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Monday, January 23, 2012

Dinagyang Festival 2012 List Of Winners

          For the second time, Tribu Pan-ay of Fort San Pedro National High School defended their title and once again emerged as the over-all champion of the world famous Dinagyang Festival 2012 on a joyous, festive celebration marked by a sudden conflagration that gutted down more than a hundred houses and lasted for several hours.
       Aside from the top prize, Tribu Pan-ay also collected several special awards from opening salvo to the main competition awards like Music, Performance, Choreography. 1st runner-up went to Tribu Lunok of Iloilo City National High School, 2nd runner-up went to Tribu Ilonganon of Jalandoni Memorial National High School, 3rd runner-up went to Tribu Paghidaet of Lapaz National High School and 4th runner-up went to Tribu Atub-atub of Brgy. Veterans Village.
       Dinagyang Festival competition which was started in 1970 is the only Philippine festival that has an official mascot named Dagoy and goes on a world tour in promoting not just the festival but also the Philippines as a tourist destination. Last year 2011, the winning tribe, Tribu Pan-ay went on to perform in New York City and other neighboring U.S. cities for the Philippine Independence Day event sponsored by the Filipino community there. This year, the winner will hopefully travel to Guam to perform as per invitation of the governor of Guam.

The List of Winners Including Those From Other Events is as follows:

Tambor Trumpa Martsa Musika Drum and Lyre Corps Competition:

Champion - Alimodian Central Elementary School Drum and Lyre Corps

2nd Place - Dingle Central Elementary School Drum and Lyre Corps
3rd Place - Rizal Elementary School

Kasadyahan Regional Cultural Competition

CHAMPION - Salakayan Festival (Miag-ao, Iloilo)

1st Runner-up - Tribu Mandaragat, Binirayan Festival (Antique)
2nd Runner-up - Sinulog sang Urakon Festival (Guimaras)
3rd Runner-up - Sinadya Sa Halaran Festival (Capiz)
4th Runner-up - Tribu Maragtas (WVSU, Iloilo)

Dinagyang Festival Ati Street Dance Competition

Special Awards

Opening Salvo

Best In Costume - Tribu Pan-ay

Best In Discipline - Tribu Pan-ay 
Best In Performance - Tribu Pan-ay

Contest Proper

Special Awards

Best In Street Dance - Tribu Lunok
Best In Discipline - Tribu Paghidaet
Best Costume Designer - Tribu Pan-ay
Best In Head Dress - Tribu Paghidaet
Best Musical Director - Tribu Pan-ay
Best Choreographer - Romel Flogen, Tribu Pan-ay

Minor Awards

Best In Music - Tribu Pan-ay
Best In Choreography - Tribu Pan-ay
Best In Performance - Tribu Pan-ay

Major Awards
Champion – Tribu Pan-ay (Fort San Pedro National High School)
1st Runner Up – Tribu Lunok (Iloilo City National High School)
2nd Runner Up – Tribu Ilonganon (Jalandoni Memorial National High School)
3rd Runner Up – Tribu Paghidaet (La Paz National High School)
4th Runner Up – Tribu Atub-Atub (Brgy. Veterans Village, Jaro Iloilo City)

Tribu Pan-ay, Dinagyang Festival 2012 Champion

Tribu Lunok, Dinagyang Festival 2012 1st runner-up

Tribu Ilonganon, Dinagyang Festival 2012 2nd runner-up

Tribu Paghidaet, Dinagyang Festival 2012 3rd runner-up

Dinagyang Festival Official Theme Song

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dinagyang Festival 2012 and Live Stream Links

Make #Dinagyang2013 a WORLDWIDE TREND on Twitter this coming January 27, Thanks!
          Once again, the city of Iloilo is all set for its world renowned annual festival which will take place on January 21-22, 2012 showcasing the best talents from Iloilo City and across the Western Visayas region. On Saturday, January 21 will be the Kasadyahan festival which will see the best festivals around Western Visayas region competing for the top plum of Kasadyahan Festival which will also feature non competing tribes performing for the show like Ati-atihan Festival of Kalibo, Aklan, MassKara Festival of Bacolod City, Negros Occidental and a group from West Visayas State University.
         The highlights of the festivities will be on Sunday, January 22 for the Dinagyang Ati Tribe competition. Dubbed as the "Battle of the Champions" will see 13 competing tribes, most of which are former champions and a defending champion to compete for the coveted title as the festival's best!
            Dinagyang is an annual festival celebration in honor of Santo Niño held every fourth Sunday of January. Dinagyang started in 1966 with a religious activity honoring the little child Jesus or what we call Santo Niño. In 1967, the replica of the original Sto. Niño was brought to Iloilo City from Cebu. The first Ati tribal dance competition took place in 1970 with Madjapahit Tribe of Compania Maritima winning the first title. The word Dinagyang came from the root word "dagyang" which means merrymaking and was first coined by the late broadcaster Pacifico Sudario in 1977 to mark the start of the festivities. Since then, the festival gained popularity and fame throughout the world getting the attention of the foreign media such as CNN, BBC, National Geographic Channel, MSNBC, TV Asahi of Japan and television stations from Germany and Hong Kong starting in 1998 and 1999 to cover the Dinagyang Festival for their own viewers and also make some souvenir calendars of their respective companies. Learn more about Dinagyang at Dinagyang Festival Official Website
            The overall winner of Dinagyang Festival makes a world tour to promote the festival. Last year, Tribu Pan-ay of San Pedro National High School, Ft. San Pedro, Iloilo, winner of Dinagyang Festival 2011 performed in the United States in cities like New York, Philadelphia and New Jersey to celebrate the Philippine Independence Day of the Filipino community in US.
             Dinagyang Festival will be on Sunday, January 22 from 7am - 12 noon (Philippine Time). Live streaming will vary and some will start an hour or 2 later. Live streaming of the event can be watch here: Habagat Central Live Streaming of Dinagyang 2012 LIVE at Iloilo Sports Complex The Daily Guardian Live Streaming 

Of Dinagyang Festival 2012 Watch Dinagyang 2012 at Choose Philippines website and TFCNow Live Streaming of Dinagyang 2012

OMG Yahoo! Co-Founder Jerry Yang Left Company Share Your Wealth With Me

                Just few days ago, Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo! with David Filo left the company he built up and loved for more than 17 years. Yang also served in the company's board of directors since March 1995. The original name of Yahoo! is "Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web"
          Yang owns 3.6 percent stake of the Sunnyvale, California-based company. A controversial Microsoft buyout was rejected by the company on January, 2009. I hope Jerry Yang let me share some of his wealth or maybe work with Yahoo.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Worst Place Of People Doing Evil

              There is a a worst place where evil people lives. Kabukya (real name withheld) is a small town where some worthless, hopeless, desperate people constantly do evils every day annoying, pestering,disturbing and even destroying people's lives due to envy, jealousy and hate and most especially in the where some evil masters the worst of its kind live. There are lots of men who are drug addicts and under the influence of heavy drugs. They are either drug pushers or drug users. You will know about them if they make annoying noise anytime of the day and a caravan of motorcycles plying during the night. They are also trouble makers sometimes, killing, shooting and fighting with other people. Some old bastards are making noise in Dak St. (real name withheld). and a legitimate mentally young woman is wrecking havoc dragging everyone to be as insane as she is. They always make sure to find ways to envy and always finds a reason to hate people, too. They always make some very loud noises just to get the attention of others and you can easily recognize them. If they cannot make noise, they throw insults, eavesdropping evil words, cursing, ranting, berating and embarrass or harass people. They rejoices and easily believes in anything bad, evil or crappy ideas, events or situations but hardly believes in anything good instead they are easily angered and bitter to any good things that they take their wrath on other people by harming both physically or emotionally. They worship Satan and the devil's deity. In fact, some people already sold their souls to Satan long time ago.
             Some people in Manila, Makati and surrounding cities, on the other hand, are so jerk, envious, insecure and desperate that if you forgot about their evil ways for a long time they will remind you of it by annoying and insulting you in an attempt to distract you and harm you emotionally. These are mostly girls who are working in call centers mostly smoking, drinking or has some vices, in the media, Philippines male and female celebrities like actors and actresses and prominent figures like in the politics. They look so pathetic that if you don't mind them they will do anything to get your attention like eavesdropping. They are sarcastic, discriminating, belittling and even saying stupid or dumb to people so easy while they look good on themselves as perfect and flawless with no traces of mistakes or stupidity. In short, they say anything bad about a person when it is completely inappropriate and non-sense for those particular people.
They react harshly on things they don't know. They behave frantically, irrationally and without reason - peculiar and the worst retarded people on earth showcase their unusual behavior or acts like nobody else in the world except the untouched, uncivilized and most remote tribes around the corners of the world in which the people of this town and some places in the Philippines can be categorized with this kind of tribes or group of people. I curse those people and places so bad with a fiery thought on mind that evil must come to an end and I prayed that me and my loved ones will be protected and be saved from these evil people doing Satanic acts and behaviors and also I prayed that I have to leave these places as soon as possible to be saved from the chastisement and punishment that will come upon on these places and people.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What An Exciting Year and I Am Excited To Live In Europe!

London, England

Innsbruck, Austria

Geneva, Switzerland

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sicily, Italy

           What an exciting and auspicious year and I know there are exciting journeys and events that will happen this year. I am also looking forward to work and live permanently in Europe hoping there will be a lucrative job offer there by anyone or by private companies. I will also be working on new blog this year about travel, anything about it, including reviews. Any Europeans or Europe-based companies who has job openings for me that lead you to my blog and reading this article, I encourage you to contact me and hope this will bring good relationship, foster friendship between us. Thank you very much!