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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Filipino Movies Filmed In Some Philippine Provinces

A scene from the film Kadin (2007) 

Unlike in the United States and other developed or advanced countries in film making where each of their state, region or province are prominently featured or is a subject of a particular film, only quite a number of Filipino made films have been taken place in some of the provinces of the country even though there's a lot of so many promising places which deserved to be captured in the reel stills and Filipinos yet to discover the facts of each of these places in the country. 

These are just some of the Filipino films shot in location in some of the provinces in the country.

Aklan - Ano Bang Meron Ka (2001)

The cheesy popular movie of the 2000s set in the popular Boracay Islands tells the story of two unlikely pairs: a high lifestyle party-going writer and events organizer meets a laidback, unassuming bar owner who is committed to his girlfriend yet very willing to have a one night stand with this rowdy woman.

Albay - Kailangan Kita (2002)

Another lovelorn story of unrequited romance against the background of the scenic Mayon volcano and the very beautiful province of Albay. It is the story of an expat who was born in the Philippines and has lived most of his life in the United States return to the Philippines to marry his fiancee model but instead fell in love with his future sister-in-law. 

Antique - Boso (2005)

Sneaky peeping tom caretaker of a boarding house witness a whole array of characters - a pious born again Christian couple addicted in porn movies, a nymphet disguises as a shy schoolgirl, a virgin discovering her lustful dereliction. The story is typical of people living in chaotic urban areas yet some scenes were taken in this quiet province in Western Visayas.

Aurora - Baler (2008)

This small town was the last stronghold of the Spanish empire in the country and was defended by the Spanish soldiers for 337 long grueling days against Filipino revolutionary forces known as the Siege of Baler.

Bataan - El Presidente (2012)

A historical film about the first President of the Philippines proclamation of Philippine Independence from Spain, creation of the First Republic, and armed struggle against American forces before surrendering and accepting the new colonial power on his young nation highlighting the colorful beauty of Bataan. 

Batanes - Kadin (2007)

It is a poignant yet melancholy dreamy journey of young siblings in search of their lost goat. They traverse the breathtaking epic vast land of Sabtang off the coast of Batanes to find their family's source of livelihood. The innocent yet charming portrayal of the Ivatans and the way they live their lives.

Batangas - Sa Pusod Ng Dagat (2008)

Subtitled In The Navel of the Sea, Sa Pusod Ng Dagat is a story of a young man named Pepito who should assume the role of her mother Rosa who is a midwife and is the only one who can deliver babies in their remote coastal community after the latter committed suicide for being pregnant despite the fact she is a widow to protect her son. The place is reminiscent of the beautiful coastal areas of Batangas known to be an ideal diving spot in the country. 

Benguet - Kung Mangarap Ka't Magising (1977)

The cool climate, lovely pine trees, and awesome nature of Baguio are prominently featured in this film touted as the most romantic Filipino film ever about star-crossed lovers - a college student and a woman who is unhappily married to her ever-busy husband. The chilly temperature contrasts the warmth of this movie particularly the love of the central characters. 

Bohol - Panaghoy Sa Suba (2004)

Subtitled Call of the River, this melodramatic 2004 period film is about the simple life of a family in a small province working for an abusive and stingy American businessman and wealthy landowner who is in love with the daughter of one of his workers. It follows the lives of the people near the river which is the main tributary that traverse through the whole town before, during, and after World War II.

Bukidnon - Bagong Buwan (2001)

Armed struggles based on ideology and religion impacting the lives of the minority families of the southern Mindanao and that of a decent, dignified Ahmad and how will it resolve the conflicts between clashes as the end to justify the means while also maintaining the peace in their homeland of the southern Philippine province of Bukidnon with a vast tract of land for farming and plantation of pineapples and other crops. 

Bulacan - Ikaw Lang (1993)

A woman survived a terrifying ordeal from her psychotically abusive husband and mother-in-law after they dumped her into the river thinking they'd killed her but miraculously saved by a fisherman. Desperate help to take revenge on her husband and gain custody of her child, she hooks up with a robber with whom she fell in love. She returns to the creepy house and killed her and gains back her child.  

Cagayan - The Mistress (2012)

The province with a hot climate blessed with rugged terrains, cavernous dwellings, sweeping coasts, and nausea-inducing cliffs fuels the passion of an adventurous man who begins a doomed relationship with a woman who is committed to an older partner.

Camarines Norte - Salome (1981)

A beautiful film set in the paradise Bicol region most specifically in the sun-kissed province of Camarines Norte. Salome (1981) is a nymph with an unusually strong seductive power who lured a visiting mining engineer and killed him. A contrasting version of truths told to shed light on the murder and some beautiful shots of nature owes its gratitude to Akira Kurosawa's 1950 classic Rashomon. 

Camarines Sur - Tell Nora I Love Her (1970)

A candy-sweet love story of the popular love team at the time Nora Aunor and Pip Tirso Cruz III set at the beautiful province of Camarines Sur in superstar's Bicol region. 

Camiguin - Ouija (2007)

The mystifying beauty of this Mindanao's gem preludes a dark story about the ouija board which terrorizes five women that brought them to this visually stunning backdrop unaware of what is going to happen to them. 

Cavite - Rome & Juliet (2006)

The very busy industrial province of Cavite sets the backdrop of this pink film. Rome and Juliet (2006) follow the romantic journey and soul mating of two women caught in a web of forbidden love. Two women -- the bride and her wedding planner -- become enmeshed in a lesbian affair as they make preparations for the event.

Cebu - Dance of the Steel Bars (2013)

The film that was inspired by the actual events in this province features the struggles and conditions of jail inmates and how they regain themselves and feel decent enough to be human by being dancing inmates or prisoners that gained worldwide fame and attention after their viral video became a worldwide phenomenon and was prominently featured in several international media companies and Time magazine.

Cotabato - Ang Tanging Pamilya: A Marry Go-Round (2009)

A screwball and goofball of some sorts is this film partly shot in General Santos City where Dionisia Pacquiao, the mother of boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao spent most of her life and raucous of events featuring prominent celebrities including former President Joseph Estrada.  A young lady accepts the marriage proposal of her long-distance boyfriend only to have feuding families between them soon thereafter. 

Davao del Norte - Isang Tanong Isang Sagot (1997)

The story of a boss who fell in love with his servant's daughter and in a sudden twist of events later, the boss became a servant to prove his love to this young woman. The backdrop is a large banana plantation in Davao del Norte. 

Ifugao - Mumbaki (1996)

The epic beauty of the hinterlands in the rugged mountain ranges of the up north never failed to mesmerize us in some of the Filipino films and this film is no exception. An Ifugao chieftain son who happens to be a doctor is called to return home upon the death of his father and assume the role of a Mumbaki or as a chanter but later must make a choice of leaving the country with his fiance or staying behind to be with his people. 

Ilocos Norte - Temptation Island (1980)

Five women and five men were stranded in an isolated deserted island in the northwest Ilocos Norte and their lives intertwine after that and should make decisions to survive in this 1980 sexy funny film by Joey Gosiengfiao.

Ilocos Sur - Sawa Sa Lumang Simboryo (1952)

The very best of Ilocos Sur is featured in this film subtitled Python at the Old Dome. The story is about the bandit named Tulume and his snake in the cave where he is hiding his treasures looted from every people in a town together with his followers. After taking all the treasures he got he went to a cave to keep his treasure and talk to his pet snake named Lingkis to guard the treasure and kill anybody who will get inside the cave attempting to get the treasures. One of Tulume's men went inside the cave and have a plan to get all the treasures but unknown to him, Lingkis is ready to kill him. This film is FAMAS (Filipino Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) first Best Picture in 1953. 

Iloilo - Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop Sa Balat Ng Lupa (1974)

Filmed in the famed paradise island of Sicogon in northern Iloilo which is a very popular tourist destination at that time before Boracay rose to fame in the 1980s, Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa (1974) with a subtitle The Most Beautiful Animal in the World features Miss Universe 1969, Gloria Diaz, as the mysterious beautiful woman temptress who came to a quiet coastal community who brought changes in the lives of the people and ultimately their destruction.  

Isabela - Ayos na... ang kasunod (2000)

The vast sweeping beauty of this province is vividly depicted in Ayos na...ang kasunod (2000) about two unlikely individuals who crossed paths on a twist of events - a truck driver and a kitchenette business owner with her able-bodied brother guarding and protecting her. 

La Union - Sutla (1999)

The film could have given a more decent portrayal of this province known for its fine sand beaches with this low budget poorly acted sexy film Sutla (1999) 

Laguna - Magnifico (2003)

The poignantly warm and youthful charm of this film was visible in the portrayal of the balmy Laguna province released in 2003. A story of a young boy who is making a coffin for his ill grandmother while trying to raise funds to buy her sister a wheelchair.  

Lanao del Norte - Huk Sa Bagong Pamumuhay (1953)

Huk In New Life in English, this 1953 film is about the lives and times of the rebel group and how they adjust and accept the transition after World War II ends surrendering to the government forces and starting a new life in Mindanao. This is only one of the few films that showcase the best of Lanao del Norte. 

Mountain Province - Don't Give Up On Us (2006)

When her best friend fails to show up in a bridal shower weeks before her wedding, a frenzied Abby vows to find her so the wedding would still happen on schedule. Relying only on the cassette tape that belongs to her friend, Abby follows the clues all the way to the Mountain Province where she meets Vince the folk singer whose voice can be heard on the recording but claims to know nothing of her best friend. 

Negros Occidental - Oro Plata Mata (1982)

This legendary epic film about the rise and fall of the powerful landlords and how they struggle and cope up during the dark years of the war, its atrocities, and its effects on them is a powerful depiction of evil a human can do. There is no better film that portrays the sugar capital of the Philippines in celluloid than this one which is ideal to the nature of the occupation and livelihood of the characters in the film. Hang on for a three-hour-long epic.

Nueva Ecija - Karnal (1983)

Subtitled Of The Flesh is this straightforward 1983 film tackling the beauty and ugliness of human beings and challenging the morals of morality and social hypocrisy. It is the dawning of the life of a prodigal son after he went home to their hometown from Manila with his wife - the ordeal he and his wife underwent and life thereafter as told by her daughter Doray. Another film that effectively portrays the once Rice Granary of the Philippines

Nueva Vizcaya - Nakaw Na Sandali (2004)

How sad is the state of the Filipino film at the turn of a new millennium because people are no longer patronizing good quality films in the theater and cinema because it's expensive for them and instantly replaced by the pirated cd tapes at the advent of the rise of VCD and DVD recorders much to the loss of local film industry that only produces softcore porn films which in turn shoots in locations in less known provinces and places in the Philippines which should have been patronized and depicted in quality mainstream films and this one fell prey to this? 

Occidental Mindoro - Parola (1949)

Set against the bleak loneliness of the only lighthouse on the island, Parola (1949) is the story of a man and his daughters and a sister who abandon city life and settle on a quiet island to ease the pain and hatred caused by his wife's infidelity. Occidental Mindoro is never portrayed so blissfully perfect like this film.

Parola is a thriller set against the bleak loneliness of a solitary lighthouse. To ease the pain and hatred caused by his wife's infidelity, Pekto (Gil de Leon) abandons city life and settles on an isolated island, together with his daughters Lilian and Estrella (Norma Blancaflor & Priscilla Cellona) and sister Lalia (Naty Bernardo).

Oriental Mindoro - Dyesebel (1978)

Oriental Mindoro is the ideal location of this 1978 version of a mermaid named Dyesebel played by sexy siren Alma Moreno. A ruby-like stone turns her fishtail into a human leg.

Palawan - Lihim (1997)

A psychopath murders a group of teenagers vacationing on a remote isolated island and the identity of the killer must be revealed before all of them will be doomed. The paradise island province of Palawan offers a calming relaxation and respite to everyone and is harmless in stark contrast to the creepy island shown in the film.

Pampanga - Kaleldo (2006)

The religious practices during Holy Week which is a unique tradition in a Pampanga town are shown in the film about the lives of a man and his daughter during the course of seven summers and their relationship with the people after the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. 

Pangasinan - Butil Ulan; Subtitle: Naked Island (1984)

Pangasinan's beauty is featured in this 1984 film 

Quezon - Miguel/Michelle (1998)

A man named Miguel left his country Philippines for the United States and years later went home as a woman named Michelle and decided to stay until his family decided to accept her. The evolving beauty of this eastern Luzon province facing the Pacific Ocean is a perfect fit for this movie about transgender issues.  

Rizal - The Road (2011)

The eerily silent beauty of this province is highlighted in this suspense horror movie about the reopening of the 12-year old case when three teens went missing in an abandoned road but along the course of the investigation, deep cold and gruesome abductions and murders were uncovered and after more than two decades the secret of the road is finally revealed and the ghost lurking in the dark, a desolated pathway is out to make sure no leaves alive.  

Romblon - Teteng Baliw (2002) 

The crazily beautiful island province would have been the reason for this film location about a frustrated and desperate man gone mad killing people avenging for his break up with his girlfriend. 

Although Teteng (Rey Dann) lives a normal life, his family is infamous for being crazy. So when his girlfriend (Allona Amor) discovers the truth behind his family’s background, she decides to call it quits and break up with him.

Desperate and frustrated, Teteng becomes a crazed man; killing people thinking this will avenge him.

Siquijor - Siquijor: Mystic Island (2007)

The movie brings out the dark undertones of the mystic island of Siquijor formerly known as Isla del Fuego or Island of Fire. 

It's the shady reputation of black magic, witchcraft and sorcery is the idea of a show's creator to find creepy stories for a big television network show on a prime time slot belying the beauty of this island. 

Sorsogon - Donsol (2006) 

Another love story of two lonely people met during a whale shark watching session in this lovely province teeming with diverse marine life and an active volcano.

Sulu - Brides of Sulu (1937)

A classic pre-war film about love, royalty, warring family and clans, and history in this still very peaceful exotic southwestern Philippine island of Sulu.

Tarlac - You and Me Against The World (2003)

The way of life and the landscape is featured in this action-romance movie from 2003. Watch the movie and judge for yourself.  

Tawi-Tawi - Thy Womb (2012)

There is more to life than just colorful pageantry, costumes, rich tradition, and history in this southernmost province of the Philippines. 

An ethnic Badjao tribe woman who acts as a midwife copes up with her own infertility as she helps women in her community. 

Zambales - Asin at Paminta (1999) 

Zamboanga del Norte - Rizal sa Dapitan (1997)

The national hero Dr. Jose Rizal spent almost four years nurturing the young minds of this sleepy Spanish town and contributing much to the progress of this town and province as well as improving the lives of its citizens helping a lot of sick people, owning a vast tract of lands and even made contributions in science by some of his studies in this Mindanao province from 1892 - 1896. 

Zamboanga del Sur - Zamboanga (1937)

The classic silent pre-war film is available on Youtube and one can see the prestige and breathtaking beauty of this province which is the last existing Spanish-speaking province in the country along with Zamboanga del Norte.


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