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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Filipino Cinema, Celebrities, Actors and Actress Trivia Part 10


Diego Llorico insulted some aspiring talents too much back then, which is why in return he was the one being humiliated or parodied in the Bubble Gang gag show where he was one of the main cast.

Pablo S. Gomez, screenwriter, director, and one of the Philippines' top comics writers then whose works became the inspiration and basis of many of the classic Filipino films


Pugo who is half of the duo comedian Pugo and Togo first appeared in the movie in 1939 in the movie Utos Ng Hari Hindi Mababali. He made movies for almost five decades.

Jestoni Alarcon was a cigarette vendor and came from a poor family when he was discovered until he became a Kapuso actor which paved the way for him to become a member of That's Entertainment, a late afternoon variety show and now he is still active in showbiz.

Pilar Pilapil is a beauty queen and actress who almost died because she was stabbed in Marikina.

Corazon Noble was already a famous actress before World War II. He is the sister of LVN star Carmencita Abad.

When Pinky Montilla appeared in movies in the early 70s, she didn't have a last name, just a first name. When she added a last name, her career took a turn for the worse. He became a superhero twice in different superhero roles.

Evangeline Pascual of the Philippines would have won Miss World 1973 but Eric Morley and Julia Morley dropped the Philippines in favor of Marjorie Wallace of the USA. After the contest, the organization said that the title would be transferred to him because the winner, Wallace, was dethroned. She was only offered the responsibility and title but not the prize so Pascual refused. She would have been the first Miss World winner of the Philippines by default and Megan Young would have been the second.

Mona Lisa played the character of Tonya, Insiang's mother who was played by Hilda Koronel. Tonya's cheek was bruised from the force of Insiang's slap on her, which is why she was thrown against the wall. Insiang was about to iron Tonya's face but was stopped.

Amy Perez first made films at Regal Film and was called Regal baby. Her first husband was Brix Ferraris, a former vocalist of the band South Border. Now she is married to Carlo Castillo.

Ferdie Marquez, a True Faith Band member died in 2019

Alicia Vergel is very sorry that her first lead role in the movie was not released on the silver screen because the title of the movie is said to be mischievous and not good to listen to. Its title is "Bibingka Ko'y Mainit."

They can't miss Mila del Sol because she is the queen of LVN even though Nida Blanca, Tessie Quintana, Delia Razon, Charito Solis, Marita Zobel, Nenita Vidal, Mona Lisa, and Luz Valdez are still there.

Beauty queen turned actress Eva Reyes

Cristina Aragon the first to play Valentina, Darna's archenemy

Niño Muhlach is the first Filipino child star to become a millionaire.

Lourdes Medel was a former LVN star before she made films in other production companies and was the former girlfriend of Bernard Bonnin.

Nora Aunor and Ricky Belmonte worked together in the movie My Prayer (1971) under Tower Productions. The film title was made into a single by Nora Aunor under Alpha Records.

Mahal is a very cute actress who is loved and admired by many people, especially her ardent fans. He also had a very popular vlog that garnered thousands of subscribers and millions of views on Youtube. Her love life also became colorful because she had men who inspired her in life and her last and most loyal lover was Mygz Molino. Mygz Molino showed his pure intentions, love, care, and concern for Mahal until Mahal died due to COVID-19 in 2021.

Did you know that Susan Roces is the Natalie Wood of the Philippines?

Ramon Zamora is known to have played the character of Pedro Penduko first in the movie Ang Mahiwagang Daigdig ni Pedro Penduko in 1973 but did you know that Efren Reyes Sr. first played this titular character in 1954.

Young Love (1970) was the first film where "Superstar" Nora Aunor and "Star for all Seasons" Vilma Santos teamed up, where the Superstar was front-billed.

Rudy Fernandez once slapped Bert Tawa Marcelo in a gathering. Bert Marcelo also had a commercial for a brand of alcoholic beverages.

Rico Roman was introduced in Dolphy's film Dolpong Istambul in 1966.

Mona Lisa became popular in movies in the 1930s and was first known by the name Fleur-de-Lis. She was the first Filipino actress to wear a bathing suit in the movie Giliw Ko in 1939.

Do you know that in 1932 and there were no talkie films in the Philippines yet, Rosa del Rosario was already appearing in the silver screen.
Snooky Serna teamed up with Hawaiian Tom Babauta (circled in red in the photo) in the movie Strangers in Paradise in 1983.

Amalia Fuentes played the titular character Escarlata in 1969

The couple Vera Perez, Dr. Jose, and Azucena Perez gave Gloria a screen name, and the last name is derived from Gloria's first film director, Eddie Romero.

Amalia Fuentes starred in the movie Ibulong Mo Sa Hangin (1966) while her daughter Liezel Martinez starred in the movie Ibulong Mo Sa Puso (1984)
Cecilia Lopez has never made a film on the grounds of Sampaguita Pictures. She is one of the wives of Ramon Revilla Sr. in the film Asawa Ko Kayong Lahat Kung Puwede in 1978.
Tilt Down Men is the Filipino version of the Dave Clark Five. This band includes the Sotto brothers Val and Tito who became a politician.
In the film Wonder Vi (1973), Vilma Santos played the role of a mountain woman who always carries a long stick as a weapon.
Lota Delgado is the wife of Rogelio de la Rosa who is always the lead or lead actor in their movies while Lota Delgado is the villain of the lead or lead actress.
Rogelio de la Rosa was an actor in 1932 but Jose Padilla Jr. was ahead of him but de la Rosa was ahead of Leopoldo Salcedo.

Nora Aunor and Victor Wood are the duets that made the song Am I That Easy To Forget popular in the Philippines, originally sung by Debbie Reynolds and Engelbert Humperdinck.

Conching Rosal and Sylvia La Torre are Coloratura Sopranos who become classmates, friends, and rivals in record sales.

Eartha Kitt is the American singer who sang the vernacular song Waray Waray

Rosa del Rosario in the titular role of the very first Darna (1951) film.

Don't Tell My Heart To Stop Loving You is the only song sung by Bobby Gonzales, Nora Aunor and Jerry Val in the late 60s.

George Estregan played the role of Ruther Batuigas a fearless journalist in the titular character in the movie Hostage... Find Batuigas! (1977)