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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pioneering Filipino Films

In four years time, Philippine cinema will celebrate its 100 years of film making and entertaining the Filipinos through the moving pictures. Like any other motion pictures, Filipino motion picture has its fair share of milestones. I would be glad to share with you some of the milestones in Philippine cinema. Would you add some more?

 A scene from the movie Dalagang Bukid (1919) 

Dalagang Bukid (1919) movie poster 

First Film Projected In The Screen In The Philippines - Espectaculo Scientifico de Pertierra was shown in Salon Pertierra, Escolta, Manila on January 1, 1897.  It is presentation of stills and chronophotographs by businessman named Sen~or Pertierra.

First Filipino feature-length film. Dalagang Bukid released on September 12, 1919. Directed by David Nepomuceno. 

First talkie film - George Musser's Ang Aswang (1933) is regarded as the first talking film in Philippine cinema when some of the lines were uttered in one scene and starred by the queens of horror films, Monang Carvajal and Mary Walter. 

First completely talking film - Punyal Na Ginto or Golden Dagger (1933) was credited as the first all completely talking motion picture premiered on March 9, 1933, at the Lyric theater. However, the spoken dialogues were in Spanish and English. 

First completely talking film in Filipino language - Makata at Paraluman or Poet and Maiden (1933) is credited as the first full or completely talking motion picture in Filipino language premiered on April 5, 1933 at the Lyric theater.

First Color  Sequence Film - Ibong Adarna (1941) directed by Vicente Salumbides and a cast that includes Mila del Sol, Fred Cortes, Ester Magalona, Deanna Prieto. In one scene, the Adarna bird was hand-painted frame by frame. 

First Full Color Film - Batalyon XIII (1949) is widely regarded as the first Filipino full color film. Directed by Eddie Romero its cast include Carmen Rosales, Jaime de la Rosa, Mario Montenegro, Tony Santos, Joseph de Cordova, Jose Cris Soto, Alfonso Carvajal, Justina David, Horace Curry and Horacio Morelos

First Filipino Female Director - Brigida Perez Villanueva directed her first film in 1933. She also has the distinction of directing the, 

Last Silent Film  - Pendulum of Fate

First Filipino film to be shown and competes at an International Film Festival  - Genghis Khan (1950) at the 13th Venice International Film Festival (1952) held from August 20 - September 12, 1952, in Venice, Italy. Venice International Film Festival is considered the oldest international film festival in the world.

First Darna heroine - Rosa del Rosario played the title role, Darna (1951) and subsequently released on May 31, 1951. Originally a Filipino comics magazine character it was made into a film due to its popularity. Darna has been portrayed several times in the movies and in television thereafter by several actresses notably Vilma Santos.

First Dyesebel - Just like Darna, Dyesebel is originally a popular Filipino comics magazine character immortalized in the cinema due to its popularity. Dyesebel is a mythical creature and Filipino version of the mermaid, half-fish half-human and is called "sirena" in Filipino. The actress who holds the distinction of being the first to portray dyesebel in Filipino film was Edna Luna in 1953. The character was also portrayed by Vilma Santos, Alma Moreno and Alice Dixson among others.

First Love Team - Mary Walter and Gregorio Fernandez, they first paired in the 1927 Jose Nepomuceno film "Ang Lumang Simbahan"

First to Wear Bathing Suit - Mona Lisa then known as "Fleur de Lis" in her pre-war films. She was the first to wear the bathing suit in a Filipino film, Giliw Ko (1939).

First Porn Film - Uhaw (1970) is credited as the Philippines' first soft-core porn film (Filipinos called "bomba" film) with actors Tito Galla, Lito Legaspi and Merle Fernandez as its main cast.

First Gay Film - Jack en Jill (1954) starring Dolphy, Lolita Rodriguez, Rogelio dela Rosa, Etang Discher and Luis Gonzales. 

First Gay sex scenes - The film which shows the very first homosexual sexually explicit scenes in Philippine cinema is Tubog sa Ginto (1971) with main actors, Eddie Garcia and Mario O'Hara playing the gay roles in their most steamy scenes.  





Monday, October 26, 2015

Miss Grand International 2015 Winners and Result

20 year-old Anea Garcia of Dominican Republic was crowned Miss Grand International 2015 at a glittering and glamorous event held in Bangkok, Thailand last October 25. She bested out 77 other gorgeous contestants to win the first title for her country and the third consecutive from the Caribbean isles. Anea Garcia first represented Rhode Island at the Miss USA 2015 last July 12 and ended up as 2nd runner-up. 1st runner-up was Claire Parker of Australia, 2nd runner-up was India's Vartika Singh, 3rd runner-up was Parul Shah of the Philippines while local bet Thailand's Rattikorn Kunsom settled for 4th runner-up. It was a spectacular event with amazing sexy opening number and the over-all production and creation of the events are highly organized, clean and sleek but more so of high quality top notch caliber up to the standards of Miss Supranational, Miss World and Miss Universe. Congratulations!

Here is the result of the competition:

Miss Grand International 2015 - Anea Garcia, Dominican Republic
1st runner-up - Claire Parker, Australia
2nd runner-up - Vartika Singh, India
3rd runner-up - Parul Shah, Philippines
4th runner-up - Rattikorn Kunsom, Thailand

Top 10

Brazil - Paula Gomes
Costa Rica - Mariela Aparicio
Spain - Andrea de Cozar
Japan - Ayaka Tanaka
Sri Lanka - Ornella Gunesekere (Popular Vote)

Top 20

Angola – Meriam Kaxuxwena
France – Eline Lamboley
Mexico – Aracely Azar
Netherlands – Shaunny Bult
Poland – Katarzyna Krzeszowska
Puerto Rico – Isamar Campos
Czech Republic – Taťána Makarenko
Ukraine – Anastasiia Lenna
USA – Lauren Peterson
Venezuela – Reina Rojas.

Special Awards:

National Costume: Philippines
Evening Gown: Japan
Swimsuit: Costa Rica
People's Choice / Popular Vote: Sri Lanka

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Miss World 2015 Pre-Arrival Picks

It's Miss World season once again and weeks before the competition starts we noticed some stunners from around the globe who we expect to shine. One of the most glamorous beauty pageant of all will take place on December 19. Sadly since last year, there will be no swimsuit competition called beach beauty but just beach fashion to allow more predominantly conservative Muslim countries to participate and compete leaving a few other categories for competition and criteria for making the semifinals round including Top Model, Beauty With A Purpose, Talent and Sports Olympics competition among others. Here's what I have to say before I come up with my own pre-arrival picks for Miss World 2015. 

Some contestants from other countries make some innovations to set some trends in beauty pageants and also influencing the decision- making in international competition therefore giving them a strong chance for the crown and title while others make some noise to get the attention of the competition although some who made some noise deserving of a high placement some others were only up to the loud noise of the news it receive. Whatever it will be to get a chance for that coveted and often elusive glittering crown, the chosen one is always a stand out someone who visibly and brilliantly shining on that fateful day.

Miss World 2015 finals will be held at the Crown of Beauty Theater in Sanya, China on December 19. More than a hundred contestants from all over the world will compete for the crystal-studded diamond and sapphire crown of Miss World 2015 touted as the most beautiful crown of any major international beauty pageant competitions. Rolene Strauss of South Africa will crown her successor at the end of the event. So here goes are my personal pre-arrival picks or favorites for Miss World 2015. The list below is in random and in no particular order.

1. Austria - Annika Grill 

2. Mexico - Yamelin Ramirez 

3. Brazil - Catharina Choi 

4. Ukraine - Khrystyna Stoloka

5. Netherlands - Jessie Jazz Vuijk 

6. Colombia - Alejandra Lopez 


7. Russia - Sofia Nikitchuk 

8. Uruguay - Sherika De Armas 

9. Nicaragua - Stefanía Alemán 

10. Philippines - Hillarie Danielle Parungao 

11. Jamaica - Sanneta Myrie 

12. France - Hinarere Taputu 

13. Croatia - Maja Spahija 

14. Israel - Maayan Keren 

15. South Africa - Liesl Laurie 

16. Turkey - Ecem Çirpan 

17. Latvia - Lāsma Zemene 

18. Luxembourg - Vonessa Alijaj 

19. Cameroon - Jessica Ngoua 

20. Guam - Aria Perez Theisen 

21. Ireland - Sacha Livingstone 

22. Mongolia - Anu Namshiryn 

23. Poland - Marta Palucka 

24. Cote D'Ivoire - Andréa N'Guessan


25. Kazakhstan - Regina Vandysheva 

26. Paraguay - Giovanna Cordeiro 

27. Ecuador - Camila Marañón 

28. Guadeloupe - Arlène Tacite 

29. Korea - Jung Eun-Ju 

30. Puerto Rico - Keysi Vargas 



Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Miss International 2015 Pre-Arrival Hot Picks

         The 55th edition of Miss International will be held on November 5, 2015 at the Hiten Hall of the New Takanawa Grand Prince Hotel in Tokyo, Japan. At least seventy (70) contestants from around the world will compete for the much coveted crown of Miss Internationl 2015. The reigning Miss International 2014 Valerie Hernandez of the Puerto Rico will crown her successor at the end of the event. 
         Meanwhile, before the ladies hit the stage and compete for the title, photos of the contestants surfaced on the web and the pageant fans and pundits including me cannot help but make their own favorites or bets for the crown before their arrival and even before they compete. Here is my own list of pre-arrival favorites for the crown. These ladies, whose timeless and effortless beauty, natural elegance and personality in the pictures captured my attention most. So here goes my early favorites for Miss International 2015!

1. Denmark  - Mette Riis Sørensen 

2. Venezuela - Edymar Martinez 

3. Brazil - Isis Stocco 

4. Philippines - Janicel Lubina 

5. USA - Lindsay Becker 

6. Puerto Rico - Wilmary Moncion 

7. New Zealand - Hayley Robinson 

8. Spain - Christina Silva Cano 


9. Trinidad and Tobago - Avionne Mark 

10. Hawaii - Brianna Acosta 

11. Thailand - Sasi Sintawee 

12. Colombia - Natalia Ochoa 

13. Kenya - Eunice Onyango 

14. Ecuador - Daniela Armijos 

15. Hungary - Linda Szunai