecture and urban development are just being done in Metro Manila areas and Luzon and hapless Visayas and Mindanao are left in the dust. If no action is being taken to ensure a tremendous opportunities to the people and a great progress to the provinces in Visayas and Mindanao and if it doesn't carried out well,there will be a renewed call for a new independent country of a Visayas-Mindanao republic and we will make sure it will happen this time. We are seriously thinking about it and are really pursuing and convincing Visayas and Mindanao public officials and ordinary citizens for that ultimate goal of being an independent country separate from National Capital Region and Luzon.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Sims 3 Images and the Stories behind

         These gay couple are having fun chatting and dancing!

Now what shall you do now that you are trapped with the alarm?

The burglar is uneasy and disturb he dont know what to do until he is caught by the police

The ghost is running home!

The baby well turn into a kid ready for pre school upon reaching a certain age on his birthday!

Sims 3 Images and The Stories Behind

Wow the cereal is in the circle of his hand.

This adult is chatting with his friend while carrying the baby on his shoulder. It is an important call for an event that he must attend to solidify his campaign for a cause!

The baby is tired playing he never reached his crib then pass out.

This guy is happy singing songs praising!

The baby is having a birthday!

My Sims 3 Images and the Stories Behind

The babies enjoy storytelling...

Each of the siblings takes turn in storytelling the babies..

Everyone is happy for the birthday

The child is about to have a birthday and will turn into a child ready for preschool...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Last Words of Respect To The Caveman

      He lives through the gory of caverns or dusty dugouts he made for shelter. He lives without the comforts of a chair or bed and doesn’t even own a television, telephone or computer and is disconnected to the rest of the world – yet through a simple 19th century lifestyle living remotely and reclusive he found solace, serenity and happiness, and is also a key factor for his longevity. Times change and even his loved ones abandoned him still he lives in contentment and he rarely goes to church however he frequents reading the Bible. I admire his simplicity but his awkwardness prevents other people to stay with him giving him a solitary life and he also proves us that anyone can survive and live through the harsh and ever changing world today independently on their own. He teaches us not to be afraid of the future, of growing old and being alone because no matter what, strong and fighting spirit will ever be triumphant over adversity and oddity. I salute and honor you, Richard “The Caveman” Zimmerman of Idaho for living a simple yet dignified living. Here’s my toast and respect to you.