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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Miss Earth 2013 Twenty Four Best In National Costume

           Last Monday, November 25 Moment for the Earth took place at the F1 Hotel Manila Ballroom in Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Each of the eighty-eight (88) contestants from different countries showcased their national costumes and display a colorful background of their native lands. Each has their own uniqueness, creativity and innovation shown on their native dress. Some contestants even changes national costume to tell the story of their home country.

          After I saw all of the contestants national costumes, here are now Watchful Eyes' Twenty Four Best In National Costume














South Africa


Cote D'Ivoire






























Trinidad and Tobago 

Photo Source: 

F1 Hotel Manila 
Edmund Chua, Fab Philippines

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Philippines Will Rise Up Once Again After Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda, Local Name) Hits The Country


          The year 2013 proves to be one of the most difficult and trying times for the Philippines. The country has been suffering a lot from Zamboanga seige to ocean disaster to Visayas earthquakes and now, the Super Typhoon Yolanda (HAIYAN, International Name) believed to be one of the strongest typhoon in the recorded history of the planet wreak havoc that spread all throughout the Visayas and some parts of Luzon and Mindanao leaving thousands of people dead, several thousands injured, thousands of families left homeless and still suffering from hunger and other afflictions and billions of dollars in damages in properties and infrastructures. Some of the hardly hit areas were Leyte especially its capital Tacloban, Samar, northern Cebu, parts of Iloilo, Capiz, Aklan, Antique, parts of Mindoro and northern Palawan. It is heartbreaking and devastating to watch the suffering of the country helpless from the wrath of the unstoppable natural disaster. It is painful to see the cold hard dead bodies scattered all over the place, people and children crying because they lost their loved ones, starving and lives shattered, buildings, houses, properties were destroyed just like a war zone and even trees and other plants were uprooted and scattered everywhere as if there is a massive wildfires and logging, roofs and ceiling of houses and buildings were thrown like a boomerang and even tragically hitting some bystanders and those who are just sheltering nearby and fallen electrical posts on the streets and main arteries of the traffic and highways as well as damages to telecommunication networks aggravates the already hapless situation what's more with looting. However, the greatest inspiration and ray of light right now are the people - the survivors who braved the odds and triumph over the strongest typhoon on the planet they are the strongest people you will ever meet, the inexplicable kindness, generosity and unwavering and tireless service of people towards their fellow countrymen and the boundless generosity of the global community uplifts the low morale of the devastated country and people. More than a hundred million dollars in cash and in-kinds have been donated by several countries and even sent rescue, relief, medical team to aid in the rehabilitation of the devastation of Visayas. Some of the countries which sent helped are Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States as well as ASEAN, the European Union and the Vatican offered prayers and words of comfort and sympathy. We hope that this overwhelming donation and help will not fall into the hands of corrupt government officials in which the country is in hot waters right now because of the Priority Development Assistance Fund scam of the senators and congressmen. I hope these funds will really go into the affected areas and victims. It proves that nothing can put us down helpless for as long as we help each other and unite as one. Nothing can be compared to the indomitable spirit of the people who will rise up once again stronger and better. Most of all, God protect its faithful, prayerful people who will prevent any further damage and lives lost. Just always pray and have faith and always protect you and your loved ones safe and secured all the time as God never fails. I know the Philippines will rise up once again!

Photo Source:


Monday, November 11, 2013

Venezuela's Gabriela Isler Named Miss Universe 2013 In Chilly Russia


Gabriela Isler of Venezuela was crowned Miss Universe 2013 by outgoing Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo of USA


Miss Universe 2013 Top 5 just moments before the announcement of the winner

Moscow, Russia - We should overcome our fears in order for us to be stronger said Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler before being named as Miss Universe 2013 held at the posh Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia Sunday, November 10. In a show dedicated to the super typhoon Yolanda (HAIYAN: International Name) affected countries of the Philippines and Vietnam, Gabriela Isler bested 85 other equally stunning contestants to win the Diamond Nexus crown and wear the million dollar Yamamay swim wear for a photo shoot.  Isler win gives Venezuela its seventh Miss Universe title it last won in 2009 making this Latin American country the second most number of Miss Universe win after the United States. The 25 year-old Maracay native is a businesswoman and works for Venevision, a television network in Venezuela. 1st runner-up went to Spain, Patricia Yurena Rodriguez, 2nd runner-up is Ecuador, Constanza Baes, 3rd runner-up went to Philippines, Ariella Arida and 4th runner-up went to Brazil, Jakelyne Oliveira. The celebrity panel of judges was headed by Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler. Best in National Costume award goes to Nicaragua, Nastassja Bolivar who won $5000 worth of credits from a Russian bank, Most Photogenic went to Poland, Paulina Krupinska and Congeniality, Kim Ye Jin. Most Photogenic and Congeniality winners each receive $1,000 and special prizes from Diamond Nexus. Here is the official result: 

Miss UNIVERSE 2013 – Gabriela Isler – Venezuela

1st runner-up  - Patricia Yurena Rodriguez – Spain

2nd runner-up  – Constanza Baez – Ecuador

3rd runner-up  – Ariella Arida – Philippines

4th runner-up  – Jakelyne Oliveira – Brazil

Top 10 Semifinalist

Dominican Republic - Yaritza Reyes 

Great Britain - Amy Willerton

India -  Manasi Moghi

Ukraine -  Olga Storozhenko

U.S.A. -  Erin Brady

Top 16 Quarter-finalist

China - Jin YE

Costa Rica - Fabiana Granados 

Indonesia - Whulandary Herman 

Nicaragua - Nastassja Bolívar 

Puerto Rico - Monic Pérez 

Switzerland - Dominique Rinderknecht

Special Awards:

Congeniality – Jin Ye, China

Photogenic – Paulina Krupinska, Poland

National Costume - Nastassja Bolivar, Nicaragua

Steven Tyler - Aerosmith’s front man and lead singer

Chef Nobu - Acclaimed chef proprietor of Nobu and Matsuhisa restaurants

Tara Lipinski - Gold medal figure skater and 2014 Winter Olympics figure skating analyst for NBC Olympics’ multi-platform coverage

Carol Alt - TV personality, star of Fox News Channel’s ‘A HEALTHY YOU AND CAROL ALT’, international supermodel, actress, author, entrepreneur and raw-food enthusiast

Anne V - Supermodel, actress, philanthropist and mentor on Oxygen’s upcoming season of “The Face” with nine consecutive appearances in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

Farouk Shami - Founder of Farouk Systems, Inc. makers of CHI and presenting hair care sponsor of the 2013 MISS UNIVERSE® Competition

Italo Fontana - Pioneering designer of U-BOAT Watches

Philip Kirkorov -  iconic Russian pop-star 


Thomas Roberts – host of MSNBC Live

Melanie Brown – former Spice Girls Member, host, America's Got Talent


Panic! At The Disco

Steven Tyler 

Color Commentator:

Jeannie Mai – Style Network’s  “How Do I Look?”

Web Events:

Janine Tugonon - Miss Universe 2012 1st runner up

Congratulations to Ariella Arida for being named 3rd runner up! Your win brings hope and light to your country deeply affected by the typhoon and other calamities and may you recover at the soonest possible time and also to the new Miss Universe 2013, Gabriela Isler of Venezuela!  

Photo Sources:

REUTERS / Maxim  Shemetov

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Здравствуйте Watchful Eyes Miss Universe 2013 Final Top 20 Ice Princess Favorites

           Miss Universe 2013 finals is just few days away from now and we can feel the tension and excitement of this event in the icy cold Russian city of Moscow where it will be held on November 9 at Crocus City Hall. 
         Before the finals, each of the eighty-six (86) contestants showcased their to-die-for curves, runway skills, personality, charm, poise and stage presence in a preliminary competition where they will be judged in swimsuit and evening gown to see who will be the semifinalists. The preliminary competition was LIVE Streamed online to global audience through Miss Universe.com website. 
         After watching the preliminaries, here now is the final choice of Watchful Eyes of a Silhouette Miss Universe 2013 Ice Princess Top 20 Favorites:


Israel - Yitayish Ayanaw 


Venezuela - Gabriela Isler 


Puerto Rico - Monic Perez


Spain - Patricia Yurena Rodriguez 


Great Britain - Amy Willerton 


 Philippines - Ariella Arida 


France - Hinarani de Longeaux 


Brazil - Jakelyne Oliveira 


Nicaragua - Nastassja Bolivar 


Panama - Carolina Brid 


Poland - Paulina Krupinska


Russia - Elmira Abdrazakova


Indonesia - Whulandary


Czech Republic - Gabriela Kratochvilova 


Ukraine - Olga Storozhenko 


Dominican Republic - Yaritza Reyes


Bolivia - Alexia Viruez 


Netherlands - Stephanie Tency


Korea - Yumi Kim 


Switzerland - Dominique Rinderknecht

Cooling Off / Left Frozen In The Ice: 


Photo Source:

Miss Universe Organization, L.P., LLP