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Friday, September 28, 2012

Miss Earth Fiasco: What Is Happening?

Miss Earth Official Logo 

               Inasmuch as I want to defend and be proud of this pageant not only because it is our own but because it has a unique campaign for Mother Earth and the environment, I don't have enough strength and face to promote this pageant these days for its sleazy, tacky, tasteless and effortless conduct and organizing of this annual beauty pageant for nature. Miss Earth Foundation lack of professionalism, ethics, and discipline caused the chaos and mess of this pageant.
            In any activities, events or circumstances this pageant is facing, no official statements are coming from the foundation itself regarding the pageant as a sign of formality, declaration or affirmation of such undertakings. Everyone just go on each of its own, things just happen the way it is without any words from the foundation or creator of the pageant. The lack of dexterity, tenacity, conduct of discipline and knowledge which jeopardizes Miss Earth and often led to failures. For example, the supposed hosting of the pageant by some countries like Chile, Thailand, Vietnam and now, Indonesia which at the last minute decided to transfer it back to the home base, the Philippines due to lack feasibility study, observations and strict adherence to guidelines. Indonesia is a conservative Muslim country which prohibits women from showing some skin yet Miss Earth did not foresee this and grant that country the rights to host the competition only to back out at the last minute. I think these countries pay nothing to Miss Earth Foundation to host the competition for as long as they can organize and conduct it. Hosting of the pageant I think is VIRTUALLY FREE. This maybe the reason why it is easy for countries to back out at the last minute like Vietnam which already hosted the pageant in 2010. It is a shame for this pageant to have lots of countries backing out to host Miss Earth at the last minute. I think this is the ONLY beauty pageant in the world where there are lots of back outs in hosting. Miss Universe this year, although have a hard time looking for a suitable venue for this year's competition, never released an official statement or press release from themselves or to any other third party without verifying, validating and confirming any information including but not limited to hosting of the competition. Miss Earth doesn't release any official statement until a third party released a statement regarding the pageant only to recant and take back their early statements and apologize. Isn't it a shame, embarrassing and disappointing not only with fans or enthusiasts but most especially to the scourge of its bitter haters. It is deemed insulting and also loses reputation and credibility which accounts for the lose of interests from other people, entities, organizations and institutions. What is more depressing is the poor organizing or conduct of the competition by the organizers or owners of the pageant. The finals night is a crap, lacks prestige and high tech high end equipment, the coverage is NOT in HD Quality - so tacky and outdated and they call themselves as the third biggest beauty pageant in the world. The winner looks like she is not being taken cared of by the pageant and she goes on her own after her winning. She goes to different places only to plant trees no other worthy causes for the environment. The lack of professionalism in this pageant roots from the lack of strict adherence to guidelines, rules and regulations that govern the beauty pageant and the foundation itself. At the Miss Earth 2010 in Vietnam, some contestants like Ukraine back out from Miss Earth only to be replaced by another contestant that was way too late into the competition that they never competed in preliminary competitions which is the basis for the semifinalists who will make the cut. Strictly speaking, replacement is prohibited during the competition and any replacement would be disqualified to compete else she will be accepted as a friendly non competing delegate. Ironically, the replacement of Miss Ukraine who never competed in the preliminaries made it as a semifinalist. How did she made it as a semifinalist without even competing?  This pageant is a failure. All I can recommend is for this owner and founding group to hand over this important pageant to anyone who can handle this pageant seriously, strictly and beautifully not the way the present organizers are doing to this pageant. However, due to the importance of this pageant and also the contestants which will be put into consideration, I will monitor this pageant and pick my own bets and favorites to win this title this year.
          By the way this is the official statement of the Miss Indonesia Earth Foundation regarding the transfer of Miss Earth 2012 back to Manila.

Miss Indonesia Earth Foundation OfficiaL Facebook Page - Official Statement

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Philippines Most Beautiful Provincial Capitols Part 1

1. Maguindanao

2. Sultan Kudarat 


4. Zamboanga de Sibugay 

5. Sarangani 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Philippines Most Beautiful Provincial Capitols

6. Cebu 

                                                 7. Leyte


9. Negros Occidental 

10. Iloilo