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Saturday, March 24, 2012

If You Want To Make Your Wedding Memorable Break A Record

If you want to make your wedding extra special with a long dramatic walk on aisle, why not make a wedding gown with a very long train to show drama and passion into the wedding and maybe adding flair to the marriage. After all, this is a once in a lifetime moment and one of the happiest moment of your life so why not maximize the drama. A Romanian fashion house hired 10 seamstress to work on the dress for 100 days to come up with more than a mile of a wedding train. It takes a hot air balloon to transport the bride to the venue. Here goes the world breaking story of the longest wedding train!

World's Longest Wedding Train

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Real Happy Marriage

The bride can't stop laughing hard when her groom is taking a vow in their wedding. This is the real happy ever after joyful wedding after all. Watch!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Miss World 1993 Beauty and the Beast

This is the real beauty and the beast in 1993 when the beauty ended as 3rd place Sharmaine Ruffa Rama Gutierrez of the Philippines and the winner is the beast and named Miss World 1993, Lisa Hanna of Jamaica. But unlike in the beauty and the beast, the beast who was named as Miss World 1993 never transformed as a beautiful lady but instead became uglier as a dinosaur or as a crocodile. She looks like a primitive cave woman and one of the ugliest winner in beauty pageants. A very good tripping of Julia Morley whose Miss World always favor former British colonies, European countries, beauty pageant giant countries and nannies. Julia Morley preferred the nanny looking ladies and ugly women to be the winner so she can hire them to be her nanny and chamber maid.