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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Megan Young Miss World Philippines 2013 In Pictures


Congratulations, Ms. Megan Lynne Young of Olongapo City, Zambales, winner of Miss World Philippines 2013! Good luck and God bless you! May your beauty continue to shine all throughout the world. May you win the elusive first Miss World title for the Philippines. We pray and support you all the way to the Miss World finals on September 28 in Indonesia.

Megan Young of Olongapo City, Province of Zambales is announced as Miss World Philippines 2013 winner1st runner up is Janicel Lubina of Palawan


Megan Young is crowned as Miss World Philippines 2013 by current Miss World Philippines 2012, Queenierich Rehman and Chairperson of CQGQ Inc. Ms. Cory Quirino 


Miss World Philippines 2013 Winner and Runners-Up Miss World Philippines 2013 - Megan Lynne Young 1st runner up - Janicel Lubina 2nd runner up - Zahra Saldua 3rd runner up - Bianca Paz 4th runner up - Omarie Linn Osuna. Congratulations!


Megan Young During The Evening Gown Competition. Megan Young's gown was designed by Eric De los Santos from Iloilo


Megan Young during the Swimsuit Competition



Megan Lynne Young


Megan Young During The Press Presentation 

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Mr. Gay World 2013 Winners and Result

Mr. Gay World 2013 Finale 

Mr. Gay World 2013 - Christopher Michael Olwage from New Zealand 

Mr. Gay World 2013 - Christopher Michael Olwage from New Zealand  

Antwerp. Belgium - Mr. Gay World 2013 Finals was held last August 4, 2013 at Elckerlijc Theatre, Antwerp, Belgium. The male pageant for gays which runs from July 31 - August 4 saw 25 male contestants competing for the title. Mr. New Zealand, Christopher Michael Olwage was named Mr. Gay World 2013 at the end of the event. 1st runner-up is Hong Kong, 2nd runner-up is USA and the rest of the top 5 were Aruba and Namibia. Special Awards like Mr. Congeniality and Best in National Costume were given to the deserving winners.  Amaryllis Temmerman, Brigitte Derks & René Vanhove serves as the presenters of the finals night competition. Mr Gay World is an annual contest for gay men, seeking to establish ambassadors for Gay and Human Rights, with winners of national contests competing as delegates in a variety of categories. This competition is the most publicized gay contest in the world.
    Here are the official results of the male pageant competition:

Mr. Gay World 2013: New Zealand - Christopher Michael Olwage
1st Runner-Up: Hong Kong - Benjie Vasquez Caraig
2nd Runner-Up: USA - Matthew "Matt" Simmons
3rd Runner-Up: Aruba - Ashley Karym Peternella
4th Runer-Up: Namibia - Ricardo Raymond Amunjera

Top Ten:
Australia - Aaron Taylor
India - Nolan Lewis
Mexico - Jaime David Montes Bernal
Philippines - Erimar Sayo Ortigas
Taiwan - Darien Chen

Special Awards:

Mr. Gay Congeniality - Canada - Danny Dionysios Papadatos
Mr. Gay Photogenic - Mexico - Jaime David Montes Bernal
Best In National Costume - New Zealand - Christopher Michael Olwage
Mr. Gay Popular Vote - Philippines - Erimar Sayo Ortigas
Mr. Sports Challenge - Aruba - Ashley Karym Peternella
Mr. Gay Swimwear - New Zealand - Christopher Michael Olwage

Mr. Gay Art Challenge Award - New Zealand - Christopher Michael Olwage
Mr. Gay Culture Award - New Zealand - Christopher Michael Olwage
Eric Butter Philanthropy Award - NO8H Campaign


Eric Butter - President of Mr Gay World (Australia)

Adebisi Alimi - Public speaker and a Sessional University Lecturer (Nigeria)/span>

Beverly Vergel - Training Specialist, Image Consultant (Philippines)

Kristof De Busser - Chief Inspector and Member of the Diversity Team of the Antwerp Local Police (Belgium)

Michiel Vanackere - Field coordinator for a European HIV prevalence research project at the Institute for Tropical Health in Antwerp (Belgium)

Francois Nel - Mr Gay World 2011 (South Africa).

Photo Source: 

Mr. Gay World Official Facebook Page