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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Miss Earth 2011 Best National Costumes

11. Tanzania - Nelly Kamwelu

12. Trinidad and Tobago - Melanie George-Sharpe

13. Czech Republic - Sarka Cojocarova

14. Curacao - Miluska Willems

15. South Africa - Dominique Mann

16. US Virgin Islands - Kara Williams

17. Vietnam - Phan Ti Mo

18. Netherlands - Jill Duijves

19. Ghana - Patricia Amoah Anti

20. Philippines - Athena Mae Imperial

Hot Shots:

Zambia - Akamandisa Inambao

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Miss Earth 2011 Glamazon Warriors Part 1

These are the official Glamazon Warriors pictures of the Miss Earth 2011 delegates. These are a glance and preview of what can these warriors can spare for you.

Belize - Kimberly Robateau

Bolivia - Valeria Avendaño

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Aleksandra Kovacevic

Brazil - Drielly Bennettone

Crimea - Nina Astrakhantseva

Czech Republic - Sarka Cojocarova

France - Mathilde Florin

Guatemala - Ana Luisa Montufar

Hungary - Dora Szabo

Japan - Tomoko Maeda

Mexico - Casandra Becerra

Friday, November 25, 2011

Miss Earth 2011 Glamazon Warriors Part 2

Philippines - Athena Mae Imperial

Slovenia - Rebecca Kim Lekse

Sweden - Renate Cerljen

Turkey - Merve Saribas

Ukraine - Kristina Oparina

USA - Nicole Kelley

Venezuela - Caroline Medina

Vietnam - Phan Ti Mo

Zambia - Akamandisa Inambao

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beauty Pageant’s Question and Suggested Answer

Miss Universe 1996 Questions and My Suggested Answers

1. Who do you think should make birth control decisions – the government or individual women?
(Question asked by actress Starletta Dupois to Miss Aruba, Taryn Mansell)

Suggested Answer:
Health concerns and family are the main reasons why women take into consideration the birth control. It should be freely available to every woman who should be the primary decision makers affecting their lives where it deemed necessary and appropriate. The government’s role is to give them advice, reminders and to make sure to give them this option as a woman’s right and educate them the importance of birth control.

2. Would you marry a man who wants to stay home & care for the children while you support the family?
(Question asked by actress and singer Teri Ann Linn to Miss Russia Ilmira Shamsutdinova)

Suggested answer:
Marriage is the union of a man and a woman who shares in happiness and sadness, sickness or health, misery and comfort. The traditional paternalistic custom or stereotype that a father is always the breadwinner and sole provider of the family, who toils sweat and hard labor to earn a living while the mother stays home and takes custody of the household is considered as outdated, obsolete and impractical. Now, starting in the 20th century, more and more women have been given freedom and power and privilege to enhance and develop their skills and personality and prove that they are to be equal with men. It is ordinary nowadays that more and more mothers are working and more fathers stay at home. It would be fine with me if my husband would stay at home and take good care of the children if he shows to be a good and responsible father that could take good care of the household and creative enough to find ways to earn a living even if he just stays home to earn income while I support the family. This way it can help add extra income to the household. We should be practical nowadays. This is just a mutual responsibility that we need to compromise to maintain a good and healthy living.

3. Other than this pageant, what is the greatest challenge in your life at this time?
(Question asked by former American football player Fred Williamson to Miss USA, Ali Landry)

Suggested Answer:
Life is a daily struggle whether you think of ways to earn a living for a day or find ways of settling your bills and debts from loans – it is a daunting task that requires patience and critical thinking and creativity. The ultimate challenge for me nowadays is not just how to get out of misery and poverty (referring to this blogger) but to look for a career or profession that is not only you are passionate about but also to share to everyone else your hidden potential and also to harness your given talents and skill for the better.

4. Do you think it’s important for women to have equal opportunity with men to participate in sports and if so, why?
(Question asked by sportscaster Jim Nantz to Miss Finland Iyabode Odusoga)

Suggested Answer:
Sports does not only prove physical prowess but also promotes healthy lifestyle. Women do need to have equal opportunities with men to participate and engage in sports not only to prove gender equality as women have proven several times to be equal with men but also to enjoy the privilege of fitness and health benefits brought by sports.

5. If you could choose only one, would you choose smart, rich or beautiful or why?
(Question asked by actress Maud Adams to Miss Venezuela Alicia Machado)

Suggested Answer:
I would choose to be smart because if you are smart you know to find ways to be beautiful and you know how to find ways to be rich and enhance yourself further to be stronger, wiser and to enhance your personality.

6. In today’s world, women have proven that there’s a place for them in any field. But taking into account all human history, who do you think is the greatest woman and why?
(Question asked by Miss Universe 1987, Cecilia Bolocco to Miss Mexico Vanessa Guzman)

Suggested Answer:
Human history have given us countless of women of notable achievements. I admire and respect Mother Teresa’s compassion for humanity. Her selfless service and endless determination towards achieving a dignified living among the destitute underprivileged poorest of the poor shows her sincerity and kindness of heart. Her impressive charity works earned her unwavering support, prayers and affection from people all over the world. Mother Teresa is an epitome of a great woman in the history of the world.

Final Question: What can men learn from women?

Men can only learn one thing about women and completely understand the nature of a woman and unlocks the key of women's success in life. From conception to giving birth of a woman to a child, men learn how to be patient, how to sacrifice or compromise and the virtue of love, dedication and determination were proven to be successfully triumphant over all other difficulties and hardships if one is strong enough to brave against all odds.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Philippine Government Under President Benigno S. Aquino III Administration Shaky, Ineffective and Illegitimate

             Philippines is making a headline again this week because the Department of Justice cabinet secretary of President Aquino, Secretary Leila de Lima made a serious offense by ignoring Supreme Court ruling of temporary restraining order of hold departure list implemented by her office on former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and she insisted on it. The hysteria was triggered when the critical health condition of the ailing former President was decided for her to seek treatment in other countries where medical expertise is sufficient for her illness. According to Secretary Leila de Lima, Arroyo already has a pending case that allowed their office to issue a hold departure list for her. Former President Arroyo is faced with several lawsuit including election manipulation in the 2004 Presidential elections or electoral fraud and also countless of graft and corruption charges. De Lima insisted that the temporary restraining order by her office will not work against the hold departure list order and she is ready to face the contempt of court in doing so defending her claim and order.The Aquino administration said that it is just doing their job right to sweep clean the dirty government left by previous administration meeting their goal and party slogan
"matuwid na daan" (straight path). There is a gap between the present administration and the Supreme Court because the present administration feels that the Supreme Court which consists of members mostly appointed by the previous administration will do favors for Gloria Arroyo who appointed them and that they are bias justices and some people fear that these irreconcilable differences and dispute may lead to Constitutional Crisis and that the present administration feel is more than the martial law implemented by former president Ferdinand Marcos for human rights abuse to anyone including but not limited to the former president regardless of who she was. It is fine to prosecute someone who made a serious offense and also to make a sincere determination to begin a upright government for the people and for the nation but without depriving one's rights. The present administration is not fair in treating other individuals who were persecuted by the law because they are warm and friendly to a former president and a convicted criminal and former police chief because the present president has close ties or friendship with the mentioned men. The former was convicted and imprisoned before but was pardoned by former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and the latter after the court finds him guilty based on sufficient evidence enough to implicate him for his crimes went on hiding in other countries but after President Aquino was elected and made sure that he will be safe and guided accordingly if he returns home, surfaced out of nowhere surprising the people. Nowadays, the former police chief and now a senator is free and happy and no pending case is filed against him. The militant protesters are surprisingly quiet this present administration because they know many blind and ignorant people are patronizing the president and a son of former President Corazon Aquino and the assassinated senator Benigno Aquino Jr. but during the previous administration when there are lots of complaints and issues even sensationalized by the media, these militant protesters are very noisy, rowdy and violent riding on the sentiments of the masses just to gain sympathy for their group. Presently, the present administration has no clear policies and platforms underlining his government and what can it attain in the next six years of his presidency yet the administration is only proud of its accomplishments. He is a very ineffective, inefficient and very disappointing president but I don't care because I did not vote for him and there will be no regrets for me unlike millions of Filipinos now who are full of regrets and remorse for electing a lousy and ineffective leader of a country.
            The present administration under Benigno S. Aquino III is illegitimate because it does not respect and follow the Supreme Court decision and orders thus, does not uphold the law saying that the Chief Justice and most Associate of the Supreme Court were midnight appointees of the past corrupt president and therefore they know no Supreme Court and laws but their own laws because their law is an upright law not the Supreme Court appointed by previous administration. I don't know if the present administration is really sincere to have an upright government with a very disciplined people to attain his goal of a "matuwid na daan" for a "Brighter Philippines."

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Highlights 2011

Hope that they can be in Iloilo, Philippines sometimes.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 highlights showcasing their top collections of the year featuring Victoria's Secret models and top world models took place last Wednesday night, November 9 at Lexington Armory, New York City, USA. The thirty-eight (38) models who romped the runway in style in Victoria's Secrets fancied collections are Lily Aldridge, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jessica Clarke, Shannan Click, Lily Donaldson, Lindsay Ellingson, Toni Garrn, Izabel Goulart, Sui He, Erin Heatherton, Elsa Hosk, Chanel Iman, Constance Jablonski, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Miranda Kerr, Karlie Kloss, Doutzen Kroes, Ieva Laguna, Adriana Lima, Maryna Linchuk, Flavia de Oliveira, Emanuela de Paula, Karmen Pedaru, Behati Prinsloo, Lais Ribeiro, Anja Rubik, Cameron Russell, Joan Smalls, Shanina Shaik, Julia Stegner, Anais Mali, Candice Swanepoel, Anne Vyalitsyna, Liu Wen and Caroline Winberg who looked absolutely stunning in their numbers are featured in six themes - Ballet, Super Heroes, Aquatic, Passion Play, I Put a Spell on You, and Club Pink. Performers are Kanye West, P. Diddy and Maroon 5's Adam Levine. The models made me realize that they know how to have fun and hippie without being a sturdy human being with a book in the head! Hope they can visit Iloilo, Philippines sometimes.