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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Miss International 2014 Pre-Arrival Picks

         The 54th edition of Miss International will be held on November 11, 2014 at the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa in Tokyo, Japan. Seventy-seven (77) contestants from around the world will compete for the much coveted crown of Miss Internationl 2014. The reigning Miss International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago of the Philippines will crown her successor at the end of the event. 
         Meanwhile, before the ladies hit the stage and compete for the title, photos of the contestants surfaced on the web and the pageant fans and pundits including me cannot help but make their own favorites or bets for the crown before their arrival and even before they compete. Here is my own list of pre-arrival favorites for the crown. These ladies, whose timeless and effortless beauty, natural elegance and personality in the pictures captured my attention most. So here goes my early favorites for Miss International 2014!

 1. Netherlands - Shauny Bult

 2. Russia - Alina Rekko

 3. Philippines - Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti

 4. United Kingdom - Victoria Tooby

 5. Guyana - Ruqayyah Boyer

 6. Mexico - Vianey Vazquez Ramirez

 7. Puerto Rico - Valerie Hernandez Matias

 8. India - Jhataleka Malhotra

 9. Slovakia - Lucia Semankova

 10. Israel - Shani Hazan

 11. Dominican Republic - Barbara Santana

 12. Georgia - Inga Tsaturiani

 13. Romania - Anca Francesca Neculaiasa

 14. Thailand - Punika Kulsoontornrut

 15. Hungary - Dalma Karman

 16. Bolivia - Joselyn Toro Leigue

 17. Colombia - Zuleika Kiara Suarez

 18. Panama - Aileen Bernal

 19. Denmark - Josefine Emilie Egebjerg

 20. Costa Rica - Melania Gonzalez

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Friday, October 17, 2014

The Sims 4 Traits Compatibility


The Sims 4 has a lots of new additional skills, traits and the all-new aspirations to complete throughout your Sims lifetime. In my honest opinion, here are the compatible and ideal aspirations and careers for every traits in The Sims 4: 


35 Personality Traits

Emotional Traits

Active – Athletic Aspiration, Deviance Aspiration, Astronaut Career, Criminal Career, Motor Skill

Cheerful – Aspirations: Creativity, Family, Love, Popularity, Social
Career: Culinary, Entertainer, Painter, Writer, Babysitter, Barista, Fast Food and Retail Employee

Creative – Aspirations: Creativity, Food, Knowledge, Nature, Popularity, Mental, Social 
Careers: Culinary, Entertainer, Painter, Writer, Manual Labor

Genius – Aspirations: Creativity, Deviance, Fortune, Knowledge, Nature, Mental 
Careers: Astronaut, Criminal, Entertainer, Painter, Secret Agent, Tech Guru, Writer,

Gloomy – Aspirations: Creativity, Deviance, Popularity, Social 
Careers: Criminal, Entertainer, Painter, Secret Agent, Writer

Goofball – Aspirations: Family, Love, Popularity 
Careers: Entertainer, Painter, Writer

Hot-Headed – Aspirations: Athletic, Creativity, Deviance, Fortune 
Careers: Criminal, Entertainer, Painter, Secret Agent, Writer

Romantic – Aspirations: Creativity, Family, Love, Popularity 
Careers: Entertainer, Painter, Writer

Self Assured – Aspirations: Creativity, Deviance, Family, Food, Fortune, Knowledge, Love, Nature, Popularity 
Careers: Criminal, Entertainer, Secret Agent, Tech Guru

Hobby Traits

Art Lover – Aspirations: Creativity, Food, Nature, Popularity 
Careers: Entertainer, Painter, Writer

Bookworm – Aspirations: All 
Careers: All

Foodie – Aspiration: Food 
Career: Culinary, Barista, Fast food

Geek – Aspiration: Creativity, Deviance, Knowledge, Nature, Mental 
Careers: Astronaut, Criminal, Entertainer, Painter, Secret Agent, Tech Guru

Music Lover – Aspiration: Creativity, Knowledge, Popularity 
Careers: Entertainer, Painter, Writer

Perfectionist – Aspiration: All  
Careers: All

Lifestyle Traits

Ambitious – Aspiration: Creativity, Deviance, Family, Fortune, Knowledge, Nature, Popularity / Careers: All

Childish - Aspiration: Family, Popularity 
Careers: Any

Clumsy – Aspiration: Any 
Career: Any

Glutton – Aspiration: Food 
Career: Culinary, Barista, Fast Food

Insane – Aspiration: Creativity, Deviance, Fortune, Knowledge, Popularity 
Careers: Criminal, Painter, Writer

Lazy – Aspiration: Entertainer, Family, Knowledge, Love, Nature, Popularity 
Careers: Entertainer, Tech Guru, Writer

Loves Outdoors – Aspiration: Athletic, Creativity, Deviance, Knowledge, Nature, Popularity  Careers: All

Materialistic – Aspiration: Fortune  
Career: Criminal, Secret Agent

Neat – Aspiration: Any 
Career: Any          

Slob - Aspiration: Any 
Career: Any

Snob – Aspiration: Deviance, Entertainer, Fortune, Nature 
Careers: Criminal, Painter, Secret Agent

Social Traits

Bro – Aspiration: Athletic, Creativity, Family, Love 
Careers: Criminal, Entertainer, Secret Agent, Tech Guru

Evil – Aspiration: Deviance 
Careers: Criminal, Secret Agent

Family-Oriented – Aspiration: Family 
Career: ALL

Good – Aspiration: All except Deviance     
Career: ALL except Criminal and Villain Branch of Secret Agent

Hates Children – Aspiration: All except Family 
Career: ALL

Loner – Aspiration: ALL except Popularity 
Career: Astronaut, Painter, Writer

Mean – Aspiration: Deviance 
Career: Criminal, Villain Branch Of Secret Agent

Noncommittal – Aspiration: ALL 
Career: None

Outgoing – Aspiration: Creativity, Family, Love, Popularity  
Careers: Culinary, Entertainer, Secret Agent

Photo Source:


Monday, October 13, 2014

Valerie Weigmann Is Miss World Philippines 2014!

Valerie Weigmann of Albay was crowned Miss World Philippines 2014 by Miss World 2013 Megan Young

Miss World 2013 Megan Young with the Miss World Philippines 2014 Winners 

Stunning Valerie Weigmann in an airy and flowy evening gown

Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay, Metro Manila – It was as historic as it was a momentous event. 24 year-old Filipino-German-Danish Valerie Weigmann from Daraga, Albay was crowned as Miss World Philippines 2014 at a glittering event held at Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, Metro Manila Sunday, October 12 and was crowned by the reigning Miss World 2013 and Miss World Philippines 2013 Megan Young. It was a grand celebration and tribute to Megan Young as the first Filipina woman to become Miss World. Weigmann beats 25 other contestants to win the title and earned the right to represent the Philippines at the Miss World 2014 in London, England on December 14. The 1st runner up went to Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental native Lorraine Kendrickson, 2nd runner up is Tarlac, Nelda Ibe, 3rd runner up is California, Nicole Kim Donesa, 4th runner up is Camarines Sur, Rachel Louise Peters. Miss Photogenic goes to Tarlac, Nelda Ibe and Miss Congeniality or Friendship award is a tie between Davao del Sur, Kristine Angeli Estoque and Aklan, Christine Balaguer. Valerie Weigmann is a model, businesswoman and television host. She was a former housemate of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus and is widely known as the host of the noontime variety show, Eat Bulaga!

Miss World Philippines 2014 – Valerie Weigmann – Albay

1st runner-up – Lorraine Kendrickson – Negros Oriental

2nd runner-up – Nelda Ibe – Tarlac

3rd runner-up – Nicole Donesa – California (representing the Filipino Community West Coast U.S.)

4th runner-up – Rachel Louise Peters – Camarines Sur

Top 13 Semifinalists 

Aklan – Christine Balaguer

Albay – Ina Dominica Guerrero

Bataan – Kimberly Pajero

Cebu – Gazini Christiana Ganados

Davao del Sur – Kristine Angeli Estoque

Pennsylvania – Alexa Rae Kirby (representing Filipino community in East Coast U.S.)

Major Special Awards
Best in Long Gown           Albay              Valerie Weigmann
Best in Swimwear             Albay              Valerie Weigmann
Best in Fashion Runway*  Albay              Valerie Weigmann
Miss Sports                    Negros Oriental    Lorraine Kendrickson
Miss Photogenic*            Tarlac             Nelda Ibe
Miss Friendship (tie)         Aklan            Christine Balaguer
                             Davao del Sur    Kristine Angeli Estoque

Best in Talent             La Union          Jean Marie Feliciano

* Automatic Top 13 semifinalist

Minor Sponsors Awards

Miss World Camsur        Albay            Valerie Weigmann
Miss Solaire                   Albay              Valerie Weigmann
Miss Figlia                     Albay              Valerie Weigmann
Jessie Mendez Salon Ambassador   Albay Valerie Weigmann
Miss Reducin                Albay              Valerie Weigmann
Miss Bluewater Day Spa   Albay              Valerie Weigmann
Miss Bench                      Albay              Valerie Weigmann
Miss Olay                        Albay              Valerie Weigmann
Miss Hana                      Albay              Valerie Weigmann
Miss Sun Cellular*         Zambales        Kimberly Anne Sarreal
Yahoo Readers' Choice  Camarines Sur  Rachel Louise Peters
Miss Alluring                 Camarines Sur  Rachel Louise Peters
Miss Organique               Tarlac               Nelda Ibe


Mikael Daez – actor, host
Janine Gutierrez – actress, host 
Tim Yap – host
Gwendoline Ruais – Miss World 2011 1st runner up


Jonalyn Viray
Aicelle Santos
Maricris Garcia

Photo Courtesy Of:  

Rappler.com courtesy of Mark Cristino