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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Will These Two Girls Be The Next Miss Universe From The Philippines?

Mary Jean Lastimosa 

Maegan Young 

       These two will hopefully represent the Philippines in Miss Universe. One of them will compete next year and the other one in 2014. Which of which of them. Anyway I will give some background information. 

          Mary Jean Lastimosa, 25 years old from Davao City, Davao del Sur is a pageant veteran model. She has joined Binibining Pilipinas for quite some time now in the hopes of representing the country in the most prestigious beauty pageant of all - Miss Universe. Prior to joining and competing in Binibining Pilipinas national pageant, she was the winner of Reyna ng Aliwan 2008 representing Davao City as part of grand cultural fiesta competition, Aliwan Fiesta which gathers the biggest and most beautiful festivals around the country to compete in one event. Her stint and experience in modeling and the competition help her a lot enough for her to join the national pageant which chooses Philippines representative to Miss Universe, Miss International and other international competitions. 
         Maegan Young, on the other hand, is a model, actress and television personality. Prior to joining the entertainment industry, she joined and competed in Starstruck, a competition searching for the next celebrities in the country. Although she did not win, her beauty caught the attention of many and soon found her way into show business. The rest they say is history. Hopefully if ever these two will represent the Philippines in Miss Universe, they will make their country proud because they are worthy contender and good enough for that elusive third Miss Universe crown.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Czech Republic Is Miss Earth 2012!

Miss Earth 2012 - Tereza Fajksova of Czech Republic 

Miss Earth 2012 and Her Runners-up 

Alabang, Muntinlupa, Philippines - 23-year old Tereza Fajksova of Ivancice, Czech Republic beats 79 other lovely hopefuls from around the world to win the crown of Miss Earth 2012 held in Versailles Palace in Alabang, Muntinlupa. 1st runner up and crowned as Miss Air is Philippines, Stephany Stefanowitz, 2nd runner up and crowned as Miss Water is Venezuela, Osmariel Villalobos and 3rd runner - up and titled as Miss Fire is Brazil, Camille Brant. Top 8 finalists were contestants from Nepal, Russia, South Africa and U.S.A. The final question was "What is your defining moment as a woman?" and the top 4 contestants gave their best answer to impress the judges but it was Czech Republic's Tereza Fajksova whose honesty of misunderstanding of the question but gave a poignant and thought provoking call to protect the Mother Earth for us and the future generations to come capture the heart of many and judged as the best of all. Her sincerity and beauty inside out help her clinch the Miss Earth title for the first time for her country. Some of the Special Awards given were: Photogenic chosen through online votes goes to Venezuela, Congeniality goes to India and Best in National Costume goes to Thailand. These are some of the major awards given aside from the minor awards given during their challenges and activities done throughout the competition. The rest of the result is as follows:

Miss Earth 2012 -  Czech Republic,  Tereza Fajksova
1st runner up (Miss Air) -  Philippines,  Stephany Stefanowitz
2nd runner up (Miss Water) -  Venezuela, Osmariel Villalobos
3rd runner up (Miss Fire) -  Brazil, Camila Brant 

Top 8 Finalists
Nepal - Nagma Shrestha
Russia - Nataliya Pereverzeva
South Africa - Tamerin Jardine
U.S.A. - Siria Bojorquez

Top 16 Semifinalists
Costa Rica -  Fabiana Granados 

Germany - Nel-Linda Zublewitz
Italy -  Giulia Capuani
Japan - Megumi Noda
Korea - Kim Sa-ra
Mexico - Lourdes Paola Aguilar
Poland -  Justyna Rajczyk
Scotland  - Sara Pendar

Special Awards

Photogenic - Venezuela
Congeniality - India
National Costume - Thailand 


Marc Nelson - Sports TV Magazine Show Host
Ginger Conejero - TV Presenter and Miss Philippines Air 2006
Sandra Seifert - Miss Earth Air 2009


Billy Crawford and the G-Force    

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Miss Earth 2012: My Final ELITE List

Tonight, one of the 80 hopefuls will be crowned as the new Miss Earth 2012 and will succeed Olga Alava from Ecuador. Who among them will be the luckiest woman tonight? Find out LIVE from Versailles Palace, Alabang, Muntinlupa, Philippines only through STAR World and other international broadcasters in their respective countries. For the meantime, this blog features of Miss Earth 2012 will not be complete without my own choices for the earthly crown so I made a decision and come up with my final picks of the stunning lovely natural beauties who I believe shows prowess, beauty, brilliance and wisdom. This will be the first time that I created such a list for this beauty pageant. Previously, I created my list mainly for Miss Universe and Miss USA and this time around, it will be Miss Earth's turn. It will depend on tonight's outcome if I will make future lists for this pageant. My decision was based on the ladies performance on the activities, challenges and major competitions as well as how the ladies project, behave during the competition and how images portrays them as a picture speaks a thousand words. So here it is...

Watchful Eyes Of A Silhouette Favorite Choice 

Earth's Most Beautiful Enchantress
Czech Republic - Tereza Fajksova 

South Africa - Tamerin Jardine 

USA - Siria Bojorquez 

Turkey - Ilknur Melis Durasi 

I chose these magnificent four lovely and stunning women as my favorite choices for the crown as they could be an ideal ambassador for mother earth and effectively raise awareness about environmental issues and protection as they pursue their respective advocacy effectively and efficiently sharing and implementing them in the global community. They are for me an ideal example for women with a cause, care and concern for their green planet - an epitome of beauty, grace and wisdom. 

The REST to Watch Out For... They can either hit or miss the top 16 but can also be potentially be a pleasant surprise as a Top 8 or Top 4 given they have this radiant personality and make themselves a standout in tonight's finale. 

Costa Rica 
Puerto Rico 

Although I have to admit that all of them are noteworthy women of substance and accomplishments, I have all my respect and admiration for all these 80 magnificent contestants. Good luck to all of you!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Miss Earth 2012 National Costume Competition

Miss Earth 2012 Best In National Costume Winners 

Miss Earth 2012 Most Photogenic Winner Chosen By Online Votes 

Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City - The Miss Earth 2012 National Costume Competition titled "Moment With The Earth" was held last Monday, November 19, 2012 at the Miss Earth 2012 Official Residence, F1 Western Premier Hotel ballroom arena in Global City, Taguig City with the winners were awarded with medals. It is an exclusive private event attended by foreign dignitaries and officials. Also in the same event, a charity auction of the gifts brought by the contestants also took place with the proceed goes to the Miss Earth Foundation chosen charity institution. The Best in National Costume gold medal or 1st place went to Thailand, Waratthaya Wongchayaporn, silver medal or 2nd place went to South Africa, Tamerin Jardine and bronze medal or 3rd place went to Malaysia, Deviyah Daranee. Also during the event, the winners of Photogenic Award chosen by fans and followers through online voting were announced. The winners were for the gold medal, Venezuela, Osmariel Villalobos, silver medal went to Thailand, Waratthaya Wongchayaporn and bronze medal went to Costa Rica, Fabiana Granados.Congratulations to all the winners!

Miss Earth 2012 National Costumes

Here are some of this year's Miss Earth 2012 National Costumes: 

Brazil - Camila Brant 

Cook Islands - Teuira Napa 

Costa Rica - Fabiana Granados 

El Salvador - Yaritza Rivera 

India - Prachi Mishra 

Indonesia - Chelsy Liven 

Malaysia - Deviyah Daranee 

Philippines - Stephany Stefanowitz 

Puerto Rico - Darla Pacheco 

South Africa - Tamerin Jardine 

US Virgin Islands - Carolyn Whitney Carter 

Venezuela - Osmariel Villalobos 

Vietnam - Do Hoang Anh

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Miss Universe 2012: Online Voting

Miss Universe 2012 Online Voting Page 

Miss Universe 2012 Page After Someone Cast Their Votes 

The Miss Universe 2012 has begun and the online voting starts November 15 and the lucky lady who has the highest number of votes will be one of the 16 semifinalists who will compete in the finals for the swimsuit, evening gown and the make or break final question round on November 19, 2012 at Planet Hollywood Resorts and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Meet the contestants of Miss Universe 2012 and vote your favorite contestant to make it as a semifinalist comes December 19. Click the link below to choose a contestant and vote.

Miss Universe 2012 Meet The Contestants and Vote Here

Courtesy of : Miss Universe.com  

Friday, November 16, 2012

Carpe Diem

I made some few campaigns, lobbying and seize opportunities before. I have tried to lobby and campaign for the return of The Amazing Race (US edition) for a visit here in the Philippines particularly its first visit here Iloilo, Philippines and I can also be a local greeter. It was somehow successful but somehow I was disappointed. Yes, The Amazing Race Season 22 will return to the Philippines but not Iloilo and I am not the local greeter and their filming of the race starts this November. My question was chosen to ask a finalist in the 2012 Miss USA beauty pageant and fortunately was answered by the ultimate winner, Olivia Culpo of Rhode Island. Grabbing every opportunity that comes and seize the day I must say because we don't know what we will get so I lived by it since then. There are still more campaigns to do until I get my desired results. It does not stop there because this is just the beginning of great things to come. C'est La Vie!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Miss Universe 2012: December Heat Wave in Las Vegas Top Picks 1 - 10

            It's Miss Universe season once again and weeks before the competition starts we already noticed some stunners from around the globe who we expect to shine through. Although they might look appealing and fierce in the images we see, they might pale and falter as the competition progresses. After Miss Earth, the most glamorous beauty pageant of all will take place in December and is saved the best for last. We will see who among we expect to shine will ever illuminate us more brighter and cause us more glare and who among them will falter and their glow will fade. Here's what I have to say before I come up with my own pre-arrival picks for Miss Universe 2012.  
          I have been watching beauty pageants through the years and I observe how a country fared and placed in beauty pageant competitions. I observe and take note how they behave, act and speak in front of so many viewers and how they reflect on judges impression and somehow I see some pattern but I also notice that definition of essential beauty evolves and differs from each other beauty competition depending on their preferences. Some contestants from other countries make some innovations to set some trends in beauty pageants and also influencing the decision- making in international competition therefore giving them a strong chance for the crown and title while others make some noise to get the attention of the competition although some who made some noise deserving of a high placement some others were only up to the loud noise of the news it receive. Whatever it will be to get a chance for that coveted and often elusive glittering crown, the chosen one is always a stand out someone who visibly and brilliantly shining on that fateful day. 
         In my previous editions of my favorite picks for beauty pageants, I only uploaded the pictures of contestants who I think has a good chance of making at least as a semifinalist without any explanation or comments. This time around to justify my selections, I will have my comments on why I choose the following contestants who has a strong chance of making the cut and expect to shine throughout the competition.  
        Kosovo's Diana Avdiu is a total package. She is everything perfect in every sense and every word of it. The only thing that can stand in her way is her ability to communicate and express herself in front of millions of viewers around but I still believe she has a real shot at the crown this December. Melinda Bam of South Africa spells glamor and alluring sex appeal. She has the IT factor and in any of her pictures that surface she is infallible but her infallibility in images might be her fatal flaw that can cause more damage than benefit her when she finally arrive in Las Vegas because what we see in pictures might not be the same in person. She just need to be herself and enjoy the competition. Sahar Biniaz of Canada is one woman of class and sophistication and her prim and proper personality and discipline would be her advantage and could be her strongest points to the finals. Despite the fact that I still see some imperfections in her videos and pictures, hope that she learn how to maximize her full potentials and put it to good use and learn how to compliment her weakest point. Bodine Koehler is a contestant that everyone would be watching not only by her buffed and symmetrical figure and facial features but also her very impressive catwalk skills and stage presence that she perfectly compliments it with seductive sex appeal. Although pageant wise, she has the skills and talent for a beauty pageant, she still doesn't look like a beauty queen that hope it won't go against her. She is also an ideal contestant for Miss Earth because they are looking for a lady who look so stunning and exotic beauty. She could be Puerto Rico's representative to Miss Earth. Both Czech Republic and Australia have stunning delegates that can give a tough competition this December with their figure, skills and personality can give others a run for their money. Australia on the other hand, can compete in Miss Earth where she can give a tough competition with the contestants. Watch out for these girls. Elizaveta Golovanova of Russia might look good, stunning and fierce in her national pageant competition but I also observe and feel in some of her videos that she doesn't have the competitive spirit and vigor that she needs to have in other to give a solid performance in the finals. She needs to exert extra effort, give her 100% performance  and explore her assets and potentials and put it to good use and she will pull some surprise in Las Vegas. At first, I really hate and don't like Janine Tugonon when she won Binibining Pilipinas Universe representing Bataan and will represent the Philippines in Miss Universe. However, months prior to the competition in Las Vegas, she improved tremendously and seen major transformation from this plain jane into a stunning exotic looking woman that can also pull some surprises in Las Vegas. She trains hard, work out in the gym faithfully and exercise extreme discipline and diet. I would've exclude her in this list intentionally but its really hard to ignore a woman this gorgeous. Marie Payet which originally from Reunion, is just 2nd runner up in Miss France but when the original winner, Delphine Wespiser could not attend both the Miss Universe and Miss France 2012 for undisclosed reason, Marie Payet assumed the title. It happens to be that the replacement is also a gorgeous stunning woman of elegance, poise and natural beauty without any enhancements and also her shining personality can really give her a high chance of making it as a semifinalist and can even be a finalist answering that make or break final question. Since she has a natural beauty, she can also represent Reunion Island in Miss Earth beauty pageant next time because this is what they are looking for. Miss Universe will never be good without the presence of the hometown girl, Olivia Culpo of Rhode Island. She has this awesome interesting personality that can be friendly and warm and make friends with lots of ladies in the competition (not unless she is the exact opposite) combined with her impressive presentation and communication skills will really give her a slot in the finals. The only thing that can hurt her chance making it at least in the top 10 is her height. Rest assured this girl will surely rock Las Vegas and show some girls some hot stuffs in the competition.  
         Heat Wave list number 11 - 20 follows next and read what I have to say about these stunning, lovely ladies that can outbeat and outrank contestants in my top 10.


1. Kosovo - Diana Avdiu 

2. South Africa - Melinda Bam 

3. Canada - Sahar Biniaz 

4. Puerto Rico - Bodine Koehler 

5. Czech Republic - Tereza Chlebovska 

6. Australia - Renae Ayris 

7. Russia - Elizaveta Golovanova 

8. Philippines - Janine Tugonon 

9. France - Marie Payet 

10. USA - Olivia Culpo

Monday, November 12, 2012

Miss Universe 2012: December Heat Wave in Las Vegas Top Picks 11 - 20

This group may pull an upset this December. Some of these countries hardly been heard before in beauty pageants but merely participants but this year they are making a strong comeback and will give a tough competition. Tanzania made a strong semifinal finish with the bald-headed Flaviana Matata in 2007. This year another bald headed coming from that country that will make a splurge in Las Vegas this December in the person of Winfrida Dominic. She is an attractive yet very charming lady who is hard to ignore whoever can see this exotic beauty. Georgia has never placed in Miss Universe but this year they fielded a very strong competitor in Tamar Shedania. Her strong presence back by her stunning personality and unquestionable skills on the runway will be her strongest asset into the competition. Israel sends another stunner this year in Miss Universe and hoping she will make an impact during the preliminary competition same with Colombia. With a strong 2nd runner up finish last year, Brazil hopes to continue its streak this year with the gorgeous Gabriela Markus with her polished and accurate perfection for the beauty pageant as her strongest advantage. Japan last placed in 2008 with Hiroko Mima. This year, exotic yet alluring Ayako Hara will try to place again for Japan in this year. Her strong appeal, classy but innovative fashion sense will give her an extra edge over the others. For winning the Photogenic Award last year to serve as an inspiration, Sweden makes a strong comeback this year with the ever seductive and luscious Hanni Beronius. Big surprises this year would be Ecuador and Lebanon. Lebanon last placed in 1973 with Marcelle Herro (+) and that was almost four decades ago. But this year I expect that Lebanon would finally end the drought for her country with the drop dead gorgeous Rina Chibany who acts, think and speak like a supermodel. Her mysterious appeal and unusually beautiful Middle Eastern aura keeps haunting and bewitching and I can't get my mind off this lady. She sure is going to make some noise in Las Vegas. Ecuador last placed in 2004 with the beautiful Susana Rivadaneira when her country hosted the beauty pageant. I believe that with the fierce Carolina Aguirre, they will not only place in their hometown but they can bring their A-Game in Las Vegas given the proper training, styling and personality towards other contestants and people around her. Venezuelan beauties is starting to falter slowly this year with Irene Isser narrowly making the cut at number 20 on my list. I think Venezuela is getting tired of beauty pageants of always winning the title and making the cut with less effort and because of sash factor and their brilliance is starting to wane. I think Venezuela is slowing down by sending average looking contestants to international competitions. Some of these ladies can join Miss Earth next time.    

11. Ecuador - Carolina Aguirre 

12. Georgia - Tamar Shedania 

13. Israel - Lina Machola 

14. Tanzania - Winfrida Dominic 

15. Brazil - Gabriela Markus 

16. Japan - Ayako Hara 

17. Colombia - Daniella Alvarez 

18. Sweden - Hanni Beronius 

19. Lebanon - Rina Chibany 

20. Venezuela - Irene Isser 

Special Mentions: Bahamas, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Italy, Nicaragua, Uruguay