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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sunrise and Sunset In The Horizon

I'm wounded, bleeding, groping in pain and yet sorrow and grief accompany my injury. I'm like an innocent yearling about to be sheared, to be slaughtered. I'm like a soul floating in the chilly winds of uncharted horizons, like the dust troubling itself in the long winding road. Yet my spirit is being lifted by a pure heavenly soul. I feel like I'm traversing from the blood and tears of the fiery hell to the realms of uncertainty of purgatory to the gates of boundless mercy, affection and happiness of heaven. Paradise and ultimate joy is in sight but still far to come yet I keep on moving, I keep on walking until I reach it and finally come to my final destination where I can see my life, live and spend my life and until my life on earth is over. Life for me is a constant struggle, struggling towards an ultimate goal, despite the hardships and difficulties and most often than not, risk or danger is at stake wherever you go. But I'm familiar with it because I live with it and that will equip me as I journey life.

I see myself doing lots of things I wish to do, a nomad traveling places from all corners of the world and as my hair turns to grey, my skin wrinkled, my hands and legs are shaking, my sight is blur and a barely audible hearing, I see myself sitting on a warm sofa chair on the balcony of a house on the top of a cliff facing a vast ocean. I am looking on a spot as far as my eyes can see thinking the beautiful memories of the past and also the joys of the last moments of my life. And as I'm about to close my eyes, the last thing I see is the person I love the most and my lips is brimming with smile!