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Friday, February 25, 2011

Breaking News: Two Binibining Pilipinas Candidates Disqualified, More To Follow

        Two Binibining Pilipinas hopefuls have been disqualified by the wicked evil Stella Marquez Araneta for the reason that they made sexy and pose showing a little skin for some magazines which is a direct violation of the crooked rules and regulations of the beauty pageant organization prompting indignant fans to protest such a low blow and bias action of the ALIEN foreigner Organizer of the beauty pageant. Grendel Alvarado and Jen Olivar were shocked to find out they were remove from the roster of candidates from this year's Philippines' premier national pageant which sends delegates to Miss Universe, Miss International and other pageants such as Miss Supranational. They are also blacklisted from joining Binibining Pilipinas in the future. Martha Chloe McCully and Roxanne Cabanero are also in critical situation of disqualification for reasons undisclosed yet. There are more ladies to follow threatened by the pageant marred with controversy, corruption, politics and crime. Some of the titleholders in the past won because some senators, congressmen and high profile personalities serves as backers for them telling the social climber Stella Marquez Araneta to let her win their delegate on their preferred titles. Some of the titles in Binibining Pilipinas are already pre-arranged to some ladies who will take home the crown and will represent the country in international competition. I don't know if that is still the case today but before the cheating and dirty politics is very obvious barenaked slapping everyone to their faces.
       Binibining Pilipinas has been under fire since its inception in 1964 under the devilish and cruel Colombian Stella Marquez Araneta. It imposes primitive and sadistic rules such as the prohibition of delegates in posing sexy pictorials and misleading ORAL information about delegates as grounds for disqualification and also dual citizenship of a Filipina delegate who has a foreign blood on one of her parents is not allowed by Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc. There are already some indignant beauty pageant followers petitioning to kick her out of the country and make her return to Colombia. One of the first action made to finally overthrowing her and kicking her butt is her organization losing the franchise of Miss World to a Filipino/Malaysian subsidiary company which will be the one to select a Philippine delegate to Miss World for the first time this year. There are more interested Filipino businessmen and pageant fanatics who will try to win other international pageant franchise from Stella Marquez Araneta's group among them Miss Universe and Miss International because they cannot bear the fact that an Alien in the name of Stella Marquez Araneta, a Colombian, is sabotaging the Philippines chances in international beauty pageant competition by imposing such brutish and nonsense policies. A year ago, Miss Universe allowed delegates to make some sexy and revealing pose showing some skin on their cover pictorials for the Miss Universe official website and other media and platforms it will be used so there is no way for Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc. to disqualify a delegate for such an invalid reason, she violated the rights and freedom of the delegates by imposing such cruelty and beside she is an illegitimate citizen of the Philippines, she is free to leave the country and not wait for her fate. We will not allow a dictator's spirit trapped on Stella Marquez's body to rule our local pageantry or we will stage a new PEOPLE POWER!

Grendel Alvarado

Jen Bolivar

Martha Chloe McCully

Roxanne Cabanero

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Gone Wrong

Delve into the strange, and often painful, world of love

         It’s that time of the year again when florists make more money in three days than they normally do in three months. When you put your lactose intolerance aside and enthusiastically accept chocolates from your boyfriend like it’s the most creative gift on earth. A time when you willingly pay a ridiculous amount of money to sit in a crowded restaurant to stare into each others eyes while trying to ignore the 20 other couples doing the exact same thing. Yes, it’s Valentines Day. A wonderful time for those in love.
       But let’s face it, not everybody’s happy in love. You may have just been dumped or had your ex-boyfriend thrown in jail for fraud and money laundering (cough, Anne Hathaway, cough). But before you start feeling sorry for yourself, read on about all the bad things that have happened between two people who once promised each other the moon and the sky. When you’re done, you’ll probably feel much better about your single status. And you might even learn a thing or two – like the importance of finding out if your partner has criminal or, worse, cannibalistic tendencies.

Mad About You | Actors act all funny when they fall in love

          If there were an Oscar for Most Over the Top Declaration of Love, TOM CRUISE would have skipped to the podium to deliver his acceptance speech. The over-the-top pouncing, air punching and bended-knee performance on Oprah Winfrey’s couch in 2005 to gush over KATIE HOLMES led everyone to believe the Scientologist had lost his mind. (Cruise has made the similar performance on Jay Leno’s couch.) The couple later wed in Italy in November 2006. We’re not sure if Cruise offered to get Oprah’s couch dry-cleaned.

          For years, entertainment mags had it that ANGELINA JOLIE and BILLY BOB THORNTON wore vials of each other’s blood around their necks while they were married. But in an interview Jolie did in 2008, the actress said it was just media hogwash. “It was never a vial anyway,” she clarified. “It was like a flower press. It was like from a slight cut on your finger and you press your fingerprint in. I thought it was romantic.” Semantics, we say!

          Tattoos seem to be de rigeur for hotly in love Hollywood couples. PAMELA ANDERSON had “Tommy” linked in case she forgot TOMMY LEE’s name. But Pirates of the Caribbean star JOHNNY DEPP topped the lot with “Winona Forever” on his right arm, which he had to alter to “Wino Forever” after his split with actress Winona Ryder.

Till death, dismemberment, or both, do us part
Here are some of the meanest and harshest payback scheme

          IN SINGAPORE, when aquarium shop assistant Chua Beng Hin’s mistress broke up with him, he was so incensed he not only wanted her and her new love dead, he also wanted to gouge out her eyes – her self-professed asset – with a screwdriver. He paid three teens S$500 ($350) to do the deed. But the plan was foiled when police questioned the boys for loitering near her home and they sang like a canary.

          ZACKERY BOWEN AND ADRIANE HALL were together for a year-and-a-half before she caught him cheating on her and threw him out of ther New Orleans apartment in 2006. Unable to deal with it, he strangled her to death and later cut the body up before jumping off a hotel with a suicide note in his pocket. The note led the police to their apartment, where a strange sight greeted them: Hall’s charred head was found in a pot on the stove, her legs and arms on turkey-basting trays in the oven and the rest of her body in a trash bag in the fridge. Next to the pot were diced carrots and potatoes.

          WHEN LORENA BOBBITT lopped off her husband John’s penis in 1993 with a kitchen knife , she gave birth to the new term “pulled a Bobbitt.” The long abused wife was allegedly raped after John returned home drunk. After the severing, she drove around the neighbourhood before flinging the dismembered member out of the car window. The police found the severed penis, which was re-attached to John after a nine hour surgery.

          A FILIPINO FISHMONGER found out his wife was going to divorce him because of his suspected affair. The 35-year-old, who was a refugee in Malaysia, used illegal fishing explosives to blow up his wife and himself at his sister-in-law’s house in Kota Kinabalu.

Happily Never After | Clearly, moviegoers love a good sob

          The top-grossing movie of all time is a tearjerker of mega proportions. TITANIC, about a ship doomed on its first sail and the equally ill-fated love between a rich girl and a poor boy, remains the highest grossing movie of all time even more than ten years after its theatrical release in 1997. The blockbuster’s worldwide box office takings stand at pole-position with $1.83 billion. Even the top-grossing Asian film in the US is one that echoes love not meant to be; CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON pulled $128 million.

        In Asia, movies about hopeless love are also lapped up with greater relish. In India, the Shah Rukh Khan-helmed tragedy OM SHANTI OM, about an aspiring actor who falls in love with a popular actress only to watch her die in a fire, trumps over all other Hindi films. Even CNN put IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE, Wong Kar Wai’s masterpiece about love and loss, in its list of best Asian films of all time.

Crime Watch | The following women found themselves in the prison of love when they fell for men who got on the wrong side of the law

           ANNE HATHAWAY’s four-year romance with Italian businessman RAFFAELLO FOLIERI came to a halt in June 2008 when he was charged with fraud, conspiracy, and money laundering. The charming conman, who had funded their lavish lifestyle with his ill-gotten gains, was sentenced to four-and-a-half years behind bars. After the split, the Rachel Getting Married actress candidly went on Saturday Night Live and quipped: “I broke up with my boyfriend, and two weeks later he was sent to prison for fraud. I mean, we’ve all been there, right, ladies?”

          Not too happy that his ex-girlfriend LINDA RISS was marrying another man, high flying New York lawyer BURT PUGACH paid a hoodlum $2000 to disfigure her in 1959. The crime, which blinded her, landed Pugach in jail for 14 years. After he was released, they tied the knot. Could this be where the phrase “love is blind” came from?

          After supermodel KATE MOSS cleaned up her act following a very public cocaine-snorting expose in 2005, she found herself wiping up the mess her musician beau PETE DOHERTY left behind with his repeated drug-related arrests. After several postponed walks down the aisle, he was hauled back to jail again last 2008 on drug charges and that was when she – finally! – gave up on him.

Can This Be Love | When adoration and affection go off tangent, it can morph into anything from warped to plain cruel

          ENGLISH KING HENRY THE EIGHT beheaded his Queen, Anne Boleyn, in 1536 on the grounds that she committed adultery. Her alleged lovers, one of whom was her brother, suffered the same fate. History has it that she was thought to be innocent, and that Henry had her executed so that he could marry another woman. More strangely, Anne’s sister, Mary, was Henry’s mistress.

         THE SPARTAN SOCIETY of ancient Greece saw nothing wrong with women bringing their lovers home. Men both allowed and encouraged their wives to bear the children of other men, thanks to the community’s consensus that it was more pertinent to bear offspring for the good of the race, than to quibble over the moral values of the family.

          A 60-YEAR-OLD JAPANESE MAN dumped his sex-doll girlfriend in 2009 and got into trouble with local authorities. The retiree had lived with his 1.7-meter-tall, 50-kilogram silicon mate for several years after his wife’s passing, and decided to part ways with “her” after agreeing to move in with his grown-up children. According to the police, he had grown attached to the doll and thought “it would be cruel to cut her up into pieces and throw her out with the trash.” So in August last year, he wrapped her up and dumped her, quite literally, in the woods. He now faces fines for illegal dumping.

          A BRITISH WOMAN MARRIED CINDY the dolphin in Israel in December 2005. Sharon Tendler, who is 41, unofficially tied the knot with the oddly named male mammal after visiting it regularly over a 15-year period. It is reported that Tendler requested the wedding – where she offered Cindy fish and a kiss – to have “a bit of fun”“It’s all fun and games until someone marries a dolphin.” after her friends joked about her singlehood, sparking off the not-so-often heard saying,

The Price of Love | These rich folks settled down, became unsettled and finally sought a settlement to get as far away as possible from each other


1. $1.7 BILLION: RUPERT MURDOCH & ANNA MURDOCH in what began as a harmonious split in 1998 after a 32-year marriage, the breakup turned ugly when the media magnate knocked Anna off the board of News Corporation. A year later, he settled by giving her what would be the largest amount – including $110 million in cash – a woman would walk away with from a failed marriage. Less than three weeks after the divorce, he married one of his employees Wendi Deng.

2. $1.48 BILLION: SUMNER REDSTONE & PHYLLIS GLORIA RAPHAEL The Viacom owner divorced Raphael, his first wife of 55 years and mother of his two children Shari and Brent, 1999 and reached the whopper settlement in 2002. A year later, he married former primary school teacher Paula Fortunato. In October 2008, the 85-year-old filed for divorce from the 46-year-old Fortunato, who allegedly received $5 million – chump change for Redstone whose estimated net worth last 2008 was $9 billion.

3. $874 MILLION: ADNAN KHASHOGGI & SORAYA KHASHOGGI Although there are differing reports over the final settlement amount, because part of it was apparently tied to oil prices, it is still a headline-hogging sum that Soraya Khashoggi managed to slice off her Saudi Arabian arms dealer husband in 1982. The couple had five children in their 21-year affair-plagued marriage. In a soap-opera worthy dramatic turn of events, it was later found through DNA testing that one of his daughters was not his.


           AGA KHAN & PRINCESS BEGUM INAARA The billionaire racehorse owner and spiritual leader married the German princess in 1998 but announced their divorce six years later citing an “irretrievable breakdown” in their relationship. Aga Khan is estimated to be worth $1.6 billion and reports say it is not true that the Princess is seeking up to half of his assets. They have described the divorce as a “private matter” and the case has recently been moved from Britain to France, where the settlement is likely to be less damaging.

          RON DENNIS & LISA DENNIS The McLaren Formula One racing team boss is looking at a possible $150 million divorce payout after splitting up with his American-born wife of 22 years in February 2008.

          SHWAN AL-MULLA & SUZAN AL-MULLA Shwan met Suzan while they were studying in London and married her in 1980. The London-based Iraqi Kurd, who made his billions from reconstruction in Iraq, separated from her in 2004 and is trying to stave off his estranged wife’s claim of as much as $780 million. They have five children from their 20-year marriage.


          SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY & HEATHER MILLS Their four-year union finally came to a close in March last year after the high-profile divorce was wrought with accusations of infidelity, emotional outbursts and spats with the media. Mills received $37.8 million – a mere fraction of the $194 million she sought from one of Britain’s wealthiest musicians, whose estimated worth is $618 million. The court also ruled that McCartney fork out $54,000 a year as financial provision for their five-year-old daughter Beatrice until she turns 18. Sixty-six-year-old Sir Paul left the court smiling while former model Mills ranted against the judicial system.

          MADONNA & GUY RITCHIE in what was lauded as a “model divorce” – for both its speed and non-wrangling – Ritchie left without quibbling for the Material Girl’s estimated $490 million, even though the director purportedly only has a tenth of that amount to his name. As of press time, there were differing reports on his settlement amount: the figure of $76 million released by Madonna’s publicist was later retracted by the couple.

Writing Off Love | The written word has captured countless heartbreaks throughout the centuries

          From innocent love gone awry to obsessive manipulation, from Shakespeare to Stephenie Meyer, the theme of tortured love has captured the imaginations of book lovers throughout the ages. Two of the Bard’s most famous plays ROMEO & JULIET and ANTONY & CLEOPATRA, portray doomed love – the former paints the wide-eyed infatuation between star-crossed lovers who are driven to extremes while the latter is wrought with destructive passion, power and betrayal. And centuries on, generations are still entertained by love that was not to be.

          Love in print in the 19th century dove into the depths of ill-timed adoration, obsession, exploited affections, rejection, revenge and sacrifice and saw the birth of titles such as Emily Bronte’s classic WUTHERING HEIGHTS and Thomas Hardy’s FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD and TESS OF THE D’URBERVILLES.

          In these modern times, tales of tormented love have extended beyond the literary audiences as novels such as Michael Ondaatje’s THE ENGLISH PATIENT, about a young nurse who looks after a badly burned pilot, and Stephenie Meyer’s teen cult novel TWILIGHT series, about the forbidden love between a vampire and a girl, get their big-screen adaptations.

Source : Love Gone Wrong by Chelsia Toon, Reader’s Digest February 2009

Love Images

When the season of love comes, one can't help but find ways to express love. Love also has it symbols. These images has been a symbol of love that has been found and love that has been lost. When you see these images, you will remember someone can do for the sake or in the name of love.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beauty Pageants Analysis

           We always have to watch beauty pageants in our spare time and we are so mesmerized by the beauties parading before our very eyes and costly production and very busy and inviting activities of the delegates prior to the culmination of the event that makes us hooked up and follow every minute of it. Through the years, the pageant evolves, made a lot of changes and transformation and adapt to the changing times. We could not avoid but make some comments or have our say of what transpired out of a particular beauty pageant either it meets our expectation or disappoint us. If there are lots of reviews, comments and feedback a participating delegate receives from pundits and pageant aficionados, we can also have our say on the pageant itself which organize the events. Here are my analysis on the grand slam pageants.

Miss Universe – the most glamorous of all the pageants always leave us in awe and never disappoint us in the production and activities leading to the finals night. It has always been a spectacular extravaganza and one of the best events on Earth. Amazing pageant with a perfectionist touch and high standard of competitions. The only weakness is the placement or selection of delegates which makes several misses or disappointments with lots of noteworthy delegates not making the cut and the eventual winner is somewhat lackluster, ugly & undeserving but the year 2010 is one of the exceptions.

Miss World – not a real beauty pageant but more of a fund raising event. Although the pageant is held in some of the amazing places around the world, the activities done by the ladies were more on fund raising and charity events and sports which were not required of a true beauty pageant. Furthermore, there is no clear or real criteria as basis of judging for selecting semifinalist and the eventual winner that is taking place like the swimsuit and evening gown competition but mock judges to show on finals night and what is ironic is that the winner is a personal handpick of Julia Morley, who owns the pageant, who personally announce the winner herself. Miss World winners always come from a European country, British Crown and colonies and American mestizas who were front runners in beauty pageants or a superpower country where Morley can invest and make some business. Plus the issue of prostitution in the Miss World in which the delegates are being served like a whore in the tables of the patronizing sponsors and Morley act like a pimp badly tarnishing the image and reputation of the pageant with a malicious purpose.

Miss Earth – In its ten years of beauty and responsibility, the only pageant who advocates environmental awareness, Miss Earth produced lovely queens of astounding accomplishments who defend the Mother Earth and promotes environment protection and conservation. The judgment and selection of semifinalists is impressive, deserving and noteworthy with only a few undesirable delegates making the cut and they are also bias on Asians giving them more priorities even if they are not worthy or deserving of a spot and also tend to be conventional following only the trends on Miss Universe of who is always making the cut and they don’t take a fearless selection of new but very ferocious beauties doing their best to take the crown. The finals night is such a poor taste and low quality that some of the segments are way outdated, tacky and primitive . They don’t know how to capitalize on the pageant, market and make profits out of it because they are not into the business of beauty pageant, and obviously a neophyte in the field. It takes a third party who is a pageant magician and a business-minded individual who can transform the pageant into a prestigious and glamorous event as it deserves to be.

Miss International – For the last 50 years, Miss International has been the modest and the most simple yet elegant beauty pageant of all grandslam. It has been held in Long Beach, California, USA for its first few years but since then has moved to Japan as its permanent home but has been held outside Japan since 2004 in China. The pageant conducts a simple, modest but elegant activities prior to an austere finals night. They also choose beautiful, outspoken, noteworthy woman of achievements as the winner. The only weakness in the pageant is that the placements or semifinalists chosen. There are quite a rare instance that an Asian other than Japan and the Philippines made the cut and also black delegates, in fact only one black delegate has ever won Miss International in the name Yeimy Paola Vargas of Colombia in 2004 but the worse thing about Miss International is the outdated, primitive crown which is made of pearls mounted or attached to a foam hat and the crown is tied down on the chin to avoid falling making it ugly and tacky.

           Hope with these comments, changes and improvements should be taken to ensure a high standard of pageants much to the delight and satisfaction of the viewers and pageant lovers!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Emelio Caligdong, Philippines' Newest Football Superstar

               The Philippine Azkals team wins over Mongolia Blue Wolves tonight 2-1 in a jampacked Panaad Stadium in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines in the AFC Challenge Cup soccer football pre-qualifying match. Thanks to the heroes of the Azkal team, Emelio Caligdong's excellent goal kick in the first half of the game and another goal coming from Phil Younghusband last minute quick and uncontrollable kick. But it was the now famous "Mongolian barbecue" superior goal of Caligdong at vantage point right in between the legs of the astonished Mongolian goalkeeper that rocks the stadium at Panaad and created an uproar and thundering noise which makes a raucous crowd.Caligdong scored the first goal for the Azkals in the 42nd minute. The midfielder called by his peers as “Chieffy" eluded his defender then delivered the first point between the legs of the Mongolian goalie to the delight of the packed hometown crowd.
            What a sensational and high calibre of powerful kick coming from someone who has a passion for football as a young child and coming from the football capital of the Philippines and also the native province of the legendary Paulino Alcantara - Iloilo. He is our superhero and the newest sensation and the newest football superstar of the country! I love the Azkals and I love Caligdong! hahahahahaha......Good luck to your game matches that will propel the Philippines to higher world rankings and hopefully and possibly makes the impossible possible - be a team participating at the World Cup!

Ugliest Miss Universe

              Every year a billion viewers around the planet tune in to watch the most prestigious and glamorous gathering of the most beautiful women of the planet – Miss Universe. We are not only awed and dazzled by the spectacular show, lavish productions and fun filled activities of the ladies that cannot be seen in other pageants like Miss Earth but also dumbstruck by the jaw dropping gorgeous women taking the center stage and hugging the limelight wherever they go leaving us breathless.
          Inasmuch as we are mesmerized by the titleholders as a woman of substance and beauty, there are quite a few number of Miss Universe title holder who doesn’t fit the bill or not the conventional beautiful. They break the golden rule of a titleholder which is a beauty from within and out . We will regard them as the topsy-turvey beauties who defy the subjective definition of a beauty queen. Only one disclaimer though – I don’t mean to offend anyone most especially pageant lovers and fanatics of their respective beauty queens but this is just my opinion and this is my perception as beauty is visible to the naked eye but still beauty is in the eye of beholder.

Ugliest Miss Universe

10. Zuleyka Rivera (Puerto Rico), 2006
          If her predecessor will go down in history as one of Miss Universe deities, Zuleyka Rivera will be remembered as a nanny and skinny snake head fish lookalike who fainted and lost consciousness after the coronation night. Zuleyka becoming anorexic, pale and ghostly physical appearance as a bad image tarnishing the beauty pageants and beauty queens reminds us that there’s no need to deprive ourselves of nutritious food essential to our body and good health to follow the strict regimen of beauty pageant to strictly meet the standards and trim down to stay fit.

9. Stefania Fernandez (Venezuela), 2009
          Everyone was shocked when Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez was declared as the winner of Miss Universe in 2009 beating more than 80 other hopefuls. The not so gorgeous barracuda mouth lady who made history by making Venezuela the only back-to-back winner in Miss Universe history beating heavy favorites Marigona Dragusha of Kosovo, Iveta Lutovska of Czech Republic and Ada Aimee de la Cruz of Dominican Republic. During the final interview, she gave a vague answer to a question by Leon Talley giving a fragmented answer by making a bold statement making her the most stupid Miss Universe ever.

8. Apasra Hongsakula (Thailand), 1965
          Thailand surprised the pageant world in 1965 when the unassuming simple young lady in the name of Apasra Hungsakula conquered the Universe. This countryside image of a young lass who captured the hearts of the judges but frowned by some is the shortest Miss Universe ever towering at only 5 ft. 4 inches tall.

7. Margareta Arvidsson (Sweden), 1966
          Margareta Arvidsson became the first Miss Universe to be also awarded the coveted Miss Photogenic trophy. Although she is adjudged as beautiful by the jury, there is nothing special about her physical appearance to be awarded such merit and face wise, she is not a Miss Universe material only because she does not measured up to the loveliest faces of the queen.

6. Martha Vasconcellos (Brazil), 1968
          The second Miss Universe winner from Brazil, she is a clear favorite to win the crown. Before and after the pageant, acid test of her real and natural beauty surface. There are flattering angles on her pictorials but a number of her head shots shows that she looks matured, wrinkled face, old and weary haggard of all the pressures required by the pageant. A more deserving winner would have been Anne Marie Braafheid of Curacao.

Ugliest Miss Universe

5.Michelle McLean (Namibia), 1992
       One of my undesirable Miss Universe ever, Michelle McLean looks old, mature and boring that many pageant aficionados forgot her already few months into her reign. Namibian delegates years later were way more beautiful, gorgeous, sexy and alluring than her.

4. Karen Baldwin (Canada), 1982
         I am really disgusted by her somewhat mediocre demeanor and her ugly freak grotesque face. It was so flat that looks like it was flattened by a bulldozer and it resembles an oreo-dory fish.

3. Barbara Palacios Teyde (Venezuela), 1986
          I am sure there are far more beautiful and attractive delegates in the 1986 Miss Universe than this witch. She looks like a hunchback leprosy-infested witch turned into a gypsy girl. I am really annoyed by her.

2. Mpule Kwelagobe (Botswana), 1999
        If Stefania Fernandez, Miss Universe 2009 had a mouth of a barracuda, ten years earlier in 1999, Mpule Kwelagobe had a mouth and face of an Asian sheepshead wrasse. Her bulging eyes which pokes out during the finals night makes her aptly fitted in an aquarium not throne for humans. Oh, by the way, I remember the chihuahua each time I see her.

1. Wendy Fitzwilliams (Trinidad & Tobago), 1998
         The ugly monster wrasse err... Mpule Kwelagobe’s predecessor is the worst decision made and the ugliest queen chosen ever in the history of Miss Universe. She looks like a cross breeding of Tyrannosaurus Rex, angler fish and boxer dog. I believe that Miss Universe at that time is just being playful and naughty to show the obnoxious and sometimes ugly sides of beauty pageants.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

OUT TV Show Should Be Back On Air!

              Out, the Philippines’ first gay oriented television program tackles issues about homosexuality in the country and related news around the world & practical tips, gigs, events or any interesting topics about Philippines gay lifestyle like documentary or real life stories of gays or gay couple both famous and ordinary gay Filipino. It also features a segment wherein the show helps a discreet gay to come OUT of the closet and come to terms with their sexuality and open it up to their surprised families, friends and relatives while still in awe in disbelief. Thus, the name of the show derives from. The show makes sure that the closeted queen or homosexual are accepted by their families and friends and that they will live happily ever after.
         The show was aired by GMA-7 Philippines in 2004 and was banned by MTRCB (Move and Television Review and Classification Board) a year later for the reason that it is morally wrong, gives a bad influence on the people and lack of Christian values and virtues and good character needed by the Filipinos. If this regulation took place in another country, let’s say Europe or the America where gay rights is prominent and gay lifestyle is a privilege being enjoyed by everyone, it will stir chaos and will result to pandemonium. But I am hopeful that liberal and open minded people will pave the way for the show to be back on air soon. I pray that it will happen and fix the misconception of Filipinos about homosexuality, become more receptive and accepting of their brothers in color so we will live happily ever after and shout OUT!