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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Ugliest Miss World Winners

The Miss World pageant is a 70-year-old pageant that was founded by the Morley couple - Eric and Julia Morley a competition for the most beautiful woman in the world. The beauty contest is mostly held in London, United Kingdom from its inception in 1951 until 1987 and since then various locations around the world has hosted the event. 

Although most of the winners of this contest are really beautiful and standout winners in their respective years, no beauty pageant is perfect and Miss World is no exception. There are years when the chosen winner is not the standard definition of what we call conventionally beautiful and gorgeous but as some pageant makes some excuses that beauty has evolved and not just the physical attributes of a woman should be the standard in selecting the ultimate winner. While we may agree that beauty has evolved let us be reminded that physical attributes including beautiful face and body should still be one of the criteria because that is one of the reasons why people glued to their television, admire and are inspired by this contest from the very beginning until now so beauty contest should not negate too far from this one. There are some reasons why these not so pretty winners are selected including being a former British colony, a fellow European country, or even places with British interests are just some of the factors why they are chosen to wear the blue crown. These hideous winners sometimes are just headscratchers while some generate some harsh reactions, incite debate and discussions, or worse spark outrage, fury, and yield to scandals and controversies that last for years. The beauty contest itself is boring - the format is boring, the criteria for selection of the semifinalists and winners are confusing and shrouded in mystery, skepticism, and cynicism plus there are no real criteria in the finals crowning in selecting the finalists and eventual winner and most of all the entire final show is a snoozefest it bored me to tears but what is ridiculous is that many countries are participating in this contest because of its cheap franchise fee and participation and just to have fun and enjoy the places and the activities of the contest.  

The selections were based on the time they won the pageant not what they become after the pageant so whatever they become after it is not included in the selection and description as the matter of fact the very nature of the beauty pageant itself is in the name and physical characteristics and attributes as one of the original criteria for the selection of the winner and it should not be taken away from the concept of beauty pageant however the contest has evolved nowadays since it is one of the main reasons why people are still admiring beauty pageants and watching either live on the venue itself or on their television.

Only one disclaimer though – I don’t mean to offend anyone most especially pageant lovers and fanatics of their respective beauty queens but this is just my opinion and this is my perception as beauty is visible to the naked eye but still, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Here are some of the selected ugliest winners in Miss World history which became infamous and controversial over time:


22. 1991 - Ninibeth Leal (Venezuela) 

The 20-year-old flat face which looks like it was shaped by a bulldozer and whose mouth is as wide as that of a barracuda won the title in 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia the first time it was held in the United States. I am not sure if Ninibeth Leal would be the deserving Miss World winner that year knowing that there are far more stunning women in the competition than her.

21. 1978 - Silvana Suarez (Argentina) 

I find nothing special with this girl who is a head-scratcher for me and looks dull, boring and uninspiring and I wonder what Eric Morley is thinking for choosing this woman as the most beautiful woman in the world in 1978 except that the Falklands Island which is a British colony since 1833 was invaded by Argentine military forces in 1982 which Argentina lay claims on until now as a show of favor to ease the tension between the two countries who lay claim and interests on the islands.

20. 1997 - Diana Hayden (India) 

She is another skinny and ordinary peasant-looking woman from a very remote poor village who was shockingly elected to be the prettiest woman in the world in 1997 held in the exotic island of Seychelles. There is only one reason I can think of this happen is that India is a former colony of Great Britain for almost a hundred years and we all know Miss World and the Morley couple mostly favored former colonies and territories, European countries, and other places which the British have an interest on to win on their Miss World pageant.

19. 1975 - Wilnelia Merced (Puerto Rico) 

Merced looks like a transgender drag queen slash whore so I was so surprised why she won this contest. She deserved to be in a brothel or any place in the red light district not in a beauty pageant.

18. 2009 - Kaiane Aldorino (Gibraltar) 

Another plain jane won in 2009 in the person of Kaiane Aldorino from Gibraltar. Aldorino looks pale, sleepy, boring, uninterested, lousy, and uninspiring before, during, and after the pageant finals upsets everyone when she won over the heavily favored and super stunning and super smart Perla Beltran of Mexico who only ends up 2nd place or 1st runner-up to her. Julia Morley took the chance to favor the British territory south of Spain in the Mediterranean to be crowned the 59th Miss World held in Johannesburg, South Africa that year hosted by the ever boring Steve Douglas, former Miss World 1991 Top 5 and Miss Universe 1992 winner from Namibia Michelle Mclean and the worst of all the ever awkward, humiliating, snoozefest with a ridiculous accent Angela Chow who hosted the show for unprecedented, unbelievably ridiculous several years.

17. 1999 - Yukta Mookhey (India) 

Again the favorite former British colony won this ridiculous pageant with a skinny, bony, and walking skeleton with a large bulging eyes of a bullfrog with Yukta Mookhey, India's third win in just six years and fourth overall. I can't fathom why so many countries participating in this contest when it absolutely plays favoritism and biases not on the contestants' performance oh maybe cheap franchise fee and participation is good enough to see beautiful places.

16. 1992 - Julia Kourotchkina (Russia) 

A Russian silky black hair won the 42nd title of the pageant held for the first time in South Africa in Sun City where 83 of the world's loveliest tried their luck yet the chubby and pufferfish face won the judges and the first crown for Russia.

15. 2005 - Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir (Iceland) 

For the third consecutive year more than a hundred contestants went to Sanya, China also for the third consecutive year of hosting Miss World saw 102 prettiest women on the planet competing for the blue crown shockingly won by this boring, sleepy, snoozefest, uninspiring, lazy and parasitic worm (tapeworm, hookworm) infested woman from Iceland Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir which should have gone to a much more deserving lady say Mexico or Puerto Rico who end up winning 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up respectively. It is surprisingly a competitive year with too many competitive and lovely contestants chasing the dream of becoming a beauty queen titleholder the likes of Italy, Tanzania, Canada, England, India, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Spain, US Virgin Islands, and Australia among others. In due time, fate has bestowed her the karma and she took the fall literally as a video surfaced about her on a beauty contest appearance as a special guest to crown a successor when she awkwardly and humiliatingly fell on her knees with her blue gown with high slit and crown on top of her head toppling to the ground and she looks embarrassed and ridiculous like a lost cause girl and helped by an escort to be on stage and a telltale sign she does not deserve and worthy of the Miss World crown.

14. 1982 - Mariasela Alvarez (Dominican Republic)

Another bland, boring plain jane girl won this contest in 1982 with the then 22-year-old Mariasela Alvarez of the Caribbean island nation of the Dominican Republic. She looks like a peasant primitive girl dressed up hastily and clumsily at the last minute to take part in a beauty contest. I find nothing spectacular in her but most especially in a lackluster edition of this beauty pageant which is only her redeeming factor.

13. 2018 - Vanessa Ponce (Mexico) 

To compensate for one of their biggest blunder in their 68-year old pageant they let this anorexic girl who looks like a chihuahua with her bulging eyes win the Miss World crown in 2018 the then 26-year old Vanessa Ponce. The Miss World Organization could have deservingly crowned the land of mariachi and sombreros on a perfect timing in 2009 with Perla Beltran but instead bestowed the crown, the sash, and the cape to their British colony in southern Spain - a boring and sleepy lazy Gibraltar, Kaiane Aldorino. But I have to admit in 2018 Mexico's Vanessa Ponce is really one of only two deserving contestants to win the title - the other one being France's Maeva Coucke.


12. 1989 - Aneta Kręglicka (Poland) 

The first time Miss World was held outside London, the United Kingdom it did not augur well when it was hosted by Hong Kong with the venue of the finals at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai North district. The eventual winner was 24-year old Aneta Kreglicka from Poland, a skinny skeletal walking woman whose huge bulging eyes pokes out like a bullfrog or a bulldog. She is the first and remains the only Polish woman to win the coveted Miss World crown.

11. 1998 - Linor Abargil (Israel) 

Mahe, Seychelles hosted the event for the second consecutive year and it was a spectacular show. This tiny East African island nation was a gracious host and credited as one of the most beautiful Miss World editions ever with a memorable exotic event and format competition however the brilliance of the show was shut down and eclipsed by the lackluster result with a chubby, unattractive spaghetti hair Linor Abargil, an 18-year old wrestler err contestant who woos the-who inept judges. She was eighteen that year when she won the crown in 1998 but she looks like forty (40) years old. Her only redeeming factor was her dramatic story of being a rape victim-survivor.

10. 1990 - Gina Tolleson (USA) 

The 40th anniversary of Miss World was aptly celebrated in London, United Kingdom toasting the victory of an American woman from Spartanburg, South Carolina Gina Tolleson. She looks like a skinny Ursula of The Little Mermaid or a bitter godmother who turned into a witch and gave Snow White an apple or the bitter witches who were not invited to the baptism of Cinderella. Her mouth is also huge just like the mouth of a barracuda.


9. 1985 - Hólmfríður Karlsdóttir (Iceland) 

Edward Scissorhands' girlfriend won the Miss World 1985 in London, England. The 22-year-old native of Reykjavík, Iceland, Hólmfríður Karlsdóttir has a swollen face that I can compare to an elephant seal and her large mouth is comparable to the mouth of a hippopotamus and her big eyes are as big as the eyes of the tarsiers.

8. 2010 - Alexandria Mills (USA) 

There are so many gorgeous lovely women in America and I can't understand why she was chosen to represent the United States in the 60th edition of Miss World which took place once again in the island resort of Sanya in southern China even more ridiculous was my surprise when she won the title over 114th other more stunning, more gorgeous and more impressive women than her. She looks like an ugly duckling, an ordinary boring college student outcast and reclusive because she is shy and has enochlophobia.

7. 1987 - Ulla Weigerstorfer (Austria) 

The twenty-year-old student from Bad Aussee, Austria Ulla Weigerstorfer beats 77 other stunning contestants to win the Miss World 1987 crown from previous year's winner Gisele Laronde of Trinidad & Tobago. She looks anorexic and malnourished and has not been fed for a year and left to fend for herself. She looks like a Chinese crested dog who likes to bark often starving and hungry for that blue crown. This is another dismal bias year where the Miss World Organization favors its European countries' contestants albeit unworthy and undeserving.

6. 1981 - Pilin Leon (Venezuela) 

This winner really looks fierce as her last name definitely and appropriately describes her. Pilin Leon, an 18-year-old student from Maracay scared and terrified 66 more stunning and lovelier candidates than her with her looks, appearance, and face which looks like a crossbreed of a lion, a tiger, and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. She looks like a ferocious woman who fights back and bites all her haters, detractors, bashers, and bullies alike so no one dared to compete with her let alone question her winning.

5. 2004 - Maria Julia Mantilla (Peru) 

Twenty (20) year-old Trujillo, Peru native Maria Julia Mantilla won the second Miss World title for Peru in the 54th edition of Miss World held in Sanya, China for the third consecutive time besting 106 other hopefuls for the blue crown. I find her not uncommon as she looks like an ordinary woman in the street I have seen a million times and yet could not appreciate her and remember her not so beautiful face let alone overall physical appearance. She looks dull, boring, and dumb but overall typical sleazy and snoozefest bar girl who made the mistake of stepping in a pageant stage and the neurotic obnoxious salacious judges took notice because of her skinny figure and you know unsavory imagination about these women.

4. 2016 - Stephanie del Valle (Puerto Rico) 

This is one of the most disturbing editions of Miss World and six years later and onward people are still talking, discussing, and debating over this raucous humiliating event over its dismal result. Held at the MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland, United States, the pageant drew 117 contestants and saw the winner 19-year-old student and San Juan native Stephanie del Valle taking home the second Miss World crown for Puerto Rico sparked debates, fury, and outrage among pageant fans and audiences around the world. Del Valle's winning was more questionable not just because she was not that conventionally beautiful but with her, the obnoxious somewhat weird face which makes her look like a proboscis monkey or a Californian condor but her somewhat mediocre unintelligible answer to the archaic question the pageant fans memorized for decades makes her unworthy to win maybe Top 5 or as a semifinalist at best. Philippines' Catriona Gray with her stunning beauty, regal dress, and finest answer in the Top 5 arguably the best among the finalists was heavily favored by many to win the Miss World crown but she ends up in a heartbreaking Top 5 with the runner up position that went to Dominican Republic's Yaritza Reyes and Indonesia's Natasha Mannuela respectively. Destiny and fate have been kind to her she redeemed herself and won a much higher title instead two years later - the 67th Miss Universe 2018 held in Bangkok, Thailand. Her true personality and nature were manifested when the 70th Miss World 2021 which suppose to happen in her native Puerto Rico in December 2021 which her events agency helped organized the event did not happen because at least seventeen (17) contestants and MWO personnel tested positive for COVID-19 and run away with the millions of dollars of money said to be the funding for the event. Again karma and fate take the responsibility to punish a Miss World winner as Stephanie del Valle is being sued for failure to stage the Miss World finals in December 2021 resulting in financial losses to the respective sponsors.

3. 2012 - Wen Xia Yu (China) 

Perhaps the worst edition of Miss World which took place in the Ordos, Mongolia in northern China as the result is manipulated and fixed by the Chinese accounting firm partner of Miss World Organization favoring their native Chinese contestant 23-year-old Wenxia Yu from Shangzhi who looks like a crossbred between Chinese giant salamander, anglerfish, blobfish, and viperfish. Australia, Wales, and even South Sudan who gave the most brilliant answer that night are way much more deserving winners than the woman coming from a country of neurotic, greedy, and colonialistic government and many (not all) psychotic people. Everything in this pageant finals is a mess, the introduction of contestants alone with Sierra Leone shoving and pushing away New Zealand due to their entangled dress is already ridiculously humiliating with the boring and overindulging Chinese folk dance stealing the limelight from the contestants, the tabulation board is confusing, complicated and difficult to understand I think a strategy and a deliberate attempt to cheat, manipulate and fixed the contest and the rest of the show is really a garbage contest the entire night. The rude, mean, unforgiving, and tactless audience even laughed at Australia when she slipped a bit when she was announced 2nd runner-up and lastly, Julia Morley shakingly announced the winner in a state of shock.

2. 2019 - Toni-Ann Singh (Jamaica) 

The most recent and current titleholder who also reigns the longest for over two years now due to the global Covid-19 pandemic is also one of the ugliest and worst decisions ever in Miss World with the ugly Toni Ann Singh who looks like she just recovers from typhus who is 23 years-old then winning the fourth Miss World crown for the Rastafarian nation another dismal year which saw the Miss World crowning again a favorite former British colony. She looks like a crossbred of frilled shark and hyena that I laughed hard salivating when she won. Her only redeeming factor is her superior answer compared to other finalists other than that, she looks like a hideous monster a crooked witch at best.

1. 1993 - Lisa Hanna (Jamaica) 

This is the worst and ugliest decision ever in Miss World history in what many pageant fans called BEAUTY and the BEASTS Miss World with the ugly winner Lisa Hanna who looks like she came from an outsider remote tribal group who remain uncivilized and untouched by the world who looks like a product of hybrid and genetic mutation of the hideous creatures on earth like monkfish, red-lipped batfish, aye-aye, naked mole-rat, and vulture. The hideous monster err primitive woman won over eighty (80) more stunning contestants including the gorgeous Philippines' Ruffa Gutierrez who quite give an impressive answer that night, Croatia Fani Capalija, Venezuela Monica Lei among other stunning contestants. Giving the title, honor, crown, and glory to its former colonies and fellow European countries and place with British interests is a penchant for the Miss World pageant.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Filipino Cinema, Celebrities, Actors and Actress Trivia Part 4

   Bert Leroy - He only became active in films during the late 1930s before World War II. It was not known whether he was killed during the war or decided to quit making films but he left a son (Bert LeRoy Jr.) who followed in his footsteps as an actor

Geraldine - A 1970s and 1980s singer

Mila del Sol in a scene from Carlos Vander Tolosa film and LVN Pictures debut film Giliw Ko (1939)

Behn Cervantes in a scene of the film Aguila (1980) directed by Eddie Romero

Pura Jimenez Ballesteros, the mother of actor Val Castelo brought her son to Dona Sisang (Narcisa vda. de Leon) for an audition and got Val Castelo years of contract with LVN. 

Ed Finlan - Teen actor of the 1970s

Baby de Jesus - Supporting Actress in the 1970s who is always in the films of Vilma Santos and sometimes with Esperanza Fabon

Paquito Diaz was a university varsity basketball player in the 1950s for Ateneo Blue Eagles, Ateneo de Manila University basketball team

Fernando Poe Sr. during the wake of his father Fernando Poe Sr.